Secretary Report – October 2018

Ring NO. 46, OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Seymour Davis Ring

Meets 7:00 pm, 1st Monday of the month at the Contemporary Arts Building, Oklahoma State Fairground.

LEE WOODSIDE, Secretary. Email:

Prior to the October meeting, President Cassidy Smith held a workshop on the color-changing knives. He showed several moves with the knives and then taught a very effective, but easy routine.

Our featured performer for the evening was Michael King. His first effect was “closed captioned.” Michael did not speak, but had his participant read what to do from a set of large flash cards. After a playing card was selected and returned to the deck and then to the card box, Michael revealed that the chosen card was, in fact, in his mouth. Michael showed a shopping bag that was folded flat. An audience member freely selected a book from a list of books. Michael then opened up the bag and brought out the chosen Harry Potter book. Michael then showed a small book and opened to the first page to show drawings of a key, a phone, and a pen. He asked that one of the items be selected and the key was chosen (no force). When he flipped through the pages of the book, a drawing of a hand came out and scooped up the key. Michael closed his performance by having a participant shuffle cards face up and face down. He showed a folded prediction of the face-down cards and every statement proved to be exactly right.

Our theme for the October meeting was “Magic of the Mind.” For those just getting into mentalism and mental magic, Lee Woodside recommended Ted Anneman’s PRACTICAL MENTAL EFFECTS, which is available inexpensively as a Dover publication. Although not a mentalism item, Jim Short recommend the Impression Vanish of a Penny by Peter Boie and Bacon Fire’s penetration of a credit card by a rubber band. Cassidy Smith recommend the Mini Cups and Balls book available at

Jim short showed a weekly day planner on which he had written the name of a playing card on each week in the planner. He also showed a small envelope. He asked for an audience member to call out his birthday. He turned to that date in the planner and it had “King of Hearts” written for the week. He opened the small envelope and it contained the King of Hearts. Jim next brought out two large Bicycle decks. He had an audience member cut one of the decks three times, each time turning the selected card face up. He then went through both decks one card at a time. No cards in the two decks were in the same positions except for the three freely selected cards, which were all matches.

Cassidy Smith performed a very visual coin production, vanish, and reappearance routine with three half dollars. He told us that he was very impressed with the magic of Eric Mead.

David Teeman presented a hot rod type effect, but with a Jacob’s ladder. There were six different colored ribbons and when one was selected, a flip of the Jacob’s ladder turned them all to the selected color. He showed about ten different colored Sharpie markers. One was selected by a process of elimination and it turned out to be the only one where the cap matched the actual color of the Sharpie. David then showed a giant domino with magnetic spots. When the participant rearranged the spots, David showed that he had predicted what the domino would look like. He ended by performing a trick involving the colors of a traffic signal light.

Jordan Johnson brought out three bottle caps. He had an audience member hide a quarter under one of the caps. Each time, Jordan was able to divine the cap under which the quarter was concealed.

Mike Stelzer demonstrated his “Occult Board.” He was able to divine a color, a number, and a playing card that were writen by audience members after Mike wrote his prediction.

Lee Woodside presented a book test using Dan Brown’s DAVINCI CODE. Michael King selected a page number from among several written down by members of the audience and Lee was able to read his mind and draw what was described on the page he selected.

Jay Relkin invited two audience members to stand and close their eyes. When he touched one of them, the other felt that he was touched in the same place.

The names of all the performers were placed in a cup and two names were drawn. The lucky winners of magic DVDs were Jordan Johnson and Mike Stelzer.

Lee Woodside

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