Secretary Report – February 2018

Ring NO. 46, OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Seymour Davis Ring

Meets 7:00 pm, 1st Monday of the month at the Contemporary Arts Building, Oklahoma State Fairground.

LEE WOODSIDE, Secretary. Email:

Prior to the February meeting, President Cassidy Smith led a workshop on wand magic. He showed several wand flourishes, such as the palm spin, the finger spin, and the drummer’s spin. He also covered some ways to use a wand in vanishing an object, such as the Dai Vernon wand spin and the push-through fist vanish. He concluded by vanishing the wand.

Our theme for February was stage magic and our featured performers, T.Lo (Terry LoSawyer) and his daughter, Rebecca followed the theme. T.Lo started by performing a very nice invisible deck routine, with lots of comedy by-play. After transforming a silk scarf into a cane, he produced a quantity of silk scarves from a triangle of three large playing cards. He placed several scarves into a clear plastic tube, and when he covered them with another tube, the scarves changed into a bouquet of flowers. He and Rebecca concluded the routine with a metamorphosis illusion.

Cassidy Smith led a discussion on important differences between stage magic and parlor or close-up magic. We discussed sound, music, venues, backdrops, lighting, angles, and assistants.

Secretary Lee Woodside passed out copies of our 2018 Grimoire to those who had contributed and offered the extra copies for sale. This is our 22nd Grimoire, all of which have been edited by Malaki (David Swanson).

J. David Teeman told us that he had visited a cigar store and asked if he could purchase a couple of empty cigar boxes. He was told to take as many as he wanted. He brought along two trash bags full to hand out to the rest of us. They make great containers for magic props and some could even be modified to become a piece of magical apparatus.

Derrick Beeson reviewed a couple of new magic DVDs. He gave a good review of “Real Ace Cutting,” by Benjamin Earl and “Worlds End,” by Takahiro. Cassidy Smith reviewed the DVDs “At the Table,” by Joe Monte and another by Jason Ladanye.

Lee Woodside started off the member performances by showing his routine with a Delben Die Box. He pointed out that the die is large enough to be seen even in a large venue.

Darryl Brooks performed a very commercial rope routine. His routine involved multiple effects and was enhanced by background music.

David Teeman performed Max Maven’s “Giant B’Wave.” When he asked an audience member to name a color for the King, she blurted out “Hearts,” thus saving him the trouble of using equivoque.

John Jolly borrowed a one dollar bill from each of two audience participants. He tore each bill in half, returning a half to each lender. He then proceeded to vanish the other two pieces. Two audience members to whom he had given sealed envelopes at the start of the trick opened their envelopes to find the other half of each bill.

Junior magician Blaine Taylor made his performance debut. After having a participant select a playing card, he returned the card to the deck and shuffled the cards. When he threw the deck down onto the table, the selected card magically flipped over.

We were all pleased that the former Junior President of our club, Rob Lake, showed up at our meeting. He was in Oklahoma for a benefit performance in his hometown of Norman. Rob is now touring the world with his illusion show. We coaxed him into joining our members for a group photo to be posted on our website.

Lee Woodside

Secretary Report – January 2018

Ring NO. 46, OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Seymour Davis Ring

Meets 7:00 pm, 1st Monday of the month at the Contemporary Arts Building, Oklahoma State Fairground.

LEE WOODSIDE, Secretary. Email:

Prior to the January meeting, Lee Woodside held a workshop on the Sefalaljia ring on string routine. He also showed how to do the trick that Robert Redford performed with a string in the movie THE HORSE WHISPERER. Lee said that his dad showed him the trick 65 years ago.

We had a great turnout for our first meeting of the year. Dean Johnson led a discussion on sleights that every aspiring card worker should master. After performing Senator Crandall’s six-card repeat routine from Tarbell 6, Dean covered the buckle count, mechanic’s grip, double lift, criss-cross force, Hindu shuffle, palming, side steal, top change, Elmsley count, flustration count, and the Hammon count. When one member asked what could be done with an Elmsley count, Justin Teeman stepped in and performed Dai Vernon’s “Twisting the Aces.” Dean was also kind enough set up a couple of tables of magic props from his magic shop, Costume Funhouse, which is the only brick and mortar magic shop left in Oklahoma City and one of only four in the state.

