Secretary Report – January 2020

Ring NO. 46, OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Seymour Davis Ring

Meets 7:00 pm, 1st Monday of the month at the New Beginning Fellowship Church, 15601 S. Pennsylvania in OKC

LEE WOODSIDE, Secretary. Email:

President Cassidy Smith kicked off our first meeting of 2020 as our featured performer. He presented several effects themed around New Year’s resolutions. He began with by transforming a cane into two silk scarves. He then said that the number one resolution is to quit smoking. He said (tongue in cheek) that since he didn’t smoke, he would have to start smoking in 2020 so he could quit in 2021. After miming some cigarette manipulations, he blew a smoke ring that turned out be made of brass. When he brought out a cigarette pack and touched his lips to one and removed it, it turned out to be a rope instead. This turned into a ring on rope routine. He then brought out a cigarette lighter and produced silver dollars from the flame, which led into a coins across routine using silver dollars and a wine glass. Cassidy next invited an audience member to participate in a three-part mentalism routine using pieces from a Monopoly game. A game piece was selected, two deeds were selected, and finally one property was chosen. Cassidy showed that he had successfully predicted the dog, a total deed value of $220 and Kentucky Avenue. Cassidy next performed a very professional cups and balls routine, culminating in final loads of a lemon, a lime and an orange, which went along with his resolution to include more fruit in his diet. He ended by tearing up his list of resolutions and creating a snow storm.

Vice President Justin Teeman went over the schedule of events for 2020 that were planned at the December officers’ meeting. We have a very exciting year of meetings and lectures to look forward to.

David Teeman passed out silk scarves to every magician. He then taught us the barehanded production of a scarf and how to tie a knot that can be removed by having a participant blowing on it. He said that he learned the false knot by watching Bill Bixby as “The Magician.”

The business portion of our meeting was brief. Cassidy Smith announced lecture opportunities and lined up sponsors for each lecture. Lee Woodside made a plea for more submissions for our annual Ring 46 Grimoire, which has been edited for over twenty years by Malaki. Lee then moved that longtime member Joseph “Shyster Joe” Diggle be proclaimed a Life Member of Ring 46. The vote to do so was unanimous.

Lee Woodside led off the member performances by showing the “Santa’s Enchanted Mailbox” he had received for Christmas from his girlfriend, Peggy. Lee placed the envelope with his letter to Santa into the mailbox and closed it. When he raised the flag to indicate outgoing mail, the box played a Christmas tune. When he opened the mailbox, the letter was gone, magically on its way to Santa at the North Pole.

Derrick Beeson had a card selected and lost in the deck. The card reappeared in a white envelope within a black envelope. He credited the effect to Leo Xing and said the name of it is “Gone.” He then showed us a holdout device that is marketed as “The Delivery System.” He said that it is very handy for retrieving items such as final loads for a cups and balls routine. He then highly recommended Scott Robinson’s book PURE IMAGINATION. He also showed us a close-up pad from Danny Garcia, which he said is very nice for the price.

Mike Stelzer performed a Tenyo effect where a card is chosen and returned to the deck. The deck is placed into a paper sack and a rope is used to “fish” for the card. Sure enough, when the rope was pulled from the back, the end of the rope was tied around the chosen card.

Justin Teeman invited Cassidy to remove five cards from the deck and give them to him. Justin handed back one of the cards invisibly. He then counted to show that there were, in fact, now only four cards. When Cassidy tossed the invisible card toward the packet, Justin spread the cards to show that there were now five, with the selected card reversed in the packet.

Jerry Bowzer told us of receiving a bottle of 2086 Chateau Picard wine for Christmas from his daughter, who works in movies. He then showed us two of the “Firefly” rechargeable lighted playing card sets that he got by participating in a Kickstarter program.

Michael King invited Derrick and Jonathon to join him “on stage,” where he performed a “psychokinetic touches” routine with the two volunteers. He then had audience members mix up a Rubik’s Cube. He brought out another cube from a sack and showed that it perfectly matched the one randomized by the audience. He then removed a photo from an envelope that had been held by a volunteer and showed that the Rubik’s Cube in the photo also perfectly matched. He concluded by tossing the cube into the air and magically solving it.

Rick Martin performed a very professional routine using “Dean’s Box.” He caused a white rope and blue rope to magically link together and also caused a metal ring to link onto one of the ropes under “impossible” conditions.

Shaun Clark showed us the “How to Read Minds Kit” available from Peter Turner. It includes a number of professional mentalism items along with five hours of instruction on a USB flash drive.

The names of all the evening’s performers were placed into a hat and one name was drawn. Shaun Clark was the lucky winner of a “Half & Half” coin and card magic DVD.

Lee Woodside

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