Secretary Report – February 2021

Ring NO. 46, OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Seymour Davis Ring

Meets 7:00 pm, 1st Monday of the month at the New Beginning Fellowship Church, 15601 S. Pennsylvania in OKC

LEE WOODSIDE, Secretary. Email:

Our February meeting was a “hybrid” meeting. Five magicians met at our normal meeting place and another 17 signed on via Zoom. Our theme for the month was “Classics of Magic.” Darryl Brooks kicked off the magic by pushing a pencil through a five-dollar bill and ripping the bill. He then magically restored the bill.

President Cassidy Smith demonstrated a few coin magic moves. His retention vanish of a coin is a thing of beauty. He then performed a routine where four half dollars visibly changed to English pennies and were dropped into a coffee mug. When he dumped the coins out of the mug, they had changed back to half dollars. He also showed us several versions of an appearing knot on rope. He finished by performing a rope through neck.

David Teeman tied a knot in a silk scarf and then magically caused the knot to disappear. He said that he learned the trick by carefully watching Bill Bixby perform it on an episode of “The Magician.” He said that he later saw it in Mark Wilson’s book and in Tarbell Volume 2. Later he placed two cords behind his neck, tied one of them around the front, and then magically caused both cords to penetrate his neck.

Jim Green blew up a 12-inch balloon, but did not tie it off. Amazingly, the balloon remained inflated until he gave it a magical thump with his finger.

Anthony Bruno performed an ambitious card routine. For the finale, the chosen card shot out of the deck and then came back down and stuck in the deck.

Mike Stelzer discussed the book THE BOY WHO CRIED MAGIC, by Andi Gladwin. He also showed us the book DELAND: MYSTERY AND MADNESS, which he said came with a deck of gaffed cards.

John Stack, who sometimes performs as “The Stoned Sorcerer”, showed cards with the names of various strains of marijuana written on them. Two different colors were used. He asked William Rader to mentally determine which stack to put each of the cards into. Sure enough, the colors were separated. It was “out of this world.” John also talked about some of the things needed for a Zoom magic show, including microphones, cameras, cables, lighting, and audio interfaces. He also discussed marketing techniques for Zoom shows.

Jay Relkin allowed his iguana, Aries to perform a card trick. Three different participants arrived at the name of a playing card. A large mustard green leaf was given to Aries and he chewed out a “4” and a club to demonstrate his psychic ablities.

Michael King, wearing an “I Can’t Breathe” Covid mask, opened a new deck of playing cards and began shuffling them. He asked Justin Teeman to name a card and then began cutting the cards, asking Justin to say “stop” whenever he wanted. Sure enough, the top card was Justin’s selected card. Michael finished by cutting to the four Aces.

Lee Woodside said that a normal book test would be difficult under the conditions of a Zoom meeting. Instead, he brought out a book and began going through it looking for interesting words. He asked Justin Teeman to pick one of the words as he read them. Lee then began divining the letters in Justin’s word one letter at a time and finally announced the word. He said that he learned this “Anytime, anywhere book test” from Lee Earle’s SYZYGY.

Michel King pulled a card from his deck and held it with the back toward the camera. He challenged Lee Woodside to name the color of the card. Lee said, “Red.” Michael asked for the suit. Lee said, “Hearts.” Michael asked for the value of the card. Lee said, “Four.” Michael turned the card around and it was, indeed, the Four of Hearts.

Jerry Bowzer performed an over-the-phone lie detector trick. He asked Michael King to remove seven cards from his deck and mentally select one of the cards. After following Jerry’s instructions and either lying or telling the truth at each step, Michael ended up with the selected card.

William Rader showed us a smaller size Tarot deck that he is now marketing. He has also been marketing full-size Tarot cards with a very artistic design.

Lee Woodside showed the book CONJURER’S WISDOM, by Joe Hernandez which he recently purchased via an eBay auction. The book contains such pearls of wisdom as “If you have a deck of nines of spades, don’t try to force the three of hearts” and “Stop accumulating stuff and start accumulating skills.” The book contains 3,333 quotes.

Jerry Bowzer gave a good review of the “In and of Itself” program by Derek DelGuadio that is now streaming on Hulu.

Lee Woodside

Secretary Report – January 2021

Ring NO. 46, OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Seymour Davis Ring

Meets 7:00 pm, 1st Monday of the month at the New Beginning Fellowship Church, 15601 S. Pennsylvania in OKC

LEE WOODSIDE, Secretary. Email:

We started 2021 with a lecture that was free to paid-up members. Because of COVID, our 2020 memberships were rolled over for 2021. Twenty magicians signed onto the Zoom session hosted by our Vice President, Justin Teeman.

