Secretary Report – April 2019

Ring NO. 46, OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Seymour Davis Ring

Meets 7:00 pm, 1st Monday of the month at the Contemporary Arts Building, Oklahoma State Fairground.

LEE WOODSIDE, Secretary. Email:

President Cassidy Smith led off our April meeting as featured performer. He magically produced a half dollar, did a coin roll with it, and then changed it into a jumbo coin. He then performed a ring and rope trick, causing the ring to link onto the rope and then removing it. He then threw a knot onto a rope and magically removed it. After a nice wand spin and vanish of the wand, he concluded his performance with a production of the four Aces from a deck of cards.

David Teeman gave us a review of the Penguin Magic event in Dallas, Texas. He said that it was very enjoyable and that there was a good turnout.

Lee Woodside presented a glowing review of the Cavalcade of Magic in Eureka Springs, Arkansas that he had just returned from. He said that there was lots of magic and plenty of magicians to meet with.

Max Krause said that he had attended Rob Lake’s charity fund-raising show for a local animal rescue group. We all remember when Rob was our Junior President of Ring 46.

Our theme for April was “Let’s Make Magic.” This is always one of our more popular meetings of the year because each person not only gets to learn new magic, but goes home with the props necessary to perform the routines.

David Teeman taught what he called “Psy-Color Card Choice.” Four cards of the same rank, but different suits, are shown face up. The participant chooses one of the cards. The magician lays it aside face up. He then shows that the remaining three cards have blue backs. The chosen card is now turned face down to show that it has a red back.

Derrick Beeson taught a card to impossible location effect. At the beginning of the routine, he had a playing card folded into quarters and clipped on the outside of his shirt pocket using a pen. The participant chose a card, signed it, and returned it to the deck. Derrick then removed the card clipped to his pocket and unfolded it to show that it was the selected, signed card.

Cassidy Smith taught the production of a giant contact lens. He followed this by having a selected card grow to become a jumbo card.

Lee Woodside brought along a hundred feet each of red and blue cord along with an electric hot knife. He cut a length of cord for each magician and then demonstrated three tricks that the cord could be used to perform. One of the tricks was a finger penetration that his father had shown him when Lee was five years old. The trick was later performed by Robert Redford in the movie THE HORSE WHISPERER.

After a very brief business meeting, Derrick Beeson led off the member performances section of the meeting causing a finger ring to vanish and then reappear on his finger. Michael King performed the “Charming Chinese Challenge” using a cord and metal washers. The washers penetrated the cord multiple times. Michael said that when he performed the effect with Chinese coins, the audience members thought they were trick coins.

Jonathon Jordan performed a delightful routine using just a deck of playing cards and a tiny plunger. (Just like you’d find in the bathroom of a Barbie Dream House.) He demonstrated how the plunger could pick up one card or multiple cards at once. He then had audience members name numbers and showed that the plunger could pick up exactly the specified number of cards from the deck. He then showed that the plunger could cut to a card that had been freely selected and lost in the deck.

David Teeman showed a trick that he said he had performed with enough magicians to establish a Guinness Book of World Records for the most magicians performing the same trick at once. He magically produced a scarf, tied a knot in it, and blew on the knot to cause it to vanish.

Jay Relkin had a participant select a card, which was lost in the deck. He then used a finger ring to locate the card. He now showed that the selected card (Ten of Hearts) was printed on the outside of the Bicycle card box.

Jonathon Meyers magically produced a coin, performed a coin flurry effect and climaxed with a jumbo coin. He attributed the routine to David Roth. Mike Stelzer caused a nickel to stick to his forehead. He offered to let any one else try the effect, showing that the coin actually had a spike attached to it.

Terry “T.Lo” LoSawyer demonstrated how he could remove a ring strung on a cord that was stretched around a participant’s fingers. He said that he had one many beers with this one.

Brian Tabor performed the venerable Ball and Tube mystery. A steel ball sank into a steel tube that was too small to hold the ball.

The names of all the performers and teachers for the evening were placed into a hat. “T.Lo” and Derrick Beeson were the lucky winners of the chance to take an item from the “Magical Chest of Mystery” brought by Cassidy Smith.

Lee Woodside

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