Secretary Report – June 2018

Ring NO. 46, OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Seymour Davis Ring

Meets 7:00 pm, 1st Monday of the month at the Contemporary Arts Building, Oklahoma State Fairground.

LEE WOODSIDE, Secretary. Email:

We presented our annual “Pandemonium of Magic” public show on June 2nd at the Contemporary Arts Theater at the Oklahoma State Fairground. President Cassidy Smith emceed the show and kept things moving along.

Derrick Beeson led off the show with a linking rings routine and a torn and restored signed card. David Teeman enlisted the aid of a little girl from the audience to change silk scarves into a beautiful butterfly.

Darryl Brooks performed his knots off silk scarf routine to music. He then performed a sponge balls and bowl routine with sound effects from a squeeker.

Lee Woodside performed his own version of “What’s Next.” He then used the mis-made flag routine for a tribute to the military veterans in the audience. He finished with the venerable die box.

John Jolly performed a routine by Jim Steinmeyer involving “Droodles,” which are unusual drawings which require thought to be interpreted. John set one drawing aside, which proved to predict what the audience participant would choose. John then made very good use of the “Baby Gag,” which culminated with a more current picture of Tom Cruise, the celebrity chosen by an audience participant. He finished with a very commercial “Invisible Deck” routine.

Cassidy Smith showed off his mastery of the cups and balls. Mike Stelzer carried on a spirited dialog with his furry primate puppet friend.

Terry “Mr. T.Lo” Losawyer began by producing colorful silk scarves and then closed the show with a “Metamorphosis” routine with his daughter, Rebecca.

We had a great audience and actually made a profit on the show. However, our main objective was to promote our Ring and give our members a valuable chance to perform on stage.

Our June meeting was our annual close-up magic contest. We had seven contestants and a great variety of magic.

Darryl Brooks began by changing four Jacks to four Aces. He then changed two quarters to a half dollar. He showed two washers with holes in them. He had an audience participant hold onto one of the washers and was able to remove the hole from his own washer and have it travel to the one in the spectator’s hand. Darryl next vanished a borrowed, signed quarter and showed that it had traveled to a matchbox inside a playing card box. He concluded by tying three different-colored ropes into rings and changing them into one large rope.

Terry “T.Lo” LoSawyer changed a two-dollar bill into two one-dollar bills. He showed that he could shop anywhere in the world by cutting pieces of newspaper into the size of the local currency and changing the pieces into real bills. He next interlocked a five-dollar bill and a one-dollar bill and caused them to pass through each other. He then caused the two bills to change places and finally turned them into two fives, saying he would quit while he was ahead. Terry ended by divining the card a participant chose and then showing that the rest of the cards in the deck were all blank.

Mike Stelzer showed off his escape skills. First he escaped from standard handcuffs. Next he escaped from shackles like those used for transporting prisoners. Finally, he escaped from inside a mailbag, which was secured by a crossbar and padlocks.

Derrick Beeson pulled some loose change from his pocket. As he held the coins in his palm and concentrated on them, one of the coins magically tilted up. He concluded by performing the “pothole” trick, using two of his business cards.

Shaun Clark placed a wooden stick into a paper bag. He broke the stick into multiple pieces with the help of a participant, but when he removed the stick, it was intact. He then performed a solid through solid effect by pulling a stick through a drink holder. His final effect involved coffee rings on a napkin, but I was too far back to see exactly what happened However, those who were closer were very impressed.

Jay Relkin performed the “Chicago Opener” for Lauren and Rebecca and followed with a coins across routine. David Teeman had a card selected and took another card for himself. The participant placed his chosen card into his pocket while David tore his card into quarters. David caused the two cards to switch places, that is the torn card was now the value of the one the participant chose and the other card was now in his pocket.

Max Krause had a card freely named by an audience participant. He then showed that that very card was the one between the two jokers in his deck of cards. Max had Alex cut to a card. When he made a phone call, an answering machine named the chosen card. Max concluded by having three different people cut off packets of cards from a deck, remember one card, and shuffle their packets. The deck was reassembled and Max was able to divine each of the chosen cards.

While we were awaiting the contest results, Derrick Beeson gave positive reviews of both the Penn & Teller show at the Rinverwind Casino in Norman, Oklahoma and David Blaine’s “Don’t Blink” show in Dallas, Texas.

Our official contest judges announced a very rare occurrence:  a tie for second place. T.Lo and Max Krause shared second-place honors while Derrick Beeson claimed bragging rights as this year’s close-up magic champion. Each winner got to select from a treasure trove of magical prizes and each will receive a trophy at a future meeting.

After a very brief business meeting, Cassidy Smith concluded the evening with a very visual magic effect. He had a card selected and returned to the deck. After shuffling, he formed a pistol with the deck and “fired” the selected card into the air.

Lee Woodside

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