Secretary Report – April 2021

Ring NO. 46, OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Seymour Davis Ring

Meets 7:00 pm, 1st Monday of the month at the New Beginning Fellowship Church, 15601 S. Pennsylvania in OKC

LEE WOODSIDE, Secretary. Email:

Our March meeting was once again a “hybrid” meeting. Six magicians showed up at our meeting place and another five joined us via Zoom. Our theme was “ebay magic” and everyone was challenged to perform something he had obtained on the auction site.

President Cassidy Smith started the meeting off with some magic. He showed a penny and placed a magnifying glass over it. When he removed the magnifying glass, the penny had actually grown to the size of a half dollar. When he temporarily covered the penny with his hand,

it grew to three inches in diameter. Cassidy then showed a set of the signed BOOKS OF WONDER that he had bought with the “Buy in Now” option.

Lee Woodside showed a frame with slots for five ESP cards on each side. He placed five ESP cards on one side of the frame, with the backs toward the audience. He then attempted to send the digits 1 through 5 to Jerry Bowzer and placed the other five cards in the slots Jerry named. When the frame was turned around, all five of the pairs of ESP cards were seen to match. Lee then showed a set of Mikame wooden, nesting chop cups that he had purchased on eBay.

Derrick Beeson showed us all five of Bruce Cervon’s CASTLE NOTEBOOKS that he said he purchased for the price of one volume. David Teeman showed a Z-fold wallet that allowed him to show the wallet empty and then produce a bouquet of mylar spring flowers. He said that the trick had been thrown in free with a purchase he had made on eBay.

Cassidy asked if anyone had tips for creating a balloon swan using a white balloon. Mark Christiano offered his wisdom and also made a beautiful balloon swan for us while we watched.

David Teeman showed a mesh bag that contained five Easter eggs of different colors. He had Cassidy withdraw the eggs one at a time and open them. The first four were empty. The last one in the bag contained the note, “You will select blue last.”

Cassidy led a discussion based on the question, “What do you reveal of yourself in your magic?” Several magicians offered their responses to this question.

Michael King produced a flower using a wand. He then added ingredients to a pan and ended up “cooking up” a bunch of spring flowers. He described a child’s party where he was commissioned to produce a really large birthday cake for the birthday girl. He said that the clients did not balk at his price, but then the home they lived in was 14,000 square feet.

David Teeman showed ten Sharpies of different colors. He and a participant took turns eliminating pens. It was shown that the remaining Sharpie was the only one where the color of the Sharpie matched the color of the cap.

Cassidy showed us a replica non-firing Colt revolver that he has been practicing with. He then demonstrated some of what he has learned with a lasso, including the “Texas Skip.”

Derrick Beeson showed us a finger ring that had been crafted from a Morgan silver dollar. He used the ring to wow us with some ring moves that he had practiced.

Lee Woodside

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