Secretary Report – February 2017

Ring NO. 46, OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Seymour Davis Ring

Meets 7:00 pm, 1st Monday of the month at the Contemporary Arts Building, Oklahoma State Fairground.

LEE WOODSIDE, Secretary.  Email:           

            President Cassidy Smith continued his workshop on coin moves from last month prior to the February meeting. He showed a very convincing method of vanishing a coin.

            While waiting on our featured performer to arrive, Darryl Books amazed us with a routine where he placed a silver coin and a copper coin into a wine glass. As he swirled the two coins in the glass, the copper coin fell through the bottom, leaving only the silver coin behind.

            Jay Relkin plunged his finger through a silver half-dollar coin, turning it into a finger ring. He credited the routine as “Banded,” by Garrett Thomas.

            Cassidy had a card selected by a participant and returned to the deck. A second participant then selected a card, which proved to be the exact same card, the two of hearts. Cassidy said that when he performs this for couples, his punch line is, “Two hearts beating as one.”

            Our featured performer was Joe Coover. Joe performed a cap in bottle effect, using a small glass Coke bottle. He then got lots of laughs with a lie detector routine using a remote-controlled monkey who crashed his cymbals together every time he heard a “lie.” Joe ended by having a puzzle piece freely selected by a participant. Each piece was a state in the USA. When the puzzle was unveiled, the one piece missing from the puzzle proved to be the selected one.

            Justin Teeman showed us his “Love Me” deck of cards, which he said is perfect for Valentine magic. He then amazed us by producing the four Aces.

            Gary Trosper showed off the Zombie deck he purchase. He said he is working up an ambitious card routine with it, the idea being that no matter how deep you bury one, a zombie always comes to the top.

            Lee Woodside said that he would perform a trick that swept the magic world in 1954. Using patter he obtained from IBIDEM, he told of two paper clips falling in love. Using a dollar bill, they got married and became linked together.

            Cassidy suggested a napkin rose as an idea for Valentine’s Day and showed off some “roses” that he had made. He then demonstrated a restored chewing gum effect.

            David Teeman showed us his “slapstick,” a noise-making paddle that used to be popular in vaudeville. The then showed a croquet ball through which he had drilled a hole. When he threaded it onto a cord, he was able to stop the ball at any point on the cord. However, an audience member was unable to control the ball.

            Derrick Beeson showed a pocket version of the well-known effect “B’Wave.” Mike Stelzer showed us a mind reading trick put out by Tenyo.

            Dale Shawn a showed deck of Bicycle playing cards. However, when he snapped his fingers, he was able to fan the deck and show it to be completely blank. Michael King performed a gambling expose using bottom dealing as the theme.   

            The names of all who performed were put into a hat. The winner of the drawing was Justin Teeman and the prize was a magic DVD.

            Lee Woodside

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