Secretary Report – March 2017

Ring NO. 46, OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Seymour Davis Ring

Meets 7:00 pm, 1st Monday of the month at the Contemporary Arts Building, Oklahoma State Fairground.

LEE WOODSIDE, Secretary.  Email:           

            Prior to the March meeting, President Cassidy Smith continued his workshop on coin magic. He showed a very nice one-coin routine, which included a coin roll.

            Lee Woodside was the featured performer for the month. He invited several fellow magicians to participate in an experiment in mental communications. Each thought of a playing card and mentally sent the image to Lee, who was able to name each of the thought-of cards. Lee then invited Darryl Books to play the part of the devil as Lee reenacted the strange dream he had the night before. Darryl thought of the name of a sinner and Lee was able to read his mind. Lee then presented a mini-lecture on mnemonics, which was the basis for the two effects he had performed.

            After the mini lecture, Lee distributed copies of the Ring’s 2017 Grimoire free to those who had contributed material. He then offered copies on CD for sale to the other members.

            Derrick Beeson performed a lie detector test with Michael King. As he asked each question about Michael’s chosen card, the lie detector told whether he was telling the truth or lying.

            Cassidy Smith showed a routine using the “Invisibill,” which is a transparent one-dollar bill. Jim Short told about routines that are available for download from Penguin Magic.

            After an announcement of the recent deaths of Bob Cassidy and Darryl, several members shared their memories of these two magical greats. Many of us remembered Darryl from his two lectures in Oklahoma City.

            Justin Teeman entertained us with an ambitious card routine. Cassidy Smith showed a sponge ball routine that segued into a discussion on scripting magic routines.

            David Teeman showed two separate one-dollar bills and then turned them into a single bill. He then showed us how to perform this easy bit of magic.

            Darryl Books showed a fifty-cent piece and a Mexican centavo. He removed the fifty-cent piece from his hand and when he opened his hand, the centavo had vanished.

            Derrick Beeson brought out an Okito box and four silver dollars. He caused the coins to pass one at a time through the solid box.

            John Jolly showed a dollar bill with a door in it. He had a participant hold onto the door. When he folded the bill up and then unfolded it, the person had stepped through the door and was now on the other side.

            Jim Green folded up a two-dollar bill. When he unfolded it, it had changed into two ones. He then passed a pen through one of the bills without harming it.

            Ezekial Jump borrowed a quarter and performed a routine which included an impressive muscle pass. Dr. Alain Le turned a piece of paper into a real one-dollar bill.

            Dale Shawn placed two one-dollar bills on the table back to back. When he rolled them up and then unrolled them, the bills were face to face.

            Jay Relkin showed a Canadian nickel. As he held the nickel in his palm, a baby hand reached out from under his other hand and stole the nickel. Jay said that he has gotten great reactions from lay people with the baby hand.

            Mike Stelzer place three quarters into a device and closed the lid. He then penetrated each quarter with a toothpick. Michael Stephanic caused a twenty-dollar gold piece to vanish.

            Lee Woodside

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