Secretary Rerport – December 2018

Ring NO. 46, OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Seymour Davis Ring

Meets 7:00 pm, 1st Monday of the month at the Contemporary Arts Building, Oklahoma State Fairground.

LEE WOODSIDE, Secretary. Email:

We had a great turnout for our December Holiday Party meeting. We even had four ladies in attendance. We began with a feast. The Ring provided the meat and drinks and members brought side dishes, casseroles and desserts. We were pleased that Thom Parkin was visiting us from Ring 170 in Orlando. He was in Oklahoma to do business with Tinker Air Force Base.

After our meal, we proceeded with our annual Parlor and Stage Magic contest. Terry “Mr. T-Lo” LoSawyer and his wife, Lauren performed a Chinese-themed act. Terry began by placing a small cabinet on Lauren’s head and impaling it with swords. When he opened the front door of the cabinet, the swords were visible, but her head had vanished. Once he pulled out the swords, she was restored. They concluded their act by showing a pagoda empty and then producing two giant 6-foot silk scarves.

Darryl Brooks began his act with a color-changing silk scarf routine. He performed a 4-ring linking ring routine and concluded with a very nice rope routine.

Mike Stelzer penetrated the body of an audience participant with two long ropes. He concluded with a vent routine with his diminutive assistant and even sawed him in half.

Lee Woodside placed five ESP cards into a frame. He then invited Lauren LoSawyer to instruct him on where to place the other five ESP cards opposite them. Amazingly, all five symbols were matched up.

Jordan Johnson performed a very professional routine using Rubik’s cubes. He solved a cube behind his back, placed a mixed up cube in a sack and pulled out a solved one, but then folded the sack flat to prove that he had not merely switched cubes. He climaxed his routine by having an audience participant place a cube behind his back while he put another one behind his back. They both mixed up their cubes, but when they were brought out, the cubes matched perfectly!

Malaki Dracwin (AKA David Swanson) was dressed in the robes of an 18th century explorer to China. He performed a routine using cups and balls that he had made himself. In addition to the classic cups and balls effects, he vanished a cup from his bare hands. He ended the routine by producing gold, silver and bronze orbs from beneath the cups.

When the scores were tallied, Jordan Johnson had won first place, Malaki second place, and Darryl Brooks third place. The members of Ring 46 had been treated to a wonderful holiday magic show.

Visitor Thom Parkin showed off his artificial intelligence app for a smart phone. Participant Derrick Beeson selected a card and based on his answers to questions, Thom’s app correctly divined the card he had selected.

David Teeman showed off his minimalist hand puppet, which he said he likes to use to entertain small kids in the checkout line at the grocery store. He then had a participant select a playing card. He showed that the piece of paper in which the deck had been wrapped had a photo of a deck of face-up playing cards along with one face-down playing card. When the paper was turned over, all the other cards were face-down and the selected card was face-up.

Lee Woodside

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