Secretary Report – September 2020

Ring NO. 46, OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Seymour Davis Ring

Meets 7:00 pm, 1st Monday of the month at the New Beginning Fellowship Church, 15601 S. Pennsylvania in OKC

LEE WOODSIDE, Secretary. Email:

We had the return of our Informal Magic Round Table sessions August 17th at the Collective Food-hall in Downtown OKC with 6 magicians in attendance: Cassidy Smith, Michael King, Justin Teeman, Brian and Michelle Tabor, and Shaun Clark. Very nice well-managed outdoor space with good food, good friends, and of course magic. Each of us enjoyed the fellowship and shaking the dust off of our sleight of hand muscles. The Round Table is something that will be resurrected. It will be monthly at first and held typically the Monday after the Monthly Meeting. Looking to have the next one on the original stomping grounds of the OKC Round Table, Buffalo Wild Wings in Moore.

Our September meeting was again held via Zoom, with Vice President Justin Teeman once again hosting. Twenty-four magician “attended” the meeting, some from as far away as Colorado, Wisconsin, and Virginia. We were very pleased that David Parr and Bruce and Kitty Spangler joined us.

President Cassidy Smith was our featured performer and was on the boat that he captains on the Bricktown canal in downtown OKC. He performed a 3-fly effect with three different colored poker chips. Our theme for the month was “picnic magic” and this effect would be a good one for that venue.

Michael King performed a “free will” type effect with items that are appropriate for a gathering in these virus-altered times: a mask, gloves, and wipes. He asked his participant to tell him what to do with each of the items and then showed that he had accurately predicted her choices.

Lee Woodside showed a YouTube video of his “Rub a Dub Dub” cups and balls routine that he had recorded earlier for the meeting. (Search for “Rub a Dub Dub Lee Woodside to find it.) He said that he has been performing the routine for over 25 years. He then reminisced about past-president Tom Todd’s performance where he pulled everything needed for a picnic out of a square circle. The most amazing thing was that the items produced appeared to be enough to fill at least ten of the boxes from which they were taken. David Teeman told us that he had bought the props from Tom and now has them in his garage.

David Teeman then showed us a mesh bag containing an egg. He removed the egg and tossed it toward Wendy Wylde in Colorado. Wendy “caught” it and then tossed it back. Sure enough, the egg was then visible in the bag. David said that he likes to do this trick to warm up an audience before a show.

Michael King showed us a knife, fork and spoon kit about the size of a credit card that he can put in his shirt pocket when he performs a show. He said that more than once he has been offered food at an event without being offered any utensils with which to consume it.

David Parr described an effect he does where the “fizz” is transferred from one bottle of carbonated water to another. He said that soda water is preferable to soft drinks because it’s an easy cleanup in case of a spill. Tim Pendergast said that he performs the effect with beers in Denver and then gives the beer to a homeless person in the audience.

Derrick Beeson showed off three close-up pads that he said he got via a kickstarter campaign. He then placed a half-dollar in his hand and had his young daughter wave a magic wand. Sure enough, the coin vanished, proving that magic can indeed run in the family.

Bruce Spangler said that one of the best props to have at an outdoor venue is an umbrella. He said that the mutilated parasol is a good effect. He then told the story of when he had a boy eagerly volunteer to be the “victim” of his arm chopper routine. When he got the boy on stage, he realized that he had only a stump instead of a hand on one arm. The boy’s mother later told him that the boy was so excited to be asked to participate because no one had ever picked him before because of his handicap.

David Teeman showed us what he claimed was his first wife’s skull. He then clarified that she was his only wife and that he was still married to her. She had purchased the skull (a real one) to use in her dental training. This prompted other magicians to bring out their own skulls for show and tell.

Bruce Spangler showed off the “talking” skull that he had mounted on a board. He had rigged it so that he could easily remove the gaff and hand the skull out for examination. Michael Genovese showed a skull with playing card pips on it that he purchased at a truck stop. David Parr showed the skull that he painted to look very realistic. He told the story of how he got nervous standing in the security line at the airport because he remembered that he had put the skull in his carry-on bag. However, he was not questioned about it.

Kitty Spangler showed us her wolf skeleton that howls at the moon. Michael Genovese then showed us his skull teapot. Kitty Wylde said that she got a skull in the mail with a note that said that anyone who does bizarre magick needed a skull.

Michael King ended our meeting by showing off his “A-Salt Rifle” that he uses at picnics. It fires a small burst of salt using air pressure and will stun or kill a fly.

Lee Woodside

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