Comedy magician Matt Fore stressed the importance of good segues, gags, running gags and callbacks in creating a magic show that is entertaining to an audience and generates repeat bookings. He gave many good examples and gave some great ideas for improving our shows. For any magician who has been performing for a while, the material he taught was much more important than learning another new trick.

We had enough time following Matt’s lecture for our members to participate. Jerry Bowzer recommended the DVDs “How to Handle Cards.” Michael King showed off the new Tarot cards that are now available from our former President, William Rader.

John Shack showed his new and improved version of split cards. The cards will now magically restore themselves in full view. David Teeman showed a gift box with an interior that was red and white and held a green handkerchief. With a wave of his hand, the box changed to green and white with a red handkerchief.

Cassidy Smith gave a positive review of Al James’ CONJUROR AT THE TABLE, which is all about restaurant magic. He also recommended Kainoa Harbottle’s “Inferential.” Justin Teeman showed his signed copy of ULTRA CERVON, by Bruce Cervon.

To conclude the meeting, Cassidy Smith demonstrated his new handling of the false count for the Professor’s Nightmare rope trick. He said that the method gives him much more confidence in the performance of the sleight.

I was informed by Justin Teeman that our unofficial roundtable launched again on the second Monday of 2021 at Buffalo Wild Wings with appearances by Michael King, Jay Relkin, Zach Heath, J David and Justin Teeman, Derrick Beeson, Shaun Clark, John Shackleford, Jonathan Taylor, and new to OKC Anthony Bruno. Aces Assembled, coins traveled across, and rings visibly melted through fingers, making for a wonderful evening of good fellowship and a great time had by all. We hope to keep these going as the season allows.

Lee Woodside

Secretary Report – December 2020

Ring NO. 46, OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Seymour Davis Ring

Meets 7:00 pm, 1st Monday of the month at the New Beginning Fellowship Church, 15601 S. Pennsylvania in OKC

LEE WOODSIDE, Secretary. Email:

Nineteen magicians signed in for our December Zoom meeting and annual stage/parlor magic contest. Anthony Bruno led off by showing two decks of cards and asking Zach Heath to name any playing card. Zach called out the five of diamonds. Anthony said that he would make the five of diamonds vanish from the first deck. The magic worked a little too well; all the faces of the cards had become blank. Anthony then showed that the five of diamonds was the only card that was reversed in the other deck. Not only that, it was the only card in the red-backed deck with a blue back.

Daniel Buster showed four pieces of string, each about a foot long. One of the pieces of string had a treble hook attached to the end. He placed the ends of the string, including the hook into his mouth. He invited Cassidy Smith to select any one of the strings. He jerked the selected string from his mouth. He did this two more times. Finally, he showed that the one remaining string was the one with the dangerous looking fish hook attached to it.

J. David Teeman showed a mailbox that he explained was for magically sending letters to Santa to the North Pole. He showed an envelope addressed to Santa and placed it into the mailbox and closed the door. When he lifted the flag to indicate outgoing mail, magical holiday music played briefly. He opened the door to show that the letter was now gone, magically on its way to Santa.

Mike Stelzer demonstrated his ventriloquist skills by carrying on a lively conversation with his pet orangutan. Following Mike’s performance, President Cassidy Smith announced that the Ring Officers would meet via Zoom later and determine the contest winners.

Cassidy Smith showed off his impressive collection of magic wands. Wendy Wylde gave a glowing review of the “Monster Mentalism” DVDs by Docc Hillford.

David Parr showed off his bound volume of Charlie Miller’s Magicana columns that were published in Genii magazine from 1964 to 1978. Michael King showed a collection of books that were given to him because he is a magician. The books included RAPID MATH TRICKS AND TIPS, by Edward H. Julius. He said that despite the title, the book was not a magic book, but a book on how to perform rapid calculations. He also showed the FAMOUS ROTH’S MEMORY COURSE.

Lee Woodside said that Walter Zaney Blaney’s memorial service was last week and included a video about Blaney. Look under Walter Zaney’s quote is very appropriate for magicians: “Die young as old as possible.”

Zach Heath, the inventor of “Ash and Ember” performed a finger ring routine that looked like movie special effects. Many hours of practice had to be involved.

David Parr showed a clip from his Halloween special that he performed on Zoom. He was in a very spooky-looking old house. He walked up a staircase and set a box on a stair and placed a ball in it. He walked down the stairs and called on the spirits. Sure enough, the ball rolled out of the box and bounced down the stairs.

Junior magician Lincoln Reed Thomas pushed a silk handkerchief into his fist. After making a magical gesture, he opened his hand to show that the hanky had disappeared.

