Secretary Report – March 2018

Ring NO. 46, OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Seymour Davis Ring

Meets 7:00 pm, 1st Monday of the month at the Contemporary Arts Building, Oklahoma State Fairground.

LEE WOODSIDE, Secretary. Email:

Our former Junior President, now known as “Rob Lake,” performed a full evening illusion show in his hometown of Norman, OK to benefit a local animal rescue group. Rob has traveled all over the world performing magic. It was a real treat to get the chance to see him perform after all these years.

Max Krause hosted a tag-team lecture by John Reid and Carisa Hendrix at his home and magic shop in OKC. John Reid holds the world record for the largest balloon sculpture created by one person. John started by giving us a detailed demonstration of making mouth coils. He then gave us some tips on performing with them and suggested some routines. He handed out napkins and taught everyone how to make a napkin rose.

Carisa Hendrix showed us her bubble act. She shared her secret for making her professional bubble solution and showed how to create smoke-filled bubbles. She used a young boy who was present to demonstrate her signature “child in a bubble” trick. She then showed us some of the magical effects she has created including the very impressive production of a hard-back book from an empty paper sack.

John Reid wound up the lecture by showing some variations on a classic card trick, a way to perform a snowstorm effect, how to create figures by folding towels, and fun things to do with “googly eyes.” If you get the chance to experience a lecture by John and/or Carisa, I urge to not miss the opportunity to learn from these young, innovative magicians.

We thank David Teeman for getting the use of his church as a venue for a lecture by the award-winning Gregory Wilson. Gregory taught several magicians in a workshop format prior to the lecture. Gregory started the lecture with his “Chip on Shoulder” routine, which uses a poker chip and a coin purse. Phil Kalivoda got to actually experience the magic of the routine while the rest of us enjoyed the show. I was pleased that he gave Phil the trick at the end of the routine for being such a good sport. Gregory also performed a very entertaining theatrical pickpocket routine. He demonstrated several more of his very innovative tricks using coins, currency, cards, Rubik’s Cubes and even iPhones.

Prior to our March meeting, President Cassidy Smith conducted a workshop on coins across. He covered the friction palm, click pass, false transfer and retention vanish along with teaching a very commercial routine.

Our featured performer for the March meeting was Max Krause. Staying with the month’s theme of “Bar Magic,” Max showed us several routines that he performs in a bar or restaurant environment. He started by having a freely chosen card appear between two jokers. He caused a coin to penetrate his pocket and then changed it into a jumbo coin. Max ended by showing us some tricks making use of current technology. He had someone mentally select a word from a list on an iPhone app and he was able to divine the word. He had another audience participant select a type of liquor from among pictures of many different bottles. He was able to name the libation they had chosen.

After a very brief business meeting, Cassidy Smith led a discussion on tricks that do or do not work in a bar setting. He then introduced the evening’s performers.

Darryl Brooks performed a ring-off-rope illusion. Derrick Beeson performed a very nice linking ring routine using miniature rings that he said he was able to purchase from the internet for only $17, which included the bag.

Dale Shawn performed a three-coin trick. Each time he took away a coin, there were still three coins left. However, the last time he took away one coin, there were none left and trick was obviously over.

Justin Teeman performed a “Triumph” card routine. David Teeman recounted stories of his performances in bars and ended by performing his own “twisting” trick.

Lee Woodside handed out copies of a puzzle that can be done at a bar with toothpicks or small drinking straws. He said that, for a drink, he would reveal the solution to anyone who could not figure it out on his own. However, most of the members found the solution using Google.

Terry “T.Lo” Losawyer removed a ring from a string that was stretched between the fingers of an audience volunteer. He said that he had won many a drink with this trick.

Jay Relkin had a card selected and then showed that the name of the card was printed underneath a bottle cap. Cassidy Smith wound up the performances by performing a coin-across from one hand to an on-the-rocks glass held in the other hand.

After the meeting, several members convened at the local watering hole for further storytelling and magic.

Lee Woodside

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