Secretary Report – June 2014

NO. 46, OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Seymour Davis Ring
Meets 7:00 pm, 1st Monday of the month at City Arts Center, Oklahoma State Fairground.
LEE WOODSIDE, Secretary.  Email:

We were very fortunate to host a lecture by Alan Sands on May 19th.  He started by telling us about his entire act that fits in a baggie.  This allows him to easily carry the act on a plane without having to worry about his baggage not making it to his destination.  At the worst, he would need to borrow only a pair of scissors.

Alan presented a very eclectic lecture, with something for everyone.  He showed routines with balloon animals, ropes (including his dad, George Sands’ “Ropesational” routine), coins, and cards.  He also covered mnemonics and, using his technique, I can still remember all ten of the items the group named, in order.

He demonstrated a nice origami routine, where he folded a dollar bill into a coin purse and then removed a quarter from it.  He used miniature rubber chickens to recreate the old “thieves and sheep” routine using the premise of chicken thieves.

In addition to routines, Alan covered the things needed to become a star in show business.  He also shared his considerable knowledge on sound systems and microphones.  All in all, it was a very enjoyable and informative lecture.

Phillip Mosness was our featured performer for May.  Phillip performed his street magic act using ropes and cups and balls.  He definitely looked the part of a busker, with a great outfit and really nice props.  The magic was equally excellent and very entertaining.  After producing six oranges, he surprised everyone with a final load of a cocoanut from his hat. Phillip has performed this act on the streets of Las Vegas and other major cities around the world, including Paris.

Master magician, magical author, and underground card legend Lance Pierce shared some of his vast knowledge with us.  Lance is very articulate, very patient, and an excellent teacher.  He started by sharing a routine that he learned from Bob McAllister many years ago.  He showed five paper clips to be definitely separated.  When he threw them into the air and caught them, they had magically linked together and his hands were otherwise empty.

Lance then magically produced a one-dollar bill from his bare hands.  After folding it, challenging us to make sure it never left our sight, he unfolded it to show that it had transformed into a one-hundred-dollar bill.  When he refolded the bill, it vanished into thin air as magically as it had appeared.  Lance shared the work behind this miracle, which he credited to his good friend and mentor, the late Roger Klause.

Lance showed a very nice impromptu routine where a borrowed finger ring is linked onto a chopstick or soda straw.  We were amazed at how easy it is to pull of this miracle, although practice is required to perform it smoothly.

Lance concluded by showing us a routine that he said is being used by many underground card workers, but is unpublished.  It is based on the “Ten Card Row” routine described in Erdnase’s EXPERT AT THE CARD TABLE, but is much more commercial and can be performed as walk-around magic.

After the meeting, several magicians convened at the local watering hole for further sharing of magic.

Lee Woodside

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