Secretary Report – May 2015

Ring 46, OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Seymour Davis Ring

Meets 7:00 pm, 1st Monday of the month at the Contemporary Arts Building, Oklahoma State Fairground.

LEE WOODSIDE, Secretary.  Email:

Prior to our May meeting, Jim Short and Justin Teeman held a workshop dedicated to “your favorite method.”  They covered such methods as forcing a cord, bringing a cord to the top of the deck, and false shuffles and cuts.

Our featured performer for the month was Amazing Magical Michael Stephanic.  He asked an audience member to cut the deck and put each of the top two cards into one of his front pockets.  Michael correctly divined each of the cards.  He next had someone cut the deck and deal the cards into five stacks.  Michael picked a card from each stack without looking at the faces and asked the participant to make his best poker hand from all the remaining cards.  Sure enough, Michael’s royal straight flush won the hand against three aces.

Lee Woodside and Jim Short presented an effect that Lee came up with a few years back.  Jim was legitimately blindfolded and faced away from the audience.  Lee handed packets of cards to each of six participants and had each select one card and memorize it. The cards were then collected by a member of the audience and shuffled.  Lee shuffled them into the rest of the deck and then called off cards in the new random order.  After calling off several cards, he asked if anyone had heard the name of his card.  When someone raised his hand, Lee asked Jim to try to receive the name of the card.  Jim was successful 100% of the time, even though he could not see who raised his hand.  Lee calls the effect “Histed Revis’ted.”

Steve Crawford performed an “Out of this World” card trick.  He then demonstrated how to construct a card-forcing gimmick.

Lee Woodside explained how a lawyer called him and gave him a box from his late Aunt Clara, who had been dead for many years.  Inside there was a small tape recorder, a cassette tape, a deck of cards, and a letter.  The letter said that she had had a “psychic flash” about something that would happen on that very night.  She asked Lee to perform an experiment with the cards and then play the tape.  An audience member named Christian dealt cards face up onto Lee’s palm and stopped when he wanted to.  When the cassette tape was played, the voice of Lee’s late aunt predicted that very card!

Gary Trosper blindfolded himself and asked Cassidy Smith to cut the deck and hand him the cut-off packet.  He then “weighed” the cards and said that there were 33 cards.  When Cassidy counted them, there were exactly 33.  Gary said that he was using a Bicycle brand gambler’s marked deck.  Not only were the cards marked, they were stacked and tapered.

After a break, President Cassidy Smith called to order the business meeting.  The main business consisted of discussing possible lecturers and deciding what to do about our website.  Seems that a way-past president still had the domain name and did not respond to emails checking current contact information.  Michael King suggested that we change our URL from  If the problem with the “.org” site gets resolved, we can then direct the old URL to the new one.

Randy Carter proved that the old routines are still good if you have the right showmanship.  Even though the participant arrived at the 3 ½ of Clubs, Randy showed that his prediction was accurate. David Teeman brought out a real phone book.When a participant came up with a 3-digit number and added the digits together, he got “18”.  When he turned to the page number of the 3-digit number in the white pages and went to the 18th listing, the address matched the 3-digit number.  The participant then selected a card.  When he went to page 18 in the yellow pages, the name of the business matched the chosen card!  David said the routine is called “Disconnected.”

Rob Gulledge closed the evening by performing a straight jacket escape.  Most of the group then congregated at ta local sport bar to share more magic.

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