Secretary Report – September 2014

46, OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Seymour Davis Ring

Meets 7:00 pm, 1st Monday of the month at City Arts Center, Oklahoma State Fairground.

LEE WOODSIDE, Secretary.  Email:

President William Rader was our featured performer for the September meeting.  William began by sending his thoughts to the audience.  Many in the audience were able to receive his thoughts correctly.  William asked Derrick Beeson to think of card and then placed one card into his coat pocket.  He then had Zach Heath select a card and return it to the deck.  After producing Zach’s card, he had Derrick name the card he was thinking of.  When he removed the card from his pocket, it turned out to be the thought-of card.

William invited Lee Woodside to write an item he treasures on a piece of paper and roll it into a ball.  William handed Lee his wedding band and had him hold it in one hand, with the ball of paper in the other.  He then invited Lee to mix the items up behind his back.  Sure enough, William was always able to divine where the rolled up paper ball was.  He then revealed what the treasured item was, a rifle that Lee had received from his father.

William had Tracy Mowdy place his cellphone, ring, and wallet on a table.  When William turned his back, Tracy mixed the items up.  William had him pick up the items one at a time and put each in a certain place.  It ended up with Tracy holding the wallet to his ear, the phone “on” his finger, and his ring in his pocket.  Sure enough, this arrangement matched the drawing William had made before the routine began.

Our theme for the meeting was mentalism.  Jim Short performed his version of Paul Curry’s “Probability Zero” effect, from his book WORLDS BEYOND, where a participant is able to match what is written on blank business cards.  Jim discussed the importance of personalizing the effect to the audience that one is performing for to make it more interesting and entertaining.

Lee Woodside told about his great-uncle Red, who was a gambler.  He showed the three things his uncle always carried in his pocket:  a key chain with a deck of cards on it, a key chain with a roulette wheel, and a pair of dice.  He wrote predictions before the participant cut the cards, spun the wheel, and threw the dice.  Sure enough, each of the predictions proved correct.  (And no, there was no force of the card!)  Lee then taught the principles behind the magic.

David Teeman performed a routine with straws he had picked up from a restaurant. The straws had writing on one end that made them ideal for the paddle move.

Michael King gave a brief report on the recent TAOM convention.  He shared a few of the many pictures he had taken at the event.

Lee Woodside

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