Secretary Report – March 2022

Ring NO. 46, OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Seymour Davis Ring

Meets 7:00 pm, 1st Monday of the month at the New Beginning Fellowship Church, 15601 S. Pennsylvania in OKC

LEE WOODSIDE, Secretary. Email:

Derrick Beeson was our featured performer for March. He performed a beautiful routine with four silver coins, an open-ended leather tube, and a small cork disk. Coins appeared, vanished and traveled from one location to another.

Our theme for March was “Wanderful Magic” and David Teeman showed us several magical wands in his collection. He showed a routine where a wand is used to attempt to bend a spoon and the wand bends instead. He spoke of how the wand chooses the magician and showed the one that chose him: a large wand with a toilet plunger on one end. He demonstrated the Chinese sticks with two sticks that looked like magic wands. He also showed us a rising wand, a receding wand, an expanding wand, a break-away wand, an appearing wand, a fishing pole wand, and multiplying wands. He showed his “Bigger Wands” where bigger and bigger wands are employed until the trick finally works with the use of a humongous wand.

Cassidy Smith showed us a portion of his wand collection, including wands made of wood, metal, acrylic, and marble. He even had one wand that looked like a snake. He performed a metal-detecting routine where the wand located coins that he then produced from various locations. He demonstrated the Vernon wand-spin vanish, the through-the-fist vanish of a coin, and the strike vanish. He finished by showing a comedy card rise using a wand held under the arm with a bit of magician’s wax on the tip of the wand.

Lee Woodside showed a take-apart dancing cane and a small wand with a loop of cord which he hooked onto David Teeman’s buttonhole. Lee showed a few wands that he cherishes because of their connection to magicians he has known. He showed a bang wand that he received from his late friend Joseph “Shyster Joe” Diggle, a wand made by the late Harold Todd that was first prize in the 2002 Ring 46 close-up contest, and a presentation wand and case made by Howard Hale in his WoodMagic studio.

After a very brief business meeting in which Cassidy Smith announced an upcoming Zoom lecture by Alain Nu, it was back to more magic. Cassidy led a discussion on the top magicians of each decade over the past century.

Jim Short gave a glowing review of Bob Loomis’ SUCCESSFUL SECRET SEARCHING. He told us that it is available on Amazon at the amazing price of only $13.98. The book gives a wealth of information on where to search for material on almost any type of magical effect.

Brian Tabor showed a two-dollar bill and a playing card, both of which had small holes punched in them. He folded the playing card over the bill, lined up the holes, and inserted a toothpick through the card and bill. Amazingly, he was able to slide the bill back and forth almost an inch. He then removed the toothpick and showed that the bill and card were both intact.

Mike Stelzer invited Joe Comet to strap him into a regulation straight jacket. Mike struggled with the restraint in plain view of the audience and manged to free himself in three minutes and 13 seconds.

The names of all the performers were placed into a hat and a name was drawn. David Teeman won Dan Harlan’s “Pack Small, Play Big” DVD.

Lee Woodside

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