The Ring 46 Officers met after the meeting to determine the winners of the stage/parlor magic contest. Daniel Buster won first place and will receive a $30 gift card to a magic dealer. David Teeman won second place and will receive a $20 gift card. Anthony Bruno took third place and will receive a $10 gift card.

Lee Woodside

Secretary Report – November 2020

Ring NO. 46, OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Seymour Davis Ring

Meets 7:00 pm, 1st Monday of the month at the New Beginning Fellowship Church, 15601 S. Pennsylvania in OKC

LEE WOODSIDE, Secretary. Email:

Our November Zoom meeting was again hosted by Vice President Justin Teeman, The meeting began with a broken wand ceremony for Len Sparagowski, performed by President Cassidy Smith. Len died at 99 years of age. He and his wife, Lil, were married for 76 years. Cassidy asked that we share any memories of Len. Lee Woodside said that Len will probably be most remembered for his mnemonics act, the climax of which was when he proved that he had memorized the entire Oklahoma City phone book. Terry “T.Lo” Losawyer recounted how he had met Len in 1986. David Teeman remembered when he bought a gross of “Dime and Penny” tricks from Len because Len claimed that he had accidentally added an extra zero to his order.

Cassidy Smith showed us a coin routine he has been working on. He produced three coins one at a time, performed several sleight-of-hand moves, and then vanished them. He then told about performing at the Halloween event “Pumpkinville” using cups & balls, rings and cards. He invited other magicians to tell about their Halloween performances. David Teeman told about performing outside at his church for two and a half hours. He used only a mesh egg bag and a drawer box full of Halloween candy. David then showed us a pair of color-changing sponge balls that were still in the sealed packages. He said that he purchased them from “Bizarro.”

Our theme for November was “turkey magic.” This is a tradition that began many years ago at Ring 46 and originally meant tricks that looked really good in the ads, but turned out to be “turkeys.” We have expanded on that to include tricks that did not work out during a particular performance or tricks that were bad, but were improved by the buyer to actually become good effects.

Michael King showed an effect that he had modified to become a good trick. He does not speak during the routine, but has a flip-book for an audience member to read out loud as Michael flips the pages. A card is selected, signed and then lost in the deck. The climax is when Michael opens his mouth for the first time and the signed card is folded up on his tongue. Michael also told us about a rubber band trick he purchased where the rubber band travels from finger to finger. He said the problem was that it took a great deal of strength to hold the fingers apart during the performance of the effect.

Steve Crawford told about an effect he performed where he appeared to break off the earpiece from a borrowed pair of glasses. During one performance, the earpiece actually did break off. He found out later that, in fact, the screw was loose and had come out. He performed a watch steal during a pickpocket routine and realized on his drive home that he forgot to give back the “stolen” watch. Another time, he passed out a pair of handcuffs to be examined before his handcuff escape routine. Unfortunately, a young couple cuffed themselves together. Steve’s assistant had forgotten to bring along the key and a call to the police was required to free the young lovers.

Lee Woodside showed off two recent acquisitions that were definitely not “turkeys.” He snagged a copy of SHEHERAZADE, by Borodin off eBay and bought the “Snaps” photo card decks marketed by Jonathon David and Dan Harlan. He said that he is very pleased with both purchases.

Cassidy Smith showed us a magic-themed Covid 19 mask that he bought. It has a wand/top hat/dove/card motif.

Our annual election of officers was very quick and non-controversial, unlike the national elections taking place. All the current officers for 2021 were re-elected by acclimation.

Lee Woodside

Secretary Report – October 2020

Ring NO. 46, OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Seymour Davis Ring

Meets 7:00 pm, 1st Monday of the month at the New Beginning Fellowship Church, 15601 S. Pennsylvania in OKC

LEE WOODSIDE, Secretary. Email:

Vice President Justin Teeman reported that several members of Ring 46 convened at Buffalo Wild Wings in Moore on the third Monday of September for an informal Roundtable. They and some of the patrons and staff enjoyed some distanced deceptions in the outdoor dining area.

Twenty magicians logged on for our October Zoom meeting, hosted once again by Vice President Justin Teeman. The theme of the meeting was to perform as a character other than yourself. Lee Woodside, dressed in a vest and cowboy hat, performed as “Captain Lee.” He began by giving a pitch for his “Captain Lee’s Magical Medicine for Mysterious Maladies,” an elixir that he claimed would cure a multitude of ailments. He claimed to have gotten the formula from his good friend, Joseph “Shyster Joe” Diggle. Lee then explained how he obtained the magical waters used in the medicine from a small mountain spring on land held sacred by the Shoshone. Using an earthenware jug, he showed how more water was always available from the spring.

