Secretary Report – May 2022

Ring NO. 46, OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Seymour Davis Ring

Meets 7:00 pm, 1st Monday of the month at the New Beginning Fellowship Church, 15601 S. Pennsylvania in OKC

LEE WOODSIDE, Secretary. Email:

As the featured performer for our May meeting, Lee Woodside kicked things off with his “Captain Lee’s Magic Medicine Show.” After extolling the virtues of his Magical Medicine for Mysterious Maladies, Lee showed how he gathered the magical waters for his elixir from a small mountain spring (lota bowl.) He then showed how he tested the waters for the necessary special magnetic qualities (hydrostatic glass.) Finally, he demonstrated how one bottle of the amazing medicine might be all that would ever be needed (multum in parvo).

President Cassidy Smith led a discussion on liquid magic, which was the theme of our May meeting. He showed the “moves” necessary for the famous “card under glass” effect made popular by Doc Eason. Jim Green mentioned one of his favorite effects, which he called the “stupid bean trick,” where coffee beans turn into coffee. Lee Woodside mentioned an effect with three stacked drinking glasses. Liquid may be poured into any one of the glasses and the glasses may then be separated with the liquid in them.

Cassidy showed us an optical illusion rug that he bought on Amazon for $42. The rug had a geometric design that appeared to be the opening to a tunnel. Cassidy also showed us Jim Steinmeyer’s “Hospitality” illusion that he recently acquired. Drinks named by audience members are all poured from the same milk carton and then handed out to prove that they are real. Jim Green performed the “shrinking head” effect using a disk with a spiral design that was turned by a handheld drill.

Lee Woodside performed an effect where a small coffee creamer pitcher was inverted on his table. He turned the creamer right side up and then poured cream from it into his coffee mug.

David Teeman showed us the tricks that he had taken with him to perform at a recent Comic-Con. He showed his egg in a mesh bag trick, mental choice, mental block release, and color-changing knives. He had Jonathon Taylor place a red silk scarf into a change bag. He then had Jonathon select a card, look at it, and replace it in the deck. When David was unable to produce the selected card, he had Jonathon remove the scarf, which now had a giant King of Hearts printed on it. David next played a game where the audience guessed which hand a sponge ball was in. He climaxed this by turning the ball into a giant sponge bunny. Finally, David performed his “Refreshment Rainbow” effect with playing cards. Four cards turned over one at a time. As a climax, each card had a different soft drink on the back of it, despite the fact that each card had been shown to have a normal back.

Mike Stelzer introduced us to his small friend, Gabby. After a brief conversation, Gabby said he was thirsty. Mike produced a glass of milk with a straw in it and the small vent dummy drank the milk.

Jonathon Taylor poured water into his fist, made a magical gesture and showed that the water had disappeared. He then caused it to reappear.

The names of the performers were placed into a basket and one name was drawn. Jonathon Taylor became the proud owner of the Magic Tea Kettle Book.

Lee Woodside

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