Secretary Report – April 2018

Ring NO. 46, OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Seymour Davis Ring

Meets 7:00 pm, 1st Monday of the month at the Contemporary Arts Building, Oklahoma State Fairground.

LEE WOODSIDE, Secretary. Email:

President Cassidy Smith lead off our April meeting with some card magic. He performed a “twisting” effect and ended by showing that it was all done with mirrors. The front and back of each and every card was a mirror.

Our theme for the April meeting was “Let’s Make Magic,” which is always a favorite. Several members teach magic effects and everyone gets to take home the props needed to perform the effects.

Derrick Beeson handed out rubber bands and taught how to link them together and unlink them. He showed a great broken and restored effect and an eerie effect where a borrowed finger ring climbs up a rubber band.

Cassidy Smith taught a torn and restored card effect. Max Krause showed a “gypsy thread” effect and provided everyone with the necessary cotton thread, which is easily broken into pieces.

Lee Woodside taught a “chameleon cards” effect. Four black-backed Queens of Clubs were shown front and back. When one of the cards was replaced with a red-backed Queen of Hearts, all four of the queens were then shown to have become red-backed Queens of Hearts.

David Teeman started off the member performances by showing a box with a drawer in it. The drawer was empty. When he closed the drawer and uttered the magic word, he reopened the drawer and produced a “live” raccoon named “Rocky.”

Darryl Brooks had a card selected and then lost in the deck. The card vanished from the deck and reappeared in Darryl’s shoe.

Dale Shawn had a card initialed by an audience volunteer. He then tore up the card and restored it, with the signature still intact.

John Jolly placed a large “prediction” card on the table. He then had someone select a number from one through seven. He showed seven jumbo cards with funny drawings on the back. Sure enough, the selected one proved to match the prediction card. The routine had lots of comedy by-play.

Two days after our monthly meeting, we converged at Max Krause’s home and magic shop for a lecture by a young British mentalist named Chris Rawlins. Chris started by doing an effect using three chairs and three audience participants. His method was bold, but effective, and required no pre-show work with the participants or doctoring of the chairs prior to the show.

Chris demonstrated two drawing duplication effects, one for stage and the other for one-on-one close-up mentalism. Both were hard-hitting mentalism and neither required expensive props or pre-show work. The “real work,” though, was his audience interaction during the performance of the stage effect.

Chris showed a nice walk-around piece that involves participants thinking of movies and scenes within the movies. He then showed us a memory demonstration using the colors and suits of playing cards.

Chris ended with an effect where a participant started with a full deck and eliminated cards until he was down to one card. Sure enough, when the last card was turned over, it matched the prediction.

In summary, Chris taught effects that were workable and did not require any expensive props or high-tech electronics.

Lee Woodside

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