Secretary Report – February 2018

Ring NO. 46, OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Seymour Davis Ring

Meets 7:00 pm, 1st Monday of the month at the Contemporary Arts Building, Oklahoma State Fairground.

LEE WOODSIDE, Secretary. Email:

Prior to the February meeting, President Cassidy Smith led a workshop on wand magic. He showed several wand flourishes, such as the palm spin, the finger spin, and the drummer’s spin. He also covered some ways to use a wand in vanishing an object, such as the Dai Vernon wand spin and the push-through fist vanish. He concluded by vanishing the wand.

Our theme for February was stage magic and our featured performers, T.Lo (Terry LoSawyer) and his daughter, Rebecca followed the theme. T.Lo started by performing a very nice invisible deck routine, with lots of comedy by-play. After transforming a silk scarf into a cane, he produced a quantity of silk scarves from a triangle of three large playing cards. He placed several scarves into a clear plastic tube, and when he covered them with another tube, the scarves changed into a bouquet of flowers. He and Rebecca concluded the routine with a metamorphosis illusion.

Cassidy Smith led a discussion on important differences between stage magic and parlor or close-up magic. We discussed sound, music, venues, backdrops, lighting, angles, and assistants.

Secretary Lee Woodside passed out copies of our 2018 Grimoire to those who had contributed and offered the extra copies for sale. This is our 22nd Grimoire, all of which have been edited by Malaki (David Swanson).

J. David Teeman told us that he had visited a cigar store and asked if he could purchase a couple of empty cigar boxes. He was told to take as many as he wanted. He brought along two trash bags full to hand out to the rest of us. They make great containers for magic props and some could even be modified to become a piece of magical apparatus.

Derrick Beeson reviewed a couple of new magic DVDs. He gave a good review of “Real Ace Cutting,” by Benjamin Earl and “Worlds End,” by Takahiro. Cassidy Smith reviewed the DVDs “At the Table,” by Joe Monte and another by Jason Ladanye.

Lee Woodside started off the member performances by showing his routine with a Delben Die Box. He pointed out that the die is large enough to be seen even in a large venue.

Darryl Brooks performed a very commercial rope routine. His routine involved multiple effects and was enhanced by background music.

David Teeman performed Max Maven’s “Giant B’Wave.” When he asked an audience member to name a color for the King, she blurted out “Hearts,” thus saving him the trouble of using equivoque.

John Jolly borrowed a one dollar bill from each of two audience participants. He tore each bill in half, returning a half to each lender. He then proceeded to vanish the other two pieces. Two audience members to whom he had given sealed envelopes at the start of the trick opened their envelopes to find the other half of each bill.

Junior magician Blaine Taylor made his performance debut. After having a participant select a playing card, he returned the card to the deck and shuffled the cards. When he threw the deck down onto the table, the selected card magically flipped over.

We were all pleased that the former Junior President of our club, Rob Lake, showed up at our meeting. He was in Oklahoma for a benefit performance in his hometown of Norman. Rob is now touring the world with his illusion show. We coaxed him into joining our members for a group photo to be posted on our website.

Lee Woodside

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