Secretary Report – July 2016

Ring NO. 46, OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Seymour Davis Ring

Meets 7:00 pm, 1st Monday of the month at the Contemporary Arts Building, Oklahoma State Fairground.

LEE WOODSIDE, Secretary.   Email:

Our annual “Pandemonium of Magic” public show was held on Saturday, June 18th, the day before Fathers’ Day. This year’s show was dedicated to the memory of Roger Ryan, who was our stage manager for the shows for many years. Our MC for the show was Marty “The Magic Dad” Ludlum, who did a fine job of introducing the acts, keeping things moving along, and filling in the gaps.

Dean “Who Dean” Johnson kicked off the show with his beautiful card manipulations and a wonderful linking ring routine. Mark Stelzer introduced some comedy into the show with his ventriloquism act.

Cassidy Smith magically produced a wand and then used it in his “Rainbow” color changing coin routine that he developed. David Teeman, with the help of his beautiful assistant, Rebecca, performed the “Bigger Wand” routine, climaxing with a huge 12-foot wand that finally was able to cause the magic to happen.

Lee “Captain Lee” Woodside performed a medicine show act inspired by his good friend, Joseph “Shyster Joe” Diggle. He tied a square knot in a square rope, cut a circle out of a newspaper, which turned into a square, and ended with the hydrostatic glass. Michael King performed his famous “One-Man Circus” act with juggling, balancing and even riding a unicycle.

Derrick Beeson performed an amazing rope routine and a comedy book test. (I just saw Shawn Farquhar fool Penn & Teller with the same book test on TV.) He then swallowed a needle followed by a length of thread. When he coughed up the thread, the needle was threaded on it.

Terry “Mr. T. Lo” Losawyer, with the assistance of his daughter Rebecca, closed the show with his beautiful Chinese act. He started by putting a small cabinet on Rebecca’s head and impaling her head with swords. When the cabinet was opened, her head had disappeared. When the swords were withdrawn, her head reappeared. Terry then showed that a pagoda was completely empty. After a magical pass, he pulled a giant 6-foot butterfly silk scarf from the pagoda and followed that by producing a 6-foot dragon silk scarf.

Our meeting theme for July was our annual flea market and appraisal auction. After some time was allowed for one-on-one sales and bartering, Lee Woodside was our auctioneer for over two hours. The premise of our appraisal auction is that there are no minimum bids. However, when the gavel drops, the seller has the option of either selling the item to the high bidder or paying him 50-cents for “appraising” the item for him. Amazingly, there were no appraisal fees paid during the entire auction. A lot of magic changed hands and there were some great bargains.

Lee Woodside


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