Ring Report – March 2020

Ring NO. 46, OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Seymour Davis Ring

Meets 7:00 pm, 1st Monday of the month at the New Beginning Fellowship Church, 15601 S. Pennsylvania in OKC

LEE WOODSIDE, Secretary. Email: WoodsideLee@hotmail.com.


A rare winter storm caused the postponement of David Stone’s lecture to a night on which I had a prior commitment, so I asked President Cassidy Smith to send his report. Cassidy said that David’s lecture demonstrated why he is an international star. His lecture began with his signature bottle production, which became a running gag throughout the lecture. His card set featured card on ceiling, card to box, an easy torn and restored card, plus a stunning trick where a sticker changed color while stuck to an indifferent card, then that card changed to the selection. It looked like a special effect!

The highlight was a hilarious routine where a volunteer accidentally dropped a borrowed deck into a bucket of water. But everything was righted with the signed card being found and visually restored. As a kicker, the deck was dried & returned to its owner. 

Finally, he offered professional advice on comedy, polishing one’s act to it’s absolute best and using bold misdirection to accomplish your needs. We highly recommend his inspiring lecture.

Our theme for our March meeting was bar betchas, scams, cons and gambling routines. Featured performer Daniel Buster started out by amazing us with his ability to dead cut to each of the four Aces ala Ricky Jay. After numerous shuffles, including reversing half the deck and shuffling the cards, he ended by showing that all the cards in the deck were once again face down, except for the four aces, which were face up.

Derrick Beeson gave us reviews of a few of his more recent magic purchases. He started by performing “Pocket Nightmare,” which is a three to five minute routine by Max Maven. He invited an audience member to glimpse a card. He then gave the deck to the volunteer and asked him to remove the glimpsed card from the deck. The card was missing. Derrick then reached into his pocket and removed the card. Derrick also recommended the books TRIPLE THREAT MASTER WORK 2.0, by Mark Tams and SECRET LANGUAGE VOLUME 1, by Helder Guimaraes.

Michael King presented a slide show of photos he took on a recent trip he made to perform gigs in Chicago and New York City. The highlight of his trip was Tannen’s Magic.

Jim Green performed a voodoo routine. He had an audience participant draw around his hand on a drawing pad. He then had him stick a pin into one of the fingers on the drawing. As Jim moved a quill pen on the page, the pin eerily followed his movements.

After a very brief business meeting, Cassidy Smith led a discussion on ways to make gambling routines interesting to a lay audience. Some ideas were that the audience members should be winners, a story could be told to enhance the routine, and the routine could be framed as a public service announcement.

Rick Martin showed us a wand he had made that shoots flash paper. He said that he constructed it easily and inexpensively from items he purchased from Amazon online and at Ace Hardware.

David Teeman used two decks of cards he had purchased at casinos in Las Vegas. He handed one deck to an audience participant. He riffled through the other deck and had the participant say, “Stop.” When he removed his deck from the card box, that very same card was reversed in the deck.

Justin Teeman invited Michael King to shuffle a deck of cards. Justin then cut to each of the four Jacks. He then performed a blackjack themed effect using the four Jacks and four Aces.

Michael King demonstrated his ability to deal from the bottom of the deck. He placed the four Aces on the bottom and then proceeded to deal them to himself.

We were pleased that Ron Wilson drove up from Wichita Falls to visit us. Ron is President of the “Ren Clark” Ring in Fort Worth, Texas. After giving us a rundown on what is planned for the 2020 TAOM convention, he wowed us with his card handling ability.

Cassidy Smith showed us some cups and balls moves, including the production of three balls and having the balls penetrate the cups. He then set the cups aside and ended with a two in the hand, one in the pocket routine using the balls.

Mike Stelzer showed as “Scams and Hustles” set that he had purchased at a local mall. It included a broken iPhone screen gag, marked ESP cards, a mis-spotted forcing die, and a book of bar bets.

Shaun Clark showed us a Texas Holdem routine where he dealt himself each of the possible types of poker hands. He ended with a royal flush in spades.

Jonathon Taylor invited an audience member to mentally select a number. After taking the participant through some math exercises using that number, Jonathon bet that he held exactly that amount of change in his hand. The bet was eagerly accepted because the final answer was two and a half cents. Sure enough, Jonathon held two pennies and half of a third one.

Lee Woodside

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