Secretary Report – February 2022

Ring NO. 46, OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Seymour Davis Ring

Meets 7:00 pm, 1st Monday of the month at the New Beginning Fellowship Church, 15601 S. Pennsylvania in OKC

LEE WOODSIDE, Secretary. Email:

Our featured performer for January was Darryl Brooks. Darryl began by producing playing cards out of thin air with his bare hands. He next tied knots in a silk scarf and pulled the knots from the scarf. When he displayed the scarf, there was a happy face on it with two holes for the eyes where the knots had been removed. After showing a fan of jumbo cards, he had Marty Ludlum select one. He then successfully spelled to the card even though Marty had “lied” about the card he selected. Darryl demonstrated how magicians from China, Australia, and the USA would each magically put a ring on a rope. He showed an old-fashioned school slate with six cards attached with rubber bands and numbered one through six. He asked that a number be chosen, which was four. He showed that the card in position four was the ten of diamonds and then turned the slate around to show that “Ten of Diamonds” was written boldly on the other side of the slate. Darryl asked Paul Nightingale if he had any idea what was written on the other side of a large piece of cardboard he was holding. When Paul answered, “No,” Darryl turned the card around and showed that the word “Know” was written on it. Darryl concluded his performance by showing a polka-dotted can and removing two silk scarves from it, one white and the other black. He replaced the scarves in the can and with a magical pass, the spots disappeared from the can and when the scarves were removed, the white scarf had black polka dots and the black scarf had white polka dots.

Jim Short gave a mini-lecture on the blackjack-themed trick he had performed at the January meeting. He recommended the effect as an opener because the cards in the deck are stacked.

David and Justin Teeman gave a review of the SAM convention they had recently attended in Las Vegas. They said that even though all the headliners were either under the weather or had tested positive for COVID, the Vegas location made it easy to find suitable replacements. David showed a bag of tricks he had taken with him to perform during sessioning. David then asked Jay Relkin to bring him a sugar packet. David magically transformed the contents of the packet into a small “sugar bunny.”

Michael King gave a review of the book OUT OF STOCK that he recently acquired. This is a book about how to add original patter to magic effects rather than using the same tired lines or stealing lines from the pros.

Cassidy Smith gave a mini-lecture on the venerable “two in the hand, one in the pocket” effect. He used paper clips and climaxed the effect with all the clips linked together in a chain. He also showed us a version using nuts and bolts.

Our theme for the February meeting was “Romantic Magic.” Lee Woodside led off by performing David Regal’s “Power of Love” effect along with volunteers Jerry Bowzer and Derrick Beeson using specially printed cards. Lee then performed an ESP Compatibility test that showed the two volunteers to be compatible for friendship and business. This is a Mark Strivings effect called “Warm Fuzzies Up Close.”

David Teeman showed an effect using a bunch of different colored Sharpies. He had Rick Johnson select one Sharpie using a process of elimination. Sure enough, Rick chose the only Sharpie where the cap matched the color the ink.

Paul Nightingale used only four court cards to tell the story of two couples out on the town. As the story progressed, it became hard to believe that only four cards were in play.

Michael Stelzer showed off a number of items that he had purchased from Steve Bender’s Ickle Pickle Products. He had no-cut scissors, a “chain smoking” cigarette, a color-changing tie, and a needle through balloon effect using a giant safety pin and a baby theme.

Jay Relkin asked Marty Ludlum to pick a card. After losing the card in the deck, he magically found it and had Marty hold it securely between his palms. He then had Justin Teeman select a card and that card was also lost in the deck. However, it turned out that the card being held by Marty had changed into Justin’s card.

Cassidy Smith showed how to construct a napkin rose. He then showed how the paper rose could be lit by using a “D-Lite” gimmick. He also showed how to magically transform the paper rose into a real one, a perfect effect for Valentine’s Day.

The names of all the performers were dropped into a hat. Jay Relkin’s name was drawn and he went home with a new magic book.

Lee Woodside

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