Lee Woodside reported that Sharon LaNeil, wife of former member Joe Diggle, passed away just before the holidays. A sympathy card was passed around for the members to sign.

Our theme for the January meeting was to show off any magical items received from Santa. Derrick Beeson started by reviewed the “52 to 1” deck, which he said will allow the magician to perform miracles. He also gave high praise to the book COINS AND OTHER FABLES, by Luis Piedrahita. Derrick then had a card selected and shuffled into the deck. Amazingly, at his command the card sprang several feet into the air.

Lee Woodside showed off the corner rounder apparatus that he received for Christmas from a fellow magician. Justin Teeman the book THE SECRETS OF CONJURING AND MAGIC, by Robert Houdin. He said that the material in it is old enough to be new again.

Jordan Johnson showed a deck of cards with a different symbol written on the back of each card. He was able to predict the symbol that was on the back of a freely named card and the card that went with a freely named symbol.

Michael King showed two timers that he found which allow him to keep up with the elapsed time of his show for those situations when he has a specific amount of time to perform. He then showed us AA and AAA batteries that are available which can be charged from a standard USB socket.

Jay Relkin had a card selected. He then showed that the new socks he got for Christmas predicted the card that would be chosen, the Jack of Spades. Mike Stelzer showed the die box he received. He also showed a clever idea of producing money in place of the vanished die.

J. David Teeman showed a miniature stratosphere trick that packs small. He then performed a candy prediction with the help of a young audience member.

The names of those who performed were placed into a take-out box and one name was drawn. Lee Woodside was the happy winner of an Alex Elmsley DVD.

Lee Woodside

Secretary Report – December 2017

Ring NO. 46, OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Seymour Davis Ring

Meets 7:00 pm, 1st Monday of the month at the Contemporary Arts Building, Oklahoma State Fairground.

LEE WOODSIDE, Secretary. Email:

Our December theme was our annual Holiday Party and Parlor / Stage Magic Contest. Having the contest in December assures that we have plenty of quality magic at the party for our members and their guests.

After a feast of ham and other goodies, seven magicians participated in the contest. Lee Woodside drew the number one performance slot. He showed two cigar boxes and an empty whiskey bottle that he claimed were souvenirs of Dai Vernon that his friend, “Shyster Joe” Diggle had picked up at the Magic Castle years ago. Lee placed the empty whiskey bottle into the smaller box and placed that into the larger one. After causing a chosen card to vanish, he had the audience member holding the cigar boxes to open them and remove the whiskey bottle. Sure enough, the chosen card was now in the bottle.

Terry “T.Lo” Losawyer performed a very nice “Invisible Deck” routine. He followed that with a “cards across.”

Jay Relkin showed a small wooden box with a lid and a cube with a different color on each face. Not only was he able to divine the color that had been placed on top, he was able to send a mental image to an audience participant, who was also able to divine the color.

Derrick Beeson performed a beautiful coin routine using four coins, a small piece of cork and a leather cylinder. He then performed a signed card-to-wallet routine.

Joe Coover said he was not able to solve a Rubik’s Cube. However, he was able to start with a solved cube and move the sides to match a mixed up cube in 6.5 seconds. Joe then had seven different audience members each choose one Scrabble tile. He had another participant select a word from a dictionary. Joe spelled a word with the selected tiles and sure enough it matched the chosen word. He then performed a very nice ring and string routine.

Mike Stelzer and his diminutive sidekick, Ike entertained us with a vent routine. He then drew a face on a drawing board and brought it to life and conversed with it.

Darryl Brooks choreographed his entire show to music. He began by tying knots in a silk scarf and then actually removing the knots and throwing them into the audience. He then performed a routine involving sponge balls, a bowl, and a wand.

The votes were tallied while President Cassidy Smith conducted a very brief business meeting. He updated us on the status of upcoming lectures. He then entertained us with a routine with a purse frame and three coins.

Joe Coover won first place and the right to pick any three items from the magical items brought by Cassidy. Darryl Brooks took second place and got to choose two items. Lee Woodside took third place and got to choose one item.

Lee Woodside

Secretary Report – November 2017

Ring NO. 46, OKLAHOMA CITY, OK “The Seymour Davis Ring”

Meets 7:00 pm, 1st Monday of the month at the Contemporary Arts Building, Oklahoma State Fairground.

