Secretary Report – August 2014

NO. 46, OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Seymour Davis Ring
Meets 7:00 pm, 1st Monday of the month at City Arts Center, Oklahoma State Fairground.
LEE WOODSIDE, Secretary. Email:

President William Rader called the August meeting to order and asked Jim Green to demonstrate his new one-of-a-kind interactive remote-controlled puppet. Sure enough, the puppet rose up from his puppet stage and began an animated conversation with Jim. Jim said that he can control the puppet from an iPad or other device.
We had several first-time visitors to provide a better audience for our close-up competition. Zach Heath opened the show by performing an alchemy routine. He passed out his black finger ring for examination, then held it over the flame of a Zippo lighter, causing it to instantly and very visibly change to gold. He was also able to magically remove the flame from the lighter and put it back.
Cassidy Smith performed a coin production and “flurry” routine, then magically cut and restored a rope and removed the ends from the rope and put them back on. He followed that by cutting to the aces. He finished by taking out a purse frame, from which he produced a coin and a magic wand. Using the frame as a portal, he caused a coin to pass through the table.
Joe Coover vanished a finger ring and the caused it to magically appear on his finger. After a “Do as I do” card trick, he performed a very entertaining routine where “nothing” traveled from a spectator’s hand to her other hand. He then showed two packets of cards and caused cards to travel from one packet to the other.
Derrick Beeson caused four coins to travel one at a time, audibly, from his hand to his pocket. As each coin traveled, we could here it “clink” as it reached his pocket.
Lee Woodside invited visitors Carl and Candice to join him at the close-up table. He began by telling an old seafaring tale, using cups and balls to show what happened. He then borrowed a finger ring from Candice and caused it to appear on a string whose ends had been in full view. Lee then told how his wife, Myra had a strong feeling about what would happen that evening and recorded a message on tape. Lee had Candice deal cards face up into his hand until she decided to stop. When he played the tape-recorded message, Myra correctly identified the card she would stop on.
While we waited for the scores to be tallied, we enjoyed member performances. Michael King performed a traveling coins routine he credited as “Imagination Coins.” David Teeman brought out three large rubber dice and challenged audience members to place a die into a hat by using only one finger. This turned out to be an object lesson, where teamwork is required to accomplish the goal.
Jim Green caused a brass ring to link onto a chain after some very entertaining by-play with his volunteer. A six-year-old girl who was visiting performed a routine with two hair bands, causing them to switch places in the blink of an eye. Joe Coover then showed how hair bands could be linked and unlinked by a participant rubbing them together. He also caused a playing card to change to another card by merely rubbing his hand over the face.
David Teeman showed a twisting effect with four cards, which ended up being blank on both front and back. Cassidy Smith produced a half dollar from the cap of a pen.
When the votes were tallied, we were told that the scores were very close. Cassidy Smith won first place, Lee Woodside second, and Zach Heath third.
Lee Woodside

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