President Cassidy Smith mentioned “Master Payne” as magician in the Seattle area who offers his magical services in the form of many different characters. Cassidy said that he also liked Michael Skinner. He proudly showed off his signed copy of Michael’s CLASSIC SAMPLER.

Jerry Bowzer said that he enjoyed Daryl as a teacher and performer. Wendy Wylde talked about Richard Webster and the mindset to “believe all stories whether I am hearing them or telling them.” She said that perhaps she and Richard were “squinty eyed” psychics, a play on words of the “shut eye” pyschics.

Jonathon Taylor said that he enjoyed the performances of Kainoa Harbottle. Anthony Bruno, a magician who recently moved to Oklahoma, said that he really enjoys performing “Steam 2.0,” by Ali Nouira.

Justin Teeman told of an encounter with the late René Levand. When he asked Senor Levand for advice on a trick, he was told to first perform it himself. As Justin retrieved a deck of cards, René put down a close-up mat with the comment, “A jeweler never displays his wares without laying a pad down.” Justin said that he continued his studies in Spanish just so that he could hopefully one day converse with René Levand. He said that, in fact, he got the chance to translate for him.

David Parr said that he was impressed by the sincerity of Doug Henning. He said that Doug’s demeanor made people want him to succeed. He said that other role models for him were Tony Andruzzi and Eugene Burger.

Anthony Bruno showed a treble fish hook. Four strings hung down, one of which he said was actually tied to the hook. He placed the hook and one end of the strings in his mouth. He then had audience members select one of the strings. He would yank the selected string out of his mouth. Using the fourth string, he gently lifted the hook out of his mouth. He then showed us a “haunted deck” routine that he attributed to Jeke Yo.

David Teeman mentioned that he enjoyed the magic of Rudy Coby. David then talked about performing his own version of the “obedient ball” for Dan Sperry.

David Parr invited Anthony Bruno to use his own deck to perform a trick. David had Anthony select one card, memorize it, and lose it in the deck. He then dealt the cards into five piles. Anthony then look at each pile to see if his card was there. If not, the pile of cards was discarded. When he came to the pile with his card in it, David had him show the cards on screen one at a time. Sure enough, even though David had not previously seen the face of the selected card, he was able to divine the correct card.

Todd Reis told a story that he said he heard from Max Maven about Karrell Fox auditioning to perform at trade shows for Ford Motor Company. Karrell performed a “find a card” trick for the Ford executive, but selected the wrong card. He then had the executive open his office window and there was a plane in the sky writing the name of the chosen card. He got the job.

A week after our October meeting, we were pleased to host a Zoom lecture by David Jonathon. David performed and explained seven effects and also gave us the benefit of his thoughts on creating new effects.

David led off with a very visual and eye-popping effect. A card was freely selected, signed, and returned to the middle of the deck and the deck was placed back into the card box. A rubber band was placed around the outside of the card box. When David snapped the rubber band against the box, the rubber band instantly vanished. When the box was opened and the deck removed, the rubber band was around the selected card. This effect would be a great opener or a lead-in to other card or rubber band tricks. He markets this as “With the Band.”

David brought out a “rainbow” deck, showing that not only were all the cards different, but all the backs were different as well. He invited Lee Woodside to roll two dice. David counted down from the top of the deck to that number and lay the card on the table face down. Lee again rolled the dice and David counted the cards from the bottom of the deck and removed that card and placed it face up. The prediction envelope that had been on the table at the start of the trick was now opened and the one card inside was removed. Sure enough, it matched front and back the cards selected by rolls of the dice. David calls this trick “Fortuity.”

David went on to perform an effect where he wrote the prediction of a card to be selected on the card box, a sandwich effect using the two black kings, a number prediction effect using UNO cards, a “free will” prediction effect using picture cards, and a killer book test with an impressive “kicker” ending. I highly recommend David Jonathon’s lecture to any magic club whose members are looking to learn innovative magic and, more importantly, to learn the process of creating their own cutting-edge effects.

Lee Woodside

Secretary Report – September 2020

Ring NO. 46, OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Seymour Davis Ring

Meets 7:00 pm, 1st Monday of the month at the New Beginning Fellowship Church, 15601 S. Pennsylvania in OKC

LEE WOODSIDE, Secretary. Email:

We had the return of our Informal Magic Round Table sessions August 17th at the Collective Food-hall in Downtown OKC with 6 magicians in attendance: Cassidy Smith, Michael King, Justin Teeman, Brian and Michelle Tabor, and Shaun Clark. Very nice well-managed outdoor space with good food, good friends, and of course magic. Each of us enjoyed the fellowship and shaking the dust off of our sleight of hand muscles. The Round Table is something that will be resurrected. It will be monthly at first and held typically the Monday after the Monthly Meeting. Looking to have the next one on the original stomping grounds of the OKC Round Table, Buffalo Wild Wings in Moore.

