Secretary Report – August 2015

IBM Ring 46, OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Seymour Davis Ring

Meets 7:00 pm, 1st Monday of the month at the Contemporary Arts Building, Oklahoma State Fairground.

LEE WOODSIDE, Secretary. Email:

Prior to the start of our August meeting, Vice President Justin Teeman presented a workshop on the Elmsley count. He taught the technique of performing the sleight and discussed its important in card magic.

Our featured performer for August was Michael King. Michael showed his amazing prowess with a deck of cards by performing one-handed bridge shuffles and flawless faros. His classic force is a work of art. After several cards were selected and revealed, Michael had someone name a thought-of card. After several more shuffles, Michael showed that the deck had miraculously returned to new deck order. However, the named card was noticeably missing from its place in the deck. Showing his hand empty, Michael retrieved the card from his pocket.

Michael showed us the latest technology available to the magician in sound systems and then concluded with a multi-phase book test, revealing freely selected words and the contents of complete pages selected by multiple audience members using several different books.

Our theme for the month was silent magic or magic performed with music. President Cassidy Smith led off with a beautiful wand and silk scarf routine. Kyle Uhlich performed a mime act with a comedy ending that left everyone laughing.

Bill Crawford showed a glass full of water. He placed a saucer on top of the glass and inverted the glass. He then placed it on a table and covered it with a scarf. Bill then had an audience member peak a card within a deck of cards. However, when the cards were counted face up, there were only 51 cards and the selected card was missing. When the scarf covering the water glass was lifted, the missing card was inside the glass of water!

Gary Trosper used a stainless steel ice bucket as a gong. Without speaking, he invited an audience member to help him ring the “gong” and led him to the stage. Gary then proceeded to perform a miser’s dream routine, catching coins and dropping them into the metal container.

David Teeman showed a couple of items he obtained from last month’s magic auction. He performed a very visual pen through quarter. He also showed us several fruit and vegetable “cell phones” to be used as a running gag during a show. There were lots of groans from the merciless puns.

Lee Woodside

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