Secretary Report – June 2015

Ring 46, OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Seymour Davis Ring

Meets 7:00 pm, 1st Monday of the month at the Contemporary Arts Building, Oklahoma State Fairground.

LEE WOODSIDE, Secretary.  Email:

Prior to our June meeting, President Cassidy Smith conducted a workshop on Four Ace Productions.  He showed and taught a very visual production that he credited to Harry Lorayne.  Justin Teeman then demonstrated his favorite Four Ace production.

To start our meeting off with magic, Cassidy Smith performed a routine using a writing pen and a coin.  The routine involved productions, vanishes, and transformations and was very entertaining.

June was the month for our annual close-up contest.  We had four contestants this year:  Derrick Beeson, Shaun Carter, Michael Stephanic, and Jay Relkin.

Derrick began his routine with four small linking rings. He then performed a “3-fly” routine, which he called “Traveling Coins.”  He finished with a beautiful torn and restored (signed) card routine, with patter about a baseball card that he had as a kid, which a friend tore up.

Shaun Carter began with an ambitious card routine using a signed card to prove that no duplicates were involved.  He then tore the corner off a selected card and caused the torn corner to magically “melt” onto the back of the card.

Michael Stephanic handed out a small envelope to an audience member to hold onto.  He had Roger Ryan think of a card and said that he would name the card.  He named the card “Lucy.”  Sure enough, when he went through the deck and found the thought of card, it had “Lucy” written on the back and all the other cards had different names.  He then had Roger select a name.  He found the card with that name on it, which turned out to be the four of hearts.  When the previously handed out envelope was opened, it contained a playing card:  the four of hearts.

Jay Relkin had Jim Short write down a six-digit number (a totally free choice.)  He then read off numbers from a list he had written down before his performance.  When Jim added the numbers, the total turned out to be his freely chosen six-digit number.

When the scores were tallied, Derrick Beeson won first place, Michael Stephanic second place, and Shaun Carter third place.  Each winner was invited to select a prize from the “Chest of Enchantment.”

J. David Teeman led off the member performance section of the meeting. He had a participant name a time and select a card.  When the participant opened up his Facebook page on his iPhone, the thought of time and the card appeared.  Michael Stephanic performed another variation of a four ace production, which he credited to John Scarne.

John Shackelford demonstrated an invisible palm, where he “invisibly palmed” aces one at a time from one stack and placed them onto another.  He then borrowed a cell phone and pushed it into an inflated balloon as the balloon deflated.  The balloon had to be ripped off the cell phone to retrieve the phone.

Lee Woodside

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