Ring Report – July 2019

Ring NO. 46, OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Seymour Davis Ring

Meets 7:00 pm, 1st Monday of the month at the New Beginning Fellowship Church in OKC

LEE WOODSIDE, Secretary. Email: WoodsideLee@hotmail.com.


Max Krause graciously offered his home/magic emporium as a venue for Ring 46 to host a lecture by Dan Fleshman. Dan’s lectures are always entertaining and informative and this one was no exception. Highlights, per Michael King, included a four-ring linking ring routine, a chop cup routine using a double-sided jigger with corks as balls and a lime for a final load, a Brainwave style deck using images created by children, and a color-changing deck effect made easier with the help of a gimmick.

We presented our annual “Pandemonium of Magic” fund-raising public show the day before Fathers’ Day at our new meeting venue, The New Beginning Fellowship Church, thanks to David and Justin Teeman. Our previous venue for meetings and shows, The Contemporary Arts building at the OKC Fairground, has permanently “gone dark.”

President Cassidy Smith emceed the show and kept things moving along. Lee Woodside performed his Magical Medicine Show act, which he learned from “Shyster Joe” Diggle. Darryl Brooks showed off his silk scarf magic and his linking rings of mystery.

Jay Relkin mentally divined a selected card and then used phrenology to deprive an audience member of his ability to read simple words. Mike Stelzer emulated Houdini by escaping from handcuffs and then a mail bag. David Teeman caused silk scarves hanging from a wooden pole to magically change places. He then attempted to vanish a silk scarf with the help of a little girl from the audience. As the trick continued to fail, he asked for bigger and bigger wands to assist with the magic, ending with a humongous wand and lots of laughs and applause.

Shaun Clark showed off his coffee house magic. He caused a Starbucks stir stick to penetrate a slip-on cup cover and caused two coffee rings on a napkin to magically link. Derrick Beeson said he would perform some pyrotechnics as he ignited a piece of flash paper. He asked an audience member to select from a list of celebrity names and then showed that his prediction envelope contained a photo of the selected celebrity – as a baby, that is. The photo was turned around to show a current photo of the ‘freely’ selected actor. He then performed a coin routine using a leather cylinder, four half dollars, and a small cork disk.

Michael King, also known as “The One-Man Circus” (his vanity car tag is “1MNCRCS”) demonstrated his skills at juggling, plate spinning, and unicycle riding. He then showed off his amazing mastery of the pasteboards and finished by causing a table to float about the stage while he and an audience member held opposite sides of a cloth draped over the