Secretary Report – November 2019

Ring NO. 46, OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Seymour Davis Ring

Meets 7:00 pm, 1st Monday of the month at the New Beginning Fellowship Church, 15601 S. Pennsylvania in OKC

LEE WOODSIDE, Secretary. Email:

Michael King was our featured entertainer for the November meeting. Michael showed us photos and videos of some of the costumed characters he has portrayed at festivals, clubs, parades and parties. These included an impressive giant robot, Uncle Sam, a nutcracker, and Frankenstein’s monster. He also had video of him juggling while riding his unicycle and performing magic in a comedy club. He also showed us videos he had produced for local professional magician David Thomas. He finished by telling us some of the trials and tribulations of being a professional entertainer.

Derrick Beeson provided us with a review of the revised and expanded printing of MAXIMUM ENTERTAINMENT, by Ken Weber. He said that it should be in the library of every magician.

President Cassidy Smith led a discussion on various premises that can be used when performing a magic effect. Some ideas included: asking a question, historical context (e.g.: this is the last trick Harry Houdini ever performed), a mystery, telling a story, a science experiment, an optical illusion, a challenge, “teaching” (a false explanation), a contradiction or absurdity, a public service announcement, a gambling expose, breaking a record, or a demonstration of skill.

Jim Green demonstrated the i-Lite Cup 360, by Viktor Voitko. It is a very visual effect and can be performed while surrounded by the audience.

Justin Teeman performed Steve Freeman’s “Time Travel Cards” effect. The playing cards kept returning to places in the deck that they had previously occupied.

Lee Woodside kept with the evening’s theme of “Oklahoma Magic”. He asked Jerry Bowzer to mentally select a card and said that he would name the card Jerry was merely thinking of. Lee said that the name of the card was “Reba.” He went through a deck of cards and showed that the first name of a famous Oklahoman was written on the back of each card. As he read the first names, the audience shouted out the complete names, such as “Will Rogers.” He also showed that each card was different. He then located the card Jerry had thought of and showed that the name on it was “Reba” (McEntire).

Cassidy Smith showed a roping kit that he had recently acquired and demonstrated a “flat spin” and a “wedding ring” spin, both rope tricks that Will Rogers used to perform in his vaudeville act.

Derrick Beeson performed a coin routine that was created by Oklahoma magician Lance Pierce, who is well known in the magic underground. Using an Okita coin box, a coin purse, an English penny, a U.S. half dollar and a Chinese coin, Derrick showed us how the coins could transform and magically travel from place to place.

Brian Tabor performed a comedy book test. Dale Shawn caused a dollar bill to become animated and then actually float in the air.

David Teeman performed one of his signature effects. He used a gold block to represent God, a black block to represent man, and a red block to represent sin. He threaded these onto a cord with the sin coming between God and man. Using a red scarf to represent the blood of Christ, he caused the “sin” block to penetrate the cord, thus allowing God and man to reunite.

Mike Stelzer showed us the “Spirit in the Coffin,” which was one of a line of electronic tricks marketed by Milton Bradley some years back. While his back was turned, an audience member selected one of four cards: the hand, the bird, the snake, or the eye. When Mike turned around and removed the lid from the coffin, the spirit announced the name of the card that had been selected.

Each performer’s name was placed into a hat and two names were drawn. Justin Teeman won a DVD of card magic and Derrick Beeson won a signed copy of Billy McComb’s lecture notes.

Lee Woodside

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