Pandemonium of Magic 2021

IBM Ring 46 presented its annual “Pandemonium of Magic” show on June 19, 2021 at the New Beginning Fellowship Church in south Oklahoma City. The 2020 show was canceled due to Covid 19, so it was great to dust off our magic props and perform again.

Cassidy Smith was the emcee as well as the opening act. He began by magically creating knots in a rope and then performed a cups and balls routine that was worthy of his elegant Sherwood cups.

Darryl Brooks performed card productions and flourishes, no doubt learned from Jeff McBride. Darryl then showed off his mind-reading powers by performing a no-force mental epic routine.

Rick Martin came out dressed as a full-fledged wizard named Professor Ludicrous. He said that he was a Professor of Wands at the lesser-known Pig Snout Academy for Young Wizards. After having an audience member select a playing card, he invited a young man from the audience to help him levitate the card matching the selected one from a deck of playing cards displayed on a table on stage. After several amusing “failures” by the young wizard, Rick saved the day with his pyrotechnic wand, revealing the correct playing card.

J. David Teeman began by producing his three lovely young female assistants from a pair of giant dice which had been shown to be unmistakably empty. Next he showed three silk scarves, two black and one yellow, suspended from a horizontal rod and magically commanded the scarves to change places. Finally, he enlisted the help of a young lady from the audience to cause a silk scarf to vanish. After multiple attempts, each with a bigger wand, he finally succeeded after his assistants carried out a wand that filled the stage.

During the intermission, Justin Teeman performed rolling magic (his version of strolling magic) for the audience members. Justin is an accomplished artist with the pasteboards.

Lee Woodside opened the second act with a tribute to his late friend and Ring 46 Life Member Joseph “Shyster Joe” Diggle. Lee performed “Captain Lee’s Magic Medicine Show,” with lots of gags and bits of business that would have warmed Joe’s heart. The magic included the “Squircle” newspaper trick and Multum in Parvo.

John Shack, who is a full-time professional magician and no stranger to comedy clubs, began his act by having an audience member choose one of eight socks. After showing one foot to be sock-less, John showed that he had the matching sock on his other foot. John then enlisted the aid of a young boy and a young girl and had each count out ten cards and place them in envelopes. He magically caused three cards named by audience members to pass from one envelope to the other. John ended with a danger effect. He placed a razor blade in the middle of an Oreo cookie and mixed that cookie in with four others. As audience members selected each cookie, John devoured it, until he was down to the last cookie, which he showed to contain the razor blade.

Derek Beeson got a volunteer from the audience, handed him a book, and then stood back-to-back with him. As the volunteer selected a page in his book, Derek would divine the words on the page using a second copy of the book he had retrieved from his pocket. After much byplay, he revealed that all the pages in his copy of the book were blank. He then performed an interactive egg bag routine with his volunteer assistant.

Michael King, AKA “The One-Man Circus” amazed the audience with his juggling, cycling, and plate-spinning skills. He closed his act and the show by juggling bowling pins while riding a unicycle.

Pandemonium has been a Ring 46 fundraiser for decades. We look forward to many more years of amazing audiences with our magic.

Lee Woodside

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