Secretary Report – June 2019

Ring NO. 46, OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Seymour Davis Ring

Meets 7:00 pm, 1st Monday of the month at the Contemporary Arts Building, Oklahoma State Fairground.

LEE WOODSIDE, Secretary. Email:

The highlight of our June meeting was our annual close-up contest. We had eight contestants this year and lots of good magic.

Shaun Clark invited Derrick Beeson to select and sign a playing card, which was returned to the deck. Shaun removed his wallet from his pocket and the signed card was found inside the wallet. After the card was returned to the deck, it again appeared back in the wallet. Shaun then had Derrick shuffle the deck and spread the cards face up while he wrote a prediction. He then had Derrick name three numbers. The deck was squared and as Shaun counted to each of the three numbers, he set those cards aside. Sure enough, the cards matched his prediction.

David Teeman started by performing a very clean pen-through-quarter effect, showing the quarter impaled on the pen both front and back. (Look Mom, no trap doors!) He then showed a box with different colored blocks in it. The blocks were held in place by a rod that went through holes in the blocks. David removed the rod and dumped the blocks onto the table. He had a participant name two of the colors. After replacing the blocks and inserting the rod, he was able to open the lid of the box and dump out the two selected blocks. David ended with a card trick where the selected card had a different colored back from the rest of the deck.

Jay Relkin started by performing the “Chicago Opener,” which is a classic card trick. He then performed several effects with a finger ring, such as causing it to jump from finger to finger. He then invited Shaun Clark to select a card from a deck of playing cards. He went through a process where Shaun used a finger ring to progressively eliminate playing cards from the spread deck until only one was left. The remaining card turned out to be the King of Hearts that Shaun had selected. As a kicker ending, Jay showed us that his socks had kings of hearts on them.

Mike Stelzer performed a miniature version of Mental Epic. He successfully divined the color, suit and rank of a selected playing card. Showing that great minds can think alike, he also showed that his socks matched the chosen card.

Jordan Johnson performed a very nice “printing” effect using a playing card to print copies on “special” blank card stock.

Darryl Brooks began by performing a Sefalaljia-like ring on string routine; however, he performed it standing up rather than at a table. He used a piece of cloth formed into a tube around his arm to hide the dirty work. Next he performed a playing card penetration of a two-dollar bill. He finished by bending a previously examined fork with the power of his mind.

When the votes were tabulated, Jordan Johnson claimed first place and a $30 Penguin Magic gift certificate. Darryl Brooks took second place and received the book STAGE FRIGHT NO MORE, by Rand Woodbury. Jay Relkin took third place and received a magic instructional DVD.

After President Cassidy Smith led a very brief business meeting, we began our member performances. Our first performance was by a fellow IBM member visiting from Florida, who had brought along some local friends and relatives to enjoy the magic. He performed a less scary version of “The Web,” ending with a 1-cent postage stamp rather than a spider on the participants hand.

Michael King showed off a special deck of Bill Malone playing cards that he had recently received. The Kings in the deck were Bill’s mentors and the Jokers were he and his wife.

Derrick Beeson gave a glowing review of the recent “Pebble” underground magic convention that he recently attended in Texas, hosted by one of our own local magicians who was a good friend of the late Roger Klause.

Cassidy Smith performed a four-coin production, followed by a four-ace production. He then had a playing card selected and returned to the deck. Amazingly, the selected card shot out of the deck. As a kicker ending and as something of running gag, he showed that his socks also matched the selected playing card, the King of Hearts!

Lee Woodside

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