LEE WOODSIDE, Secretary. Email:

We always start our meetings with magic. Our featured performer for November was Jordan Johnson. He performed 30 minutes of amazing magic, which included mentalism, card magic and coin magic. Highlights included a signed card to wallet and a lottery ticket whose numbers matched those selected randomly by audience members.

November is always when officers are elected for the coming year. This did not take long as all current officers were held over by acclamation. Cassidy Smith will continue as President, Justin Teeman as Vice President, Michael King as Treasurer and Lee Woodside as Secretary.  Joe Coover was elected to be our Sergeant at Arms.

Cassidy Smith showed off his new tri-fold mirror for practicing magic. He said it was manufactured by Joe Anderson.

Derrick Beeson reviewed the book TEACHING MAGIC, by Eugene Burger. He gave it his highest recommendation. He also showed off a switching coin purse that is a great utility prop.

He then performed a telekinesis routine where he bent a paper clip with the power of his mind. He said that the necessary paper clips for this routine are available from Office Depot.

Jim Short gave his recommendation for the book THE ASTONISHING EXECUTIVE, by Bill Hertz and Paul Harris. He said that it contains a number of routines that fit our November theme of office magic.

Darryl Books showed why his felt pen is called a “MagicMarker” by using it as a wand to cause torn pieces of paper to be restored. J. David Teeman covered his thumb with a handkerchief and proceeded to stick pins into it. He then had members of the audience remove the pins before removing the cloth and showing his thumb to be uninjured.

James Graham showed us a few tricks using a number 2 pencil. He then named the top ten reasons for dating a mime. For example, you’ll always get in the last word in an argument.

Gary Trosper told a very nice story from his youth and illustrated it by turning pieces of coal into diamonds. He then showed how to make a zombie gimmick with a paper clip in order to animate a small object behind a dollar bill. Magical Michael Stephanic performed an amazing card revelation.

The names of all the performers were placed into a hat and one name was drawn out. Jim Short won the right to select a magic DVD.

One week after our November meeting, Ring 46 hosted a lecture by Doug Anderson, who lives in Grove, Oklahoma, but performs all over the country. Doug has performed on cruise ships, at trade shows and fairs, and also does restaurant magic He is a true professional with many years of experience. He has honed the tricks he performs to perfection and concentrates on generating the maximum entertainment value for his audiences.

Doug began by visually changing five one-dollar bills to five twenty-dollar bills. He then had multiple audience members select cards. Afterwards, he revealed each selected card in a different and dramatic manner.

He used a small copper cup and two cork balls to perform a very commercial chop cup routine, ending with the production of a lime and then a lemon. He then performed a sponge ball routine using natural sponges which he said came from Wal Mart. He also showed a very effective mentalism routine where he divined the time set on a pocket watch by a participant. Again, he said that the prop was purchased at Wal Mart.

After demonstrating his color-changing knives routine, Doug performed a trick similar to the Anniversary Waltz, but which can be done with standard playing cards without gimmicks. He then showed an effect similar to the “hot rod” which used loose gemstones. One of the advantages is that it can be performed in a strolling situation with different outcomes.

Doug performed a routine using clown noses and a bowl. He produced a giant nut from the bowl as a kicker ending. He credited Bruce Elliott as his mentor on this routine.

After performing the “Chicago Opener” and a coins across routine, Doug showed us his handling of the famous Whit Haydn comedy linking ring routine. He blew us away with an any card at any number routine and then surprised us with the simplicity and use of a standard magic item.

Doug told us that he is very grateful to the many magicians who have mentored him over the years. He said that it is now his turn to give back to the magic community by mentoring others. We highly recommend him as a lecturer and suggest that you book him if you get the chance.

Lee Woodside

Secretary Report – October 2017

Ring NO. 46, OKLAHOMA CITY, OK “The Seymour Davis Ring”

Meets 7:00 pm, 1st Monday of the month at the Contemporary Arts Building, Oklahoma State Fairground.

LEE WOODSIDE, Secretary. Email:

President Cassidy Smith taught a workshop on card magic just prior to our October meeting. One slick trick was snatching a previously selected card from the deck as he reversed a card spread.