Our September meeting was again held via Zoom, with Vice President Justin Teeman once again hosting. Twenty-four magician “attended” the meeting, some from as far away as Colorado, Wisconsin, and Virginia. We were very pleased that David Parr and Bruce and Kitty Spangler joined us.

President Cassidy Smith was our featured performer and was on the boat that he captains on the Bricktown canal in downtown OKC. He performed a 3-fly effect with three different colored poker chips. Our theme for the month was “picnic magic” and this effect would be a good one for that venue.

Michael King performed a “free will” type effect with items that are appropriate for a gathering in these virus-altered times: a mask, gloves, and wipes. He asked his participant to tell him what to do with each of the items and then showed that he had accurately predicted her choices.

Lee Woodside showed a YouTube video of his “Rub a Dub Dub” cups and balls routine that he had recorded earlier for the meeting. (Search for “Rub a Dub Dub Lee Woodside to find it.) He said that he has been performing the routine for over 25 years. He then reminisced about past-president Tom Todd’s performance where he pulled everything needed for a picnic out of a square circle. The most amazing thing was that the items produced appeared to be enough to fill at least ten of the boxes from which they were taken. David Teeman told us that he had bought the props from Tom and now has them in his garage.

David Teeman then showed us a mesh bag containing an egg. He removed the egg and tossed it toward Wendy Wylde in Colorado. Wendy “caught” it and then tossed it back. Sure enough, the egg was then visible in the bag. David said that he likes to do this trick to warm up an audience before a show.

Michael King showed us a knife, fork and spoon kit about the size of a credit card that he can put in his shirt pocket when he performs a show. He said that more than once he has been offered food at an event without being offered any utensils with which to consume it.

David Parr described an effect he does where the “fizz” is transferred from one bottle of carbonated water to another. He said that soda water is preferable to soft drinks because it’s an easy cleanup in case of a spill. Tim Pendergast said that he performs the effect with beers in Denver and then gives the beer to a homeless person in the audience.

Derrick Beeson showed off three close-up pads that he said he got via a kickstarter campaign. He then placed a half-dollar in his hand and had his young daughter wave a magic wand. Sure enough, the coin vanished, proving that magic can indeed run in the family.

Bruce Spangler said that one of the best props to have at an outdoor venue is an umbrella. He said that the mutilated parasol is a good effect. He then told the story of when he had a boy eagerly volunteer to be the “victim” of his arm chopper routine. When he got the boy on stage, he realized that he had only a stump instead of a hand on one arm. The boy’s mother later told him that the boy was so excited to be asked to participate because no one had ever picked him before because of his handicap.

David Teeman showed us what he claimed was his first wife’s skull. He then clarified that she was his only wife and that he was still married to her. She had purchased the skull (a real one) to use in her dental training. This prompted other magicians to bring out their own skulls for show and tell.

Bruce Spangler showed off the “talking” skull that he had mounted on a board. He had rigged it so that he could easily remove the gaff and hand the skull out for examination. Michael Genovese showed a skull with playing card pips on it that he purchased at a truck stop. David Parr showed the skull that he painted to look very realistic. He told the story of how he got nervous standing in the security line at the airport because he remembered that he had put the skull in his carry-on bag. However, he was not questioned about it.

Kitty Spangler showed us her wolf skeleton that howls at the moon. Michael Genovese then showed us his skull teapot. Kitty Wylde said that she got a skull in the mail with a note that said that anyone who does bizarre magick needed a skull.

Michael King ended our meeting by showing off his “A-Salt Rifle” that he uses at picnics. It fires a small burst of salt using air pressure and will stun or kill a fly.

Lee Woodside

Secretary Report – August 2020

Ring NO. 46, OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Seymour Davis Ring

Meets 7:00 pm, 1st Monday of the month at the New Beginning Fellowship Church, 15601 S. Pennsylvania in OKC

LEE WOODSIDE, Secretary. Email:

Vice President Justin Teeman hosted our August meeting on Zoom. We had 26 magicians sign on, including several from Colorado and David Parr from Milwaukie.

Our featured performer for the evening was Jonathon Taylor. Jonathon performed several routines with copper and silver coins and finished with a “coin flurry” using a silver half-dollar. He then showed us a purse, which holds four half-dollars and has a secret pocket to hold out another coin.

