Secretary Report – August 2020

Ring NO. 46, OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Seymour Davis Ring

Meets 7:00 pm, 1st Monday of the month at the New Beginning Fellowship Church, 15601 S. Pennsylvania in OKC

LEE WOODSIDE, Secretary. Email:

Vice President Justin Teeman hosted our August meeting on Zoom. We had 26 magicians sign on, including several from Colorado and David Parr from Milwaukie.

Our featured performer for the evening was Jonathon Taylor. Jonathon performed several routines with copper and silver coins and finished with a “coin flurry” using a silver half-dollar. He then showed us a purse, which holds four half-dollars and has a secret pocket to hold out another coin.

Our theme for the evening was “back to school,” and magicians showed some pretty innovative ways of weaving that theme into their routines. Magicians were also invited to show off or tell about their favorite props.

Nate from Ft. Collins, CO showed a key that a “latch key” kid might hang from a cord around his neck. He proceeded to show us a key on cord routine that was inspired by a Dan Fleshman ring on cord effect.

David Teeman showed the faces of several cards and asked a participant to pick one card. When he turned the cards around, the selected card had a different color back from the others in the packet.

Cassidy Smith showed us a standard item from the classroom, the venerable #2 pencil, with which he performed a routine utilizing paddle moves. He then showed us some interesting props: sponge squirrels, a snake wand, and a deck of playing cards with five suits, the fifth suit being stars.

Michael King showed how he used to fool the school bullies by carrying only one-dollar bills as his lunch money. He visually changed the bills to twenties and the back again to ones. Michael then began shuffling a deck of cards and asked Wendy Wylde to name one playing card while he shuffled. Michael showed that the deck was in new deck order with one card conspicuously missing, the seven of clubs that Wendy had named. Michael removed the seven of clubs from his pocket.

David Parr showed us a booklet titled “101 Magic Tricks,” by Adams. He explained that a friend had given it to him and that the booklet contained a number of interesting stunts. He also showed a straight razor gaffed to contain stage blood and produce a very convincing “cut.” He said that he had obtained it from Tony Andruzzi, a pioneer of bizarre magic.

David Teeman showed off three wooden blocks and a cord which he uses for a gospel routine. He said that he had made them years ago and still uses them.

Justin Teeman showed off a deck of Golden Nugget playing cards. Lee Woodside showed off his Rings and Things Foxy Cups which he uses to perform the “Rub-A-Dub Dub” routine. He said that he has been performing that routine for over 25 years. Lee said that he had seen David Copperfield perform the Collectors’ Workshop “Sidekick” effect thirty odd years ago and had wanted one. He said that he actually made up and performed the effect using threads before he actually bought a “Sidekick” twelve years ago. He said that it is difficult finding venues to perform it in because it is sound activated and requires the sound of a gun to trigger the effects. Lee finished by performing the intro to his medicine show act.

William Rader, former president of Ring 46 and now living in Denver, showed off his HERMANN THE MAGICAN book, a first edition from 1897. He also showed us his “400 Tricks You Can Do,” which was very special because it was inscribed to Harry Blackstone, Jr. from his father Harry Sr.

Jerry Bowzer showed us his “Project Manger’s Toolkit” from his days as an IBM executive. He had a magic eight ball for decision making, rose-colored glasses, and a Gumby, which bends over backwards.

Michael King showed us the “obedient ball” that he made himself using a 3-D printer. He also showed us the “Sixth Sense,” which can be used in a “which hand” type effect or a Kurotsoke-type effect to detect the location of a white ball among several white ones. Finally, he showed one of the original Losander floating tables which he purchased at Losander’s lecture in OKC.

Steve Goldstein, who is active in the Surplus Magic Exchange on Facebook, showed off a locking “two copper, one silver” coin set made with a silver Barber coin. He said that it alone was worth the price he paid for a lot of coin magic gimmicks.

Cassidy Smith showed us sponge rainbows that he uses for a routine where coins change colors to match the colors of the rainbow. Michael King showed us the dummy arms he uses in his juggling show. He said that he bought them from Mike Cavaney.

We are proving that we can have an enjoyable and magical meeting without having to gather in person. However, we’re all looking forward to the day when we can once again share our magic face-to-face.

Lee Woodside

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