Secretary Report – February 2015

IBM Ring 46, OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Seymour Davis Ring

Meets 7:00 pm, 1st Monday of the month at City Arts Center, Oklahoma State Fairground.

LEE WOODSIDE, Secretary.  Email:


Prior to the February meeting, J. David Teeman held a workshop on tying a disappearing knot.  He had silk scarves for each participant and showed exactly how to perform the illusion.  He said that he learned it by “burning” Bill Bixby when he performed it on the old TV series “The Magician.”

We like to start each meeting with magic.  President Cassidy Smith introduced Shaun Clark as the featured performer for the month.  Shaun had a random person name any of the 52 playing cards.  The three of clubs was named.  Shaun borrowed a deck of cards, had a participant shuffle it, and then spread the deck to show that it contained one odd card from another deck:  the three of clubs.

Another participant shuffled a deck while Shaun wrote “2 of hearts” on a pad and showed it to the audience.  He had the person deal cards and stop wherever he wanted.  When the card was turned over, it proved to be the two of hearts.

After having a card randomly selected from the deck, Shaun took the card and tore off a corner.  The corner vanished, but was then shown to have “melted” into the back of the card.

Our theme for February was, appropriately, romantic magic.  Lee Woodside performed three effects that fit the theme.  First, he elicited many groans with his “Bunny Love” routine, using the standard multiplying rabbits, but with every rabbit pun imaginable.  He then told the story of two paper clips falling in love, which ended with them linking together.  Finally, he performed an ESP compatibility test on a couple and, of course, they turned out to be made for each other.

Justin Teeman had a lady pick a card.  He shuffled it back into the deck and handed the deck to her boyfriend, who was instructed to go across the room, remove one card, and bring it back face down.  When she turned over the card that was brought back to her, it proved to be her chosen card.

Cassidy smith provided everyone with a napkin and taught us how to make a napkin rose.  After asking, “What is better than a rose?” and replying with, “A rose and a kiss,” he tilted the rose he had just made and a Hershey’s Kiss fell out.

Lee Woodside announced that the Ring 46 2015 Grimoires were hot off the press.  Actually, we’re now releasing them on a CD in PDF format to cut down on printing costs.  Copies were reserved for Malaki, Michael Stephanic, Justin Teeman, David Teeman and Lee Woodside because they each contributed material.  This was the 20th anniversary edition of the Grimoire, which is edited by Malaki, AKA David Swanson.

Jim Green showed a 1939 Davenport trick where ribbons placed into a cloth end up spelling “Good Night”.  He then showed his version, where pieces of rope are used and spell “The End.”  He said the problem with the old version is that not all of his shows are in the evening.

Gary Trosper used the Professor’s Nightmare effect to tell the story of “Three Hearts as One,” where a father, son, and grandson become one family.

David Teeman made a scarf magically appear.  He then took out a deck of cards that was wrapped in a piece of paper with cards copied on it.  He had a card selected.  He then pointed out that all the cards on the piece of paper were face up except one.  When the paper was turned over, the backs of all the cards showed except for one that was face up.  It was, of course, the selected card.

Terry LoSawyer folded a one-dollar bill and a five-dollar bill so that they were interlocked.  He was able to magically pull the bills through each other.  He then made the two bills change places and ended the routine by changing them both into fives.  He said he would quit while he was ahead.

Cassidy Smith performed a very nice coin flurry with a half dollar.  Derrick Beeson continued the coin magic with a “3-fly” effect.

John Shackelford had a volunteer shuffle a deck and select a card.  He then magically revealed the card.

At the completion of the meeting, Cassidy Smith brought out the box of magic and had each of the first-time attendees select a magic trick to take home.  The remainder of our time was devoted to visiting and sessioning.

Lee Woodside



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