Our theme for the evening was “back to school,” and magicians showed some pretty innovative ways of weaving that theme into their routines. Magicians were also invited to show off or tell about their favorite props.

Nate from Ft. Collins, CO showed a key that a “latch key” kid might hang from a cord around his neck. He proceeded to show us a key on cord routine that was inspired by a Dan Fleshman ring on cord effect.

David Teeman showed the faces of several cards and asked a participant to pick one card. When he turned the cards around, the selected card had a different color back from the others in the packet.

Cassidy Smith showed us a standard item from the classroom, the venerable #2 pencil, with which he performed a routine utilizing paddle moves. He then showed us some interesting props: sponge squirrels, a snake wand, and a deck of playing cards with five suits, the fifth suit being stars.

Michael King showed how he used to fool the school bullies by carrying only one-dollar bills as his lunch money. He visually changed the bills to twenties and the back again to ones. Michael then began shuffling a deck of cards and asked Wendy Wylde to name one playing card while he shuffled. Michael showed that the deck was in new deck order with one card conspicuously missing, the seven of clubs that Wendy had named. Michael removed the seven of clubs from his pocket.

David Parr showed us a booklet titled “101 Magic Tricks,” by Adams. He explained that a friend had given it to him and that the booklet contained a number of interesting stunts. He also showed a straight razor gaffed to contain stage blood and produce a very convincing “cut.” He said that he had obtained it from Tony Andruzzi, a pioneer of bizarre magic.

David Teeman showed off three wooden blocks and a cord which he uses for a gospel routine. He said that he had made them years ago and still uses them.

Justin Teeman showed off a deck of Golden Nugget playing cards. Lee Woodside showed off his Rings and Things Foxy Cups which he uses to perform the “Rub-A-Dub Dub” routine. He said that he has been performing that routine for over 25 years. Lee said that he had seen David Copperfield perform the Collectors’ Workshop “Sidekick” effect thirty odd years ago and had wanted one. He said that he actually made up and performed the effect using threads before he actually bought a “Sidekick” twelve years ago. He said that it is difficult finding venues to perform it in because it is sound activated and requires the sound of a gun to trigger the effects. Lee finished by performing the intro to his medicine show act.

William Rader, former president of Ring 46 and now living in Denver, showed off his HERMANN THE MAGICAN book, a first edition from 1897. He also showed us his “400 Tricks You Can Do,” which was very special because it was inscribed to Harry Blackstone, Jr. from his father Harry Sr.

Jerry Bowzer showed us his “Project Manger’s Toolkit” from his days as an IBM executive. He had a magic eight ball for decision making, rose-colored glasses, and a Gumby, which bends over backwards.

Michael King showed us the “obedient ball” that he made himself using a 3-D printer. He also showed us the “Sixth Sense,” which can be used in a “which hand” type effect or a Kurotsoke-type effect to detect the location of a white ball among several white ones. Finally, he showed one of the original Losander floating tables which he purchased at Losander’s lecture in OKC.

Steve Goldstein, who is active in the Surplus Magic Exchange on Facebook, showed off a locking “two copper, one silver” coin set made with a silver Barber coin. He said that it alone was worth the price he paid for a lot of coin magic gimmicks.

Cassidy Smith showed us sponge rainbows that he uses for a routine where coins change colors to match the colors of the rainbow. Michael King showed us the dummy arms he uses in his juggling show. He said that he bought them from Mike Cavaney.

We are proving that we can have an enjoyable and magical meeting without having to gather in person. However, we’re all looking forward to the day when we can once again share our magic face-to-face.

Lee Woodside

Secretary Report – July 2020

Ring NO. 46, OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Seymour Davis Ring

Meets 7:00 pm, 1st Monday of the month at the New Beginning Fellowship Church, 15601 S. Pennsylvania in OKC

LEE WOODSIDE, Secretary. Email:

Vice President Justin Teeman hosted our July meeting on Zoom. We had 26 magicians sign on, including several visitors from Colorado and a former member of Ring 46 who now resides in California.

President Cassidy Smith discussed the magic he sometimes performs on the water taxi he captains in OKC’s Bricktown canal. He then performed a brainwave type effect using US currency rather than playing cards. Sure enough, the chosen bill had “Counterfeit” written across the back of it.

Jerry Bowzer showed off his copy of THE ESSENTIAL DAI VERNON book, still in the shrink wrap. Several of our card guys told him he needs to open it up and read it. Amy from Colorado discussed her shows and said that she likes to aim her performances at adults but keeps them suitable for all ages.

