Secretary Report – June 2017

Ring NO. 46, OKLAHOMA CITY, OK The Seymour Davis Ring

Meets 7:00 pm, 1st Monday of the month at the Contemporary Arts Building, Oklahoma State Fairground.

LEE WOODSIDE, Secretary. Email:

The June meeting featured our annual Close-Up Contest. We had six contestants this year, who each presented some great magic for our entertainment.

Derrick Beeson had his first volunteer freely think of a number. His second volunteer thought of a playing card. The third concentrated on the name of a person. Derrick was able to divine all three thoughts. He had a playing card selected and caused the card to float off the deck in mid air without the help of any threads.

Daniel Butler showed his phenomenal memory capabilities by memorizing a partial deck of playing cards. He then performed a Triumph-like effect with the deck.

Darryl Brooks performed a very whimsical and entertaining routine using sponge balls, a bowl and a magic wand. The sponge balls had the amazing ability of squeaking when touched.

Jay Relkin used 50-cent pieces for a coins across routine. Next, he brought out a deck of playing cards and had an audience member freely name any card. He then showed that it was the only card in the deck that was reversed.

Mike Stelzer had a participant place three coins in three different places while his back was turned. When he turned around, he was able to divine the location of each coin. He then showed his ability to bend metal with his mind by causing a steel screwdriver blade to bend when he stroked it. He then used his mental abilities to cause ice to form in a bowl of water. He finished by mentally causing a nut to screw itself onto a bolt.

Terrry “T.Lo” Losawyer caused a pencil to penetrate a dollar bill right under an audience member’s nose. He showed that the bill was not damaged, even after the participant pulled the pencil all the way through the bill.

Cassidy Smith performed a very commercial 5-card repeat routine while the votes were tallied. First place went Derrick Beeson, second to Daniel Butler, and third to Jay Relkin. Each winner got to select from a stack of magic DVDs.

Derrick Beeson gave a review of the “Hover Card 2.0″ effect that he had performed in the contest. He showed us that it was very easy to perform this amazing effect.

Justin Teeman reviewed “The Expert’s Portfolio No. 2,” of which he had an advance copy. He said that this excellent book of card magic would become available for purchase this fall.

David Teeman showed us his croquet ball through which he had strung a cord. He was able to stop the ball at any point on the cord at his command. He then showed us his dominoe prediction effect that he calls “Domi-Know.”

Darryl Brooks performed a professor’s nightmare effect using black ropes with white tips that looked like magic wands.

Jay Relkin demonstrated a mental effect that he has been working on. He had a participant mentally picture a scene.  Jay proceeded to describe the scene that existed only in the participant’s mind.

Lee Woodside

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