Our featured performer for October was Steve Lancaster, former long-time owner of the Top Hat Magic shop in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Steve brought out what looked like a small doctor’s bag, but confessed that he had actually purchased it at a truck stop. He began his performance with a very nice oil and water effect that was direct and to the point, unlike some such effects that go on far to long. He then performed a trick where two cards selected by audience participants switch places right in their hands.

In keeping with the month’s theme of escapes and side show stunts, Steve showed us a very commercial comedy thumb cuff routine. He showed us that the same effect could be achieved even more economically with plastic wire wraps. Steve ended by vanishing a silk handkerchief and then retrieving it from an audience member’s sleeve.

Derrick Beeson presented a tribute to the late Eugene Burger and showed us a very nice card trick that he said had been taught to him by the “Magic Beard” himself. Following his tribute, a number of other magicians shared their fond memories of Eugene.

David Teeman placed three card boxes in a stack on top of a wooden cigar box. He invited an audience member to lift all three boxes together and then set them back down. After pushing the button on a remote, he asked that they lift only the top box, which the participant swore was heavier than all three boxes previously lifted. At the conclusion, David showed that the cigar box was completely empty and that the “remote” was nothing more than a piece of plastic. Although I guessed the correct solution to this mystery, I was still completely fooled when I tried it for myself. It is amazing how our senses can deceive us!

John Jolly used a jumbo deck of cards to tell the engaging story of Jack Diamond. Many groans and laughs were heard as each card in the deck fit in with the story.

Michael King magically produced the four aces from a deck of cards. After thoroughly shuffling the deck, including the use of one-handed bridge shuffles, he proceeded to cut to each of the aces.

Jay Relkin caused a finger ring to magically jump from one finger to the another. He then showed a coin and laid it on his palm. A small had came out and magically stole the coin away.

Lee Woodside

Secretary Report – September 2017

Ring NO. 46, OKLAHOMA CITY, OK “The Seymour Davis Ring”

Meets 7:00 pm, 1st Monday of the month at the Contemporary Arts Building, Oklahoma State Fairground.

LEE WOODSIDE, Secretary. Email:

Because of the Oklahoma State Fair, we were unable to hold our September meeting at the Contemporary Arts Building. Professional Magician and Life Member David Thomas invited us to spend the evening at the Frontier City Amusement Park, where he has been in charge of entertainment for many years.

We started the evening at the Two Johns Saloon, where David was kind enough to offer the hospitality of drinks on the house. This was a great venue for camaraderie and sharing close-up magic. President Cassidy Smith was not yet back in town after a magic convention in Colorado, so Michael King took charge.

To kick things off, Michael dazzled us with his card skills. After numerous fancy shuffles and cuts, he was able to cut to each of the four Aces.

Jay Relkin showed off his prowess with a finger ring. He was able to make it magically jump from finger to finger.

J. David Teeman showed us his croquet ball through which he had drilled a hole. He was able to cause it to stop wherever he wanted on a cord that he had passed through the hole. His audience volunteer, however, was unable to control the ball at all.

Michael King again took out his deck of cards and had a card selected and returned to the deck. After a few shuffles, he showed that the chosen card had disappeared from the deck and was now under the card box that was sitting on the table. Michael then performed a routine with three washers and a ribbon. He was able to cause the ribbon to penetrate the washers at will.

John Pansze demonstrated his skill with children’s magic by performing a cards across routine with the help of a young boy and a young girl, with lots of comedy byplay. Sure enough, three cards were caused to magically pass from the boy’s packet to the girl’s.

After an hour of magic and socializing, we all walked over to the Opera House. There, David Thomas offered us popcorn and soft drinks and then performed his illusion show with the help of his wife, Erin, along with a troupe of young men and women recruited from the local university. Following the show, David graciously invited the magicians backstage to examine his illusions. It was definitely a magical evening in every sense of the word.

Lee Woodside


Secretary Report – August 2017

Ring NO. 46, OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Seymour Davis Ring

Meets 7:00 pm, 1st Monday of the month at the Contemporary Arts Building, Oklahoma State Fairground.

LEE WOODSIDE, Secretary  Email:

We were pleased that professional magician and IBM 46 Life Member David Thomas showed up at our August meeting.  He brought along his good friend and fellow magician, David Hira.  David Hira was our featured performer for the evening. He showed how, through professionalism, a magician can make a crowd-pleasing miracle out of something as simple as the venerable silk scarf and thumb tip trick. He involved several audience members in the routine. Maybe he didn’t “fool us,” but he managed to entertain a roomful of jaded magicians.