David Teeman showed us a twenty-dollar bill that was folded to show a guy in a face mask. He also showed us his Houdini stamp bear that was on sale at Post Offices some years back. Darryl Brooks discussed his live performances in Bricktown. He said that he places a circle of rope with a six-foot radius around his performing table to remind audience members to practice social distancing. He also showed the mask with a cute animal face that he sometimes wears when performing.

James Lopez discussed how he has been learning routines that work well on video. He said that the unchanging angle of the audience’s view favors certain sleights and makes some things possible that would not work when those watching the show do so from different angles.

Michael King again showed off his “sponge Covid” and his “Covid Clean” spray can. He said that he bought one of the “grabbers” used to retrieve objects from high shelves. He found one that is six feet long that allows an audience member to interact without getting too close to him during his performance.

Cassidy Smith announced that it was time for our annual close-up contest, our first ever using Zoom. Darryl Brooks showed three small silk scarves. He pushed them into his closed fist and, after the appropriate magical incantations, produced an American Flag. He next performed Max Maven’s “B’Wave” using jumbo playing cards. He finished with his version of the “Jumping Knot of Pakistan.”

Derrick Beeson removed an Okito box from a small purse and dumped three coins from the box: an English penny, and American half-dollar, and a Chinese coin. He caused the silver coin to change places with the other two several times and ended by causing the coins to disappear and then reappear in three different places: one under the purse, one within the purse, and the last one back in the Okito box.

Mike Stelzer placed a deck of cards into a houlette. One at a time, the four Aces moved to the face of the deck. Next he had a playing card selected and he placed it back into the deck. Magically, the selected card turned over in the deck. He ended by showing a half-dollar with a hole drilled through it. He was able to cause the hole to move to different locations on the coin.

The last part of our meeting was devoted to member performances by those not entered into the competition. David Teeman showed a trick called “That Old Yarn” that he had obtained in a box of magic he purchased. He taped a selected card to the end of the yarn and buried the card in the deck. He pulled on the yarn and the card magically appeared back on top of the deck. He then showed five lengths of cord. He removed five cords one at a time, but each time he still had five cords. His patter theme for the effect was “Give your love away to make it multiply.”

Michael King shuffled a deck of playing cards and asked someone to name a card. The seven of hearts was named. Michael removed the battery cover from his TV remote and showed that a card was folded up inside. He removed the card and unfolded it to reveal the seven of hearts. Michael next randomized a Rubik’s Cube per the audience’s instructions. He pulled out a “prediction” cube that perfectly matched. He solved the randomized cube in just a couple of seconds! Finally, he showed three large washers threaded onto a ribbon. One by one, he pulled the washers through the ribbon.

James Lopez had a card selected. Sure enough, the selected card turned over in the deck. Not only that, the card matched his prediction. He then had each viewer grab a deck of cards and remove four reds and four blacks. After asking that cards be turned over several times and even shuffled, he accurately predicted the number of face up and face down cards each participant would have and the colors of the cards.

Once the online meeting was officially ended, the Ring 46 officers communicated via email to determine the winners of the 2020 close-up contest. Darryl Brooks took first place and will receive a $30 magic gift card to the magic dealer of his choice. Derrick Beeson took second place and will receive a $20 gift card. Mike Stelzer took third place and will receive a $10 gift card. Each winner will also receive a trophy at an upcoming live meeting.

Lee Woodside

Secretary Report – June 2020

Ring NO. 46, OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Seymour Davis Ring

Meets 7:00 pm, 1st Monday of the month at the New Beginning Fellowship Church, 15601 S. Pennsylvania in OKC

LEE WOODSIDE, Secretary. Email:

An Ring 46 officers’ meeting was held via Zoom on May 25th to plan our return to normal activities following the Covid 19 interruption. We decided that our annual public show “Pandemonium” would be canceled for 2020, but that in person meetings, with precautions, would resume in July.

Our June meeting was once again held on Zoom. Justin Teeman, our Vice President set it up for us. We were very pleased to have twenty-nine participants, including a number of magicians form Colorado, including the former President of Ring 46, William Rader, and the current President of the “Mile High Magicans,” Wendy Wylde.

President Cassidy Smith led a discussion on “Maximizing Impact While Minimizing Contact.” With the advent of the coronavirus, tricks where the audience members handle the props are at least temporarily out the window. Too bad; I love the sponge balls.

David Teeman spread a packet of cards to show their faces. He asked a participant to name one of the cards. He showed the back of that card to be red and the backs of all the other cards to be blue and no, it wasn’t a brainwave trick. He showed each of the card backs individually. David then showed a drinking glass on a pedestal. He removed a silk scarf from the glass and vanished it. He then showed a metal tube to be empty and placed it over the glass. When he removed the tube, the scarf had reappeared in the glass.

