Secretary Report – February 2019

Ring NO. 46, OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Seymour Davis Ring

Meets 7:00 pm, 1st Monday of the month at the Contemporary Arts Building, Oklahoma State Fairground.

LEE WOODSIDE, Secretary. Email:

Jonathon Meyer was our featured performer for February. After Darryl Brooks freely selected a card and returned it to the deck, Jonathon retrieved the card from his pocket. He then caused the deck itself to vanish and he retrieved that from his pocket. Another card was chosen and returned to the deck and this time the card was found in the previously empty card box. Finally, the deck transported to the card box. Jonathon ended by tearing open a package of sweetener and pouring it into his fist. The sweetener vanished as he openly displayed his thumbs to prove that no TT had been utilized to create the magic.

Out theme for the month’s meeting was kids show magic. David Teeman showed us some of the tricks he uses when he performs for children. He began by showing a net bag with an egg in it. He would take the egg and invisibly toss it to one of the “kids” in the audience. When that person would toss the egg back, it would visibly appear in the bag. David said that he likes to use this a warm-up. David then got lots of audience interaction with his magic coloring book. He next showed a cloth bag that changed colors every time he turned it inside-out. He performed a die box routine using a Rubik’s Cube rather than a die. When the cube appeared back in the top hat, it had magically solved itself. A black and a white silk scarf were placed into a change bag and turned into a black and white caterpillar silk scarf. When colored scarves were added and placed into the bag, a beautiful full-color butterfly silk scarf emerged from the “cocoon.” David said that he always has extra “no-fail” tricks on hand just in case.

President Cassidy Smith led a discussion on what is important for a successful kids show. Some of the ideas were that kids love repetition, the magician should let the kids win, avoid dead time, show enthusiasm, save the best for last, gear your show to the age of the audience, make things simple, visual and fun, and don’t vanish an animal unless you can make it reappear.

Our business meeting for the month was very brief, keeping with our philosophy of more magic and less boredom. Cassidy announced upcoming lectures by Scott Alexander and John Carney. Lee Woodside announced that the Ring’s 2019 Grimoire was hot off the press, or more accurately, hot out of the computer as a PDF on CD ROM from our longtime Grimoire Editor Malaki, AKA David Swanson. Lee handed out free copies to those who had submitted material and sold additional copies at five dollars apiece.

Derrick Beeson presented a review on some of the magic items he has recently acquired. He had high praise for the trick “Mr. Golden Balls.” He also recommended the close-up version of Martin Lewis’ “Cardiographic.” Derrick further recommended the coin books THE LONG GOODBYE, by Geoff Latta and INSTITUES, by Jeremiah Zuo.

Max Krause performed his version of the venerable 5-card repeat using special cards that he came up with and markets. After showing five cards that spelled ‘CARDS,’ he removed two and then had five cards that spelled ‘TRICKS.’ After getting rid of four cards, he had five cards that spelled ‘MAGIC.’ After throwing three more cards away, he was left with four cards that encouraged the audience to ‘CLAP.’

Michael Clark performed a “D-Lite” routine and then a routine with sponge balls. Darryl Brooks performed the venerable ball and vase routine, but surprised us with a kicker ending when the ball actually changed color.

Lee Woodside showed a number of jumbo cards with pictures of animals on them. He had Jonathon Meyer and Derrick Beeson each mentally select one of the animals. He asked each of them to mentally transmit to him the animal chosen, which he attempted to sketch. Sure enough, each of the two sketches matched the chosen animal. Lee said that this trick was marketed under the name “Deja Zoo.”

Mike Stelzer showed a seven of clubs and four fours of diamonds. He magically turned each of the fours into a seven of clubs.

Michael King shuffled a deck had an audience member name any card. He then had the person select any card, which turned out to be the one he had named. He repeated this several times. He showed the deck to be in a random order, but after a few more shuffles, he spread the deck to show it in new deck order.

Cassidy Smith produced a red sponge heart, caused it to split into two hearts, and then performed a sponge ball routine using the hearts and a Cupid’s arrow wand. He climaxed the routine with a giant sponge heart and said that he chose this routine because Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.

Michael Corley performed a coin through the hand routine. He then placed a copper coin in one hand and a silver coin in the other and commanded them to change places. Sure enough, they did. He next caused a coin to travel into the cap of a pen and concluded by driving the pen up his nose and removing it from his mouth.

Lee Woodside

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