Secretary Report – December 2014

No 46, OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Seymour Davis Ring

Meets 7:00 pm, 1st Monday of the month at City Arts Center, Oklahoma State Fairground.

LEE WOODSIDE, Secretary.  Email:

For our annual December Holiday Party meeting, we feasted on roast turkey, potato casserole, green beans, cheese log, cherry cobbler, and cookies brought by our members.  Following dinner, it was time for our parlor magic contest.

Joe Coover predicted the playing card that Dale Robbins would select.  He placed the ten of clubs face down to the side.  He then showed the back of a fan of cards to Dale, “accidentally” flashing the faces to the audience.  All the cards in the fan were the ten of clubs.  When Dale turned over his selection, it proved, however, to be the four of hearts.  Joe then showed his prediction card to have changed to the four of hearts.  A very “McCombical” prediction.

Joe then borrowed a quarter, had it signed, and vanished it.  He produced it from nested Altoid containers of various sizes.  He ended with a chop cub routine.  After producing a lime and a lemon, he showed that the cup he used was actually completely solid.

Shawn Clark got Jay Relkin to volunteer to help him.  After shuffling the deck, Jay selected a card and signed it.  However, all the cards were double-blanks.  Shawn performed an ambitious card routine with the signed card.  Shawn then signed a different card, but the two cards merged so the signatures were on opposite sides of the same card.  Then, magically, the deck changed into normally printed playing cards.

Jay Relkin was able to magically refill and “heal” an empty, crushed Coke can.  He then borrowed a dollar bill from Joe Coover and tore it into two halves.  He had Joe sign one half and the other was destroyed.  He then offered Joe an orange in exchange for his lost money.  When the orange was cut open, the missing half was found and the serial numbers matched

David Teeman performed a Gospel magic routine with three large wooden blocks. All three blocks were threaded onto a cord, with the block representing sin in the middle, separating man from God.  A red silk scarf representing Jesus was placed over the “sin” block, causing that block to fall to the floor, thus reuniting man and God.

While the scores were being tallied, Joe Coover performed a balls and net routine.  The contest winners were then announced.  First place went to Jay Relkin, second place to David Teeman, and third place to Joe Coover.

Lee Woodside

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