Justin Teeman performed Jim Steinmeyer’s 9-card trick from one of his IMPUZZIBILITIES books for those who missed it in June. John Stack showed a playing card from which a corner had been torn off. He was able to hold the card by that corner, which was an impossible-looking image. John then picked up a deck of cards and caused the majority of the deck to vanish in plain sight, leaving him with just two cards.

Mentalist William Rader told us about a new idea he is working on. He asks a volunteer to give him three names, the names of two people he knows and one he doesn’t. William then divines which of the names is the one the volunteer doesn’t know. He demonstrated this with Cassidy Smith and was successful. William also showed us proofs of a set Tarot cards that he is planning to market.

Zachary Heath, who is widely known in the magic community for his “Ash and Ember” effect, showed us a ring on his finger. He then removed the ring by pulling it through the finger. He then showed a “haunted key” type effect using a finger ring. With Zach’s great skill, and obviously lots of practice, it was very magical and a bit eerie.

One of the advantages of a Zoom meeting is that if a member happens to think of something he has that would be of interest, he can quickly get it and show it. In Joe Coover’s case, it was his tiny house. Joe used to build tiny houses when he lived in California and now that he has moved back to Oklahoma, he lives in one of his creations. Although quite small, it was laid out so that no space was wasted and it had some very interesting features.

After briefly discussing his ideas on tricks that work well on video, Joe Coover showed a $100 bill. He folded it lengthwise into thirds and folded it in about 1/8” on each end. He then balanced it between his two thumbs. When he slowly moved one of his thumbs away, the bill remained suspended. No threads, no adhesives, no magnets, no kidding!

Michael King showed us some “motion picture” currency that he uses to test the making up of tricks using currency. He said that it is available very economically on the internet.

David Teeman showed what appeared to be two folded dollar bills held together to make a cross. However, when he unfolded it, it was just one bill. He said the trick is from SELF-WORKING PAPER MAGIC, by Karl Fulves.

Jonathon Taylor has obviously been using his shelter-in-place time to work on his coin magic. He performed a very commercial coins through the hand routine.

John Shack showed us a piece of playing card art that he constructed to emulate Bansky’s famous art piece that self-shredded after being auctioned for $1.4 million dollars. Very clever!

Cassidy Smith put the names of all those who performed into a hat. The winner, John Shack, will receive an illusions book at the next in-person meeting. John Shack then offered the prize of a comedy mentalism book by Bob Nelson. Cassidy drew another name from the hat and David Teeman was the winner. We’re all looking forward to seeing one another in person in July.

Lee Woodside

Ring Report – May 2020

Ring NO. 46, OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Seymour Davis Ring

Meets 7:00 pm, 1st Monday of the month at the New Beginning Fellowship Church, 15601 S. Pennsylvania in OKC

LEE WOODSIDE, Secretary. Email:

Our May Ring meeting was conducted via a “Zoom” session set up by academic scholar and Vice President Justin Teeman. The meeting participants were Derrick Beeson, Jerry Bowzer, Darryl Brooks, Daniel Buster, Ezekial Jump, Michael King, Phil Kalivoda, Steve Lancaster from Tulsa, Cassidy Smith, David Teeman, Justin Teeman, Brian Tabor, Jonathon Taylor, and Lee Woodside, plus two “lurkers” without video logged in as “Mark” and “Me.”

President Cassidy Smith used a rope to demonstrate a disappearing shoelace knot, an “instant” knot, and a William Tell knot. He also reported that he has been working up a “bigger wand” effect for his kids’ shows.

Darryl Brooks showed off his new “Supreme Slate of Mind” which he is planning to use for a mind-reading routine. Although the board is set up for use as a “no force” mental epic, Darryl intends to use an “Omni” deck to force the third item.

Justin Teeman performed an on-line version of Jim Steinmeyer’s venerable 9-card trick from his “Impuzzibilities” series. Everyone was invited to find nine playing cards and follow along. Sure enough, everyone arrived at his selected card after spelling it.

David Teeman placed silk scarves into a tube. He then produced flowers from the tube that were the same colors as the scarves. Finally, he showed that the tube was now empty.

Ezekial Jump announced that this would be his final meeting with Ring 46. His work as an Army Band musician will soon be taking him to the Savannah, Georgia area. We wish him well!

Jonathon Taylor performed a “pop out” coin production that he said he worked up from a video by the amazing Shin Lim. Lee Woodside reported that our former junior magician, J. P. Wilson was shown on an episode of the wildly popular documentary “Tiger King.” J. P. used some of Joe Exotic’s big cats in his illusion show many years ago.

Lee Woodside