Secretary Report – September 2017

Ring NO. 46, OKLAHOMA CITY, OK “The Seymour Davis Ring”

Meets 7:00 pm, 1st Monday of the month at the Contemporary Arts Building, Oklahoma State Fairground.

LEE WOODSIDE, Secretary. Email:

Because of the Oklahoma State Fair, we were unable to hold our September meeting at the Contemporary Arts Building. Professional Magician and Life Member David Thomas invited us to spend the evening at the Frontier City Amusement Park, where he has been in charge of entertainment for many years.

We started the evening at the Two Johns Saloon, where David was kind enough to offer the hospitality of drinks on the house. This was a great venue for camaraderie and sharing close-up magic. President Cassidy Smith was not yet back in town after a magic convention in Colorado, so Michael King took charge.

To kick things off, Michael dazzled us with his card skills. After numerous fancy shuffles and cuts, he was able to cut to each of the four Aces.

Jay Relkin showed off his prowess with a finger ring. He was able to make it magically jump from finger to finger.

J. David Teeman showed us his croquet ball through which he had drilled a hole. He was able to cause it to stop wherever he wanted on a cord that he had passed through the hole. His audience volunteer, however, was unable to control the ball at all.

Michael King again took out his deck of cards and had a card selected and returned to the deck. After a few shuffles, he showed that the chosen card had disappeared from the deck and was now under the card box that was sitting on the table. Michael then performed a routine with three washers and a ribbon. He was able to cause the ribbon to penetrate the washers at will.

John Pansze demonstrated his skill with children’s magic by performing a cards across routine with the help of a young boy and a young girl, with lots of comedy byplay. Sure enough, three cards were caused to magically pass from the boy’s packet to the girl’s.

After an hour of magic and socializing, we all walked over to the Opera House. There, David Thomas offered us popcorn and soft drinks and then performed his illusion show with the help of his wife, Erin, along with a troupe of young men and women recruited from the local university. Following the show, David graciously invited the magicians backstage to examine his illusions. It was definitely a magical evening in every sense of the word.

Lee Woodside


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