Secretary Report – February 2013

NO. 46, OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Seymour Davis Ring
Meets 7:00 pm, 1st Monday of the month at City Arts Center, Oklahoma State Fairground.
LEE WOODSIDE, Secretary. Email:

President William Rader introduced J. David Teeman as the featured performer for our February meeting. David had volunteer Cassidy Smith freely select a word from a TIME magazine. He then handed Cassidy a Thesaurus to look up the word, but the page was torn from the book. An envelope he had given him at the start of the routine was found to contain the missing page, with the chosen word “executive” circled.
David removed a large domino from a bag and showed that the spots were moveable. He had a volunteer move the spots to form any other regulation domino pattern. When the bag was turned inside out, the design on the bag perfectly matched what the volunteer had chosen.
David finished with a twisting effect with four cards. The “kicker” ending was that all the cards turned out to be blank both front and back.
Bill Crawford showed three props that he had recently purchased from Billy Hamptini, which Billy had acquired in 1985 from our Ring’s namesake, Seymour Davis. After showing a drawer box empty, Bill made a magical pass and then opened it to show that a “magician’s hand” had materialized. It was a cast-iron hand that weighed at least six pounds. Bill then removed the front cover of a small cabinet, showed it to be empty, and placed the hand inside. The front was pulled forward on the third prop to show a frame with a brass rod going all the way across horizontally. A silk scarf was tied around the rod. Bill removed the scarf, closed the front cover, and placed the scarf on top of the hand in the cabinet, and replaced the front cover of the cabinet. After a magical pass, he removed the front cover, showing that the scarf and hand had both vanished. He showed that the scarf was once again tied around the brass rod on the frame.
William Rader brought out copies of the 2013 Ring 46 Grimoire, edited by mage Malaki. These were literally hot off the press. David Teeman and Lee Woodside were asked to perform routines that they had submitted for this year’s Grimoire. David performed a routine that he had developed with the new SPECTRUM deck. Lee performed his “Cowboy and the Ladies” routine. Those who had submitted material to the book were given free copies and the rest of the copies were offered to the members for a nominal price to cover printing costs.
Our member performance theme for the night was magic that you would perform for couples or to impress a member of the opposite sex. Jim Green demonstrated making a small toy poodle from a string of beads, which he said he had learned from Harold Todd. He took it a step further by having the poodle do tricks, including jumping and barking. Jim then performed a Sharpie through dollar bill effect.
David Teeman asked a “lady” to pick a card, but offered only the choice from a packet where all the cards were the six of clubs. However, once one was chosen, he showed that it was the only card with a red back.
Michael King performed thimble type magic with the lid off a Chapstick container. He then pushed the tube of Chapstick into his ear and took it out of his mouth. In the time remaining time, Michael talked about sound equipment and devices that are now available to allow hooking an iPhone or laptop to a sound system.
Lee Woodside

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