David also talked about the wonderful feedback that he has gotten from his “David Hira LIVE” video lecture download now available from Penguin Magic.  He also talked about his new mentoring program that is taking place in Costa Rica.  I have not yet had the chance to download David’s video, but just knowing him and being acquainted with his magic is enough for me to heartily endorse it.  Add to that the five-star reviews and it’s a no-brainer.

The August meeting was our annual magic flea market and appraisal auction.  There are no minimum bids on the auction, but once the gavel falls, the seller has the option of accepting the high bid or paying the high bidder 50 cents for appraising his item. We actually had a few cases where the appraisal option was used, but most of the items actually changed hands, with some amazing bargains being had.  Lee Woodside was the auctioneer and managed to keep things moving along at a brisk pace. “He who snoozes, loses,” was his mantra as he urged bidders to up the price just one more dollar.

Following the meeting, a number of magicians repaired to the local watering hole to session late into the night.  Others went home to try out their newfound treasures or count their money.

Lee Woodside

Secretary Report – July 2017

Ring NO. 46, OKLAHOMA CITY, OK The Seymour Davis Ring

Meets 7:00 pm, 1st Monday of the month at the Contemporary Arts Building, Oklahoma State Fairground.

LEE WOODSIDE, Secretary  Email

We were pleased to host a lecture by Max Krause the week after our June meeting. Max has definitely brought his magic into the 21st century. In addition to magical apps he has developed for smart phones, he shared with us many of his improvements on old classics. These included the tossed-out deck, 6-card repeat, and bank night.

Pandemonium of Magic, our yearly public show and fund-raiser was held the Saturday before Father’s Day in the theater at the Contemporary Arts building on the Oklahoma State Fairground. Marty “The Magic Dad” Ludlum emceed the show and kept things moving along. This year’s performers included Cassidy Smith, Mike Stelzer, J. David Teeman, Jay Relkin, Lee “Captain Lee” Woodside, Derrick Beeson, Michael “One-Man-Circus” King, John Jolly, and Terry “T.Lo” Losawyer and his daughter, Rebecca. Prior to the show and during intermission, Justin Teeman, David Teeman and Terry Losawyer amazed audience members with their close-up magic. We all had a great time and actually cleared some money for the club.

Prior to our July meeting, President Cassidy Smith led a workshop. He taught a “karate clip” routine where he tossed up a paper clip and caught it on the end of his finger. Darryl Books tore up a piece of tissue paper and then restored it with a wave of his “magic marker”  Lee Woodside told the story of two paper clips who fell in love and became linked

Our featured performer for July was Ezekiel Jump. Ezekiel is now stationed at Fort Sill, OK after recently serving a tour with the US Army in Japan. He amazed us with his very professional card magic. Among his routines were an “any card at any number” miracle and an ambitious card routine using a signed card. The “kicker” was that the card ended up in his shoe.

Our theme for June was paper magic. Lee Woodside taught a trick using the daily newspaper. He cut a circle out of the paper, but when he opened up the paper, it had turned into a square. Everyone received a newspaper and a set of templates for making up the trick.

David Teeman showed us a mesh bag that was similar to a “Bengal net.” He would take an egg (visibly) out of the bag, but when he tossed it to a member of the audience, it became invisible. When tossed back to him, it again became visible when it entered the bag. He also showed a trick where the president on a piece of US currency alternately frowned and smiled.

Cassidy Smith wowed us with some card magic and then showed a very nice two-cup cups and balls routine.

Following the meeting, much magic was shared. The hardier members then repaired to the local watering hole for continued sessioning.

Lee Woodside


Secretary Report – June 2017

Ring NO. 46, OKLAHOMA CITY, OK The Seymour Davis Ring

Meets 7:00 pm, 1st Monday of the month at the Contemporary Arts Building, Oklahoma State Fairground.

LEE WOODSIDE, Secretary. Email:

The June meeting featured our annual Close-Up Contest. We had six contestants this year, who each presented some great magic for our entertainment.

Derrick Beeson had his first volunteer freely think of a number. His second volunteer thought of a playing card. The third concentrated on the name of a person. Derrick was able to divine all three thoughts. He had a playing card selected and caused the card to float off the deck in mid air without the help of any threads.

