Secretary Report – March 2021

Ring NO. 46, OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Seymour Davis Ring

Meets 7:00 pm, 1st Monday of the month at the New Beginning Fellowship Church, 15601 S. Pennsylvania in OKC

LEE WOODSIDE, Secretary. Email:

Our March meeting was once again a “hybrid” meeting. Seven magicians met at our normal meeting place and another six signed on via Zoom. Our theme for the month was low-priced magic books. For example, Dover has published a number of classic books at very reasonable prices.

Michael King showed a book where the first page displayed a cell phone, a key and a pen. He asked Jerry Bowzer to choose any one of three items. Jerry chose the cell phone. When Michael flipped through the pages of the book, a hand came out and grabbed the cell phone. Later Michael shuffled a deck of cards and cut to each of the four aces. He then performed a “Twisting the Aces” routine.

David Teeman showed two one-dollar bills and then unfolded them to show that it was really only one bill. He said that he got the trick from KARL FULVES SELF-WORKING PAPER MAGIC, which he found marked down at Barnes and Noble. Later David showed a Tarot card that he found in his back yard after our recent storms. It was the “Hermit,” a terrapin with a lamp on its back.

Lee Woodside showed a spirit cabinet that he said he built from pieces of wood he got from an old haunted house. He poured a red ball out of a goblet and closed the curtain. When he reopened the curtain, the ball was in the goblet. He ran a cord through holes in opposite ends of the cabinet and then placed his college class ring into the cabinet and closed the curtains. When he pulled the cord out, the ring was not only threaded onto the cord, but was pinned in place with a safety pin. Finally, he had a card selected. He showed a slate empty on both sides and placed it into the cabinet along with a piece of chalk. Sure enough, the spirit wrote the name of the card on the slate. Lee said the routine is “Sefalaljia,” a Stewart James effect that he got from Annemann’s PRACTICAL MENTAL EFFECTS, published by Dover. Lee said that when he performed the effect years ago at a late-night session of an Oklahoma Cavalcade of Magic, Roger Klause was sitting in the back row and was explaining every move to the gentleman sitting next to him. Lee said that what was irritating at the time is now a fond memory.

Jim Green blew up a balloon inside a plastic liter bottle. The balloon stayed inflated even though it was not tied off. At Jim’s command, the balloon deflated. Jim graciously shared the method along with some performance tips.

Cassidy Smith produced a silk scarf from an invisible pocket on his shirt. He vanished the scarf and then made it reappear. Finally, he magically changed the color of the scarf from red to yellow.

Jonathon Taylor caused a silver coin to vanish and then very convincingly removed it from his eye. It was worthy of a side-show act.

Justin Teeman showed THE ART OF MAGIC, by S. H. Sharp that he recently acquired.

Cassidy Smith demonstrated his proficiency with dice stacking, a new skill that he has been working on lately. He then flipped a coin and asked someone to name “heads” or “tails.” As the coin landed on his arm, a tail dropped out of his hand into the participant’s hand.

Lee Woodside

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