Pandemonium 2014

IBM Ring 46 Celebrates 20 Years of Pandemonium 

IBM Ring 46 in Oklahoma City, “The Seymour Davis Ring,” presented its annual Pandemonium of Magic public show on September 6, 2014.  This was the 20th Anniversary of our first Pandemonium back in 1994.

Our annual public show is a way to raise money so that we can pay for a meeting place and host lectures.  It also helps to promote our Ring and provides an opportunity for our newer members get experience performing on stage before a paying audience.

While audience members were waiting for the show to begin, Justin Teeman amazed them with his card magic.

Ring President William Rader was our MC and also performed his amazing act as a mentalist.  He challenged an audience member that he could divine in which hand she held an object three times in a row or he would give her $100.  He tossed a deck of cards into the audience and had several people peak a card.  He was able to divine each of their cards.

James Katsumoto was able to cause a soda bottle to move from one side of the stage to the other both visibly and invisibly.  He was also able to divine the symbols on cards selected by audience members.

David Teeman performed the colored block release, the magic coloring book, and a die box routine that used a Rubik’s Cube in place of a die. When he removed the cube from the hat, it was solved.

Joe Coover invited a married couple to each choose a card from separate halves of deck that had been split in two.  Amazingly, the selections matched.  He then performed the “Invisible Deck” routine.

Michael King provided a change-up from the magic by showing off his juggling prowess.  He proved that running away and joining the circus for a year can provide one with new skills.  Michael was able to keep five balls in the air at one time!

Cassidy Smith performed a coin flurry and a rope routine as a prelude to his specialty, the venerable cups and balls.  He ended with final loads of an orange, a lemon, and a lime.

Lee and Myra Woodside performed a two-person mental routine that left the audience more amused than amazed.  They finished the show with the “Gypsy Mystery” that they learned from Glenn Falkenstein and Frances Willard.  Lee tied Myra securely with two pieces of rope.  She stepped behind Cassidy Smith and Lee raised a curtain for a few seconds.  When the curtain was dropped, Myra was still tied securely, but was now wearing Cassidy’s coat.

The members of IBM Ring 46 are looking forward to many more years of Pandemonium.  We have a lot of fun working together to produce a quality magic show.

Lee Woodside

Below is a DropBox link to selected photos from Pandemonium, taken by Michael King:

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