Daniel Butler showed his phenomenal memory capabilities by memorizing a partial deck of playing cards. He then performed a Triumph-like effect with the deck.

Darryl Brooks performed a very whimsical and entertaining routine using sponge balls, a bowl and a magic wand. The sponge balls had the amazing ability of squeaking when touched.

Jay Relkin used 50-cent pieces for a coins across routine. Next, he brought out a deck of playing cards and had an audience member freely name any card. He then showed that it was the only card in the deck that was reversed.

Mike Stelzer had a participant place three coins in three different places while his back was turned. When he turned around, he was able to divine the location of each coin. He then showed his ability to bend metal with his mind by causing a steel screwdriver blade to bend when he stroked it. He then used his mental abilities to cause ice to form in a bowl of water. He finished by mentally causing a nut to screw itself onto a bolt.

Terrry “T.Lo” Losawyer caused a pencil to penetrate a dollar bill right under an audience member’s nose. He showed that the bill was not damaged, even after the participant pulled the pencil all the way through the bill.

Cassidy Smith performed a very commercial 5-card repeat routine while the votes were tallied. First place went Derrick Beeson, second to Daniel Butler, and third to Jay Relkin. Each winner got to select from a stack of magic DVDs.

Derrick Beeson gave a review of the “Hover Card 2.0″ effect that he had performed in the contest. He showed us that it was very easy to perform this amazing effect.

Justin Teeman reviewed “The Expert’s Portfolio No. 2,” of which he had an advance copy. He said that this excellent book of card magic would become available for purchase this fall.

David Teeman showed us his croquet ball through which he had strung a cord. He was able to stop the ball at any point on the cord at his command. He then showed us his dominoe prediction effect that he calls “Domi-Know.”

Darryl Brooks performed a professor’s nightmare effect using black ropes with white tips that looked like magic wands.

Jay Relkin demonstrated a mental effect that he has been working on. He had a participant mentally picture a scene.  Jay proceeded to describe the scene that existed only in the participant’s mind.

Lee Woodside

Secretary Report – May 2017

Ring NO. 46, OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Seymour Davis Ring

Meets 7:00 pm, 1st Monday of the month at the Contemporary Arts Building, Oklahoma State Fairground.

LEE WOODSIDE, Secretary. Email:

Our featured performer for May was J. David Teeman. David told about his recent performance experience with his “Refreshment Rainbow” twisting effect that he developed. He then showed a paddle move trick that he came up with using straws from the Taco Casa restaurant.

Our theme for May was gambling routines and bar bets. Justin Teeman led off by having an audience member cut to the tens. He then showed us the venerable “I’ll bet you that the next card I turn over will be your card” scam.

Cassidy Smith showed us a poor man’s cups and balls that he had recently purchased. It is basically a “wild card” trick with a cups and balls theme.

Derrick Beeson reviewed the “Sucker Punch” trick that he had purchased. He said that it was a really good way to perform a “3-fly” effect using poker chips. The props provided were quite nice and the price was very affordable. He then showed us a card through window trick that he gave only two stars out of five.

Terry “Mr. T.Lo” Losawyer showed us how he bets that he can remove the ring from a loop of string that is held between the participant’s fingers. He said that he has won more than a few drinks with that one.

Ezekial Jump demonstrated how he could deal himself four aces using bottom dealing. He then outdid himself by dealing himself a straight flush from the middle of the deck.

We could have all sworn that Michael King bet that he could drink thirty six beers in 15 minutes. What he actually said was that he could drink “a third of six beers” in 15 minutes. However, our minds heard this as 36.

Mike Stelzer showed off the newest member of his vent act, a young Star Trek captain. He then performed an escape from a regulation straight jacket.

Lee Woodside explained the rules for a face-up poker game and challenged people to say whether they would want to go first or second in the “heads up” game. No one got this right, so Lee explained how the first player could always win.

President Cassidy Smith awarded the trophies from our December stage and parlor magic contest. Third place went to Lee Woodside, second place to Terry Losawyer, and first place to Michael Stephanic.

The names of all the evening’s performers were placed into a hat and one name drawn to receive a prize. Lee Woodside won the “Jumbo Twisted Sisters,” by John Bannon.

Lee Woodside