Ring 46 Enjoys Magical Cruise

In addition to being a magician and the President of IBM Ring 46, Cassidy Smith conducts water taxi tours on the Oklahoma City Bricktown Canal. On August 22nd, Captain Cassidy invited all the members of Ring 46 and their plus-ones to enjoy a sunset cruise with him aboard his tour boat. Cassidy entertained us with the stories that he tells tourists visiting OKC. He also pointed out sites along the route, including the bigger than life-size statues that depict the 1889 Oklahoma Land Run.

On our way back, Cassidy pulled the boat over to the side, got out, and showed off his roping skills, ala Will Rogers, a favorite son of Oklahoma who was a comedian, movie star, and top-billed performer in the Ziegfeld Follies back in the day. Cassidy returned to the boat and donned a blindfold. He then proceeded to navigate the curviest part of the canal using his psychic abilities, or perhaps after thousands of tours, he has memorized the course of the canal. Either way it was impressive and got lots of amazed looks from those walking along the side of the canal.

When the cruise was completed, everyone went to Dave’s Hot Chicken to dine and share magic. Dinner was paid for by the Ring and it was a very enjoyable evening for all.

Lee Woodside

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