Secretary Report – November 2017

Ring NO. 46, OKLAHOMA CITY, OK “The Seymour Davis Ring”

Meets 7:00 pm, 1st Monday of the month at the Contemporary Arts Building, Oklahoma State Fairground.

LEE WOODSIDE, Secretary. Email:

We always start our meetings with magic. Our featured performer for November was Jordan Johnson. He performed 30 minutes of amazing magic, which included mentalism, card magic and coin magic. Highlights included a signed card to wallet and a lottery ticket whose numbers matched those selected randomly by audience members.

November is always when officers are elected for the coming year. This did not take long as all current officers were held over by acclamation. Cassidy Smith will continue as President, Justin Teeman as Vice President, Michael King as Treasurer and Lee Woodside as Secretary.  Joe Coover was elected to be our Sergeant at Arms.

Cassidy Smith showed off his new tri-fold mirror for practicing magic. He said it was manufactured by Joe Anderson.

Derrick Beeson reviewed the book TEACHING MAGIC, by Eugene Burger. He gave it his highest recommendation. He also showed off a switching coin purse that is a great utility prop.

He then performed a telekinesis routine where he bent a paper clip with the power of his mind. He said that the necessary paper clips for this routine are available from Office Depot.

Jim Short gave his recommendation for the book THE ASTONISHING EXECUTIVE, by Bill Hertz and Paul Harris. He said that it contains a number of routines that fit our November theme of office magic.

Darryl Books showed why his felt pen is called a “MagicMarker” by using it as a wand to cause torn pieces of paper to be restored. J. David Teeman covered his thumb with a handkerchief and proceeded to stick pins into it. He then had members of the audience remove the pins before removing the cloth and showing his thumb to be uninjured.

James Graham showed us a few tricks using a number 2 pencil. He then named the top ten reasons for dating a mime. For example, you’ll always get in the last word in an argument.

Gary Trosper told a very nice story from his youth and illustrated it by turning pieces of coal into diamonds. He then showed how to make a zombie gimmick with a paper clip in order to animate a small object behind a dollar bill. Magical Michael Stephanic performed an amazing card revelation.

The names of all the performers were placed into a hat and one name was drawn out. Jim Short won the right to select a magic DVD.

One week after our November meeting, Ring 46 hosted a lecture by Doug Anderson, who lives in Grove, Oklahoma, but performs all over the country. Doug has performed on cruise ships, at trade shows and fairs, and also does restaurant magic He is a true professional with many years of experience. He has honed the tricks he performs to perfection and concentrates on generating the maximum entertainment value for his audiences.

Doug began by visually changing five one-dollar bills to five twenty-dollar bills. He then had multiple audience members select cards. Afterwards, he revealed each selected card in a different and dramatic manner.

He used a small copper cup and two cork balls to perform a very commercial chop cup routine, ending with the production of a lime and then a lemon. He then performed a sponge ball routine using natural sponges which he said came from Wal Mart. He also showed a very effective mentalism routine where he divined the time set on a pocket watch by a participant. Again, he said that the prop was purchased at Wal Mart.

After demonstrating his color-changing knives routine, Doug performed a trick similar to the Anniversary Waltz, but which can be done with standard playing cards without gimmicks. He then showed an effect similar to the “hot rod” which used loose gemstones. One of the advantages is that it can be performed in a strolling situation with different outcomes.

Doug performed a routine using clown noses and a bowl. He produced a giant nut from the bowl as a kicker ending. He credited Bruce Elliott as his mentor on this routine.

After performing the “Chicago Opener” and a coins across routine, Doug showed us his handling of the famous Whit Haydn comedy linking ring routine. He blew us away with an any card at any number routine and then surprised us with the simplicity and use of a standard magic item.

Doug told us that he is very grateful to the many magicians who have mentored him over the years. He said that it is now his turn to give back to the magic community by mentoring others. We highly recommend him as a lecturer and suggest that you book him if you get the chance.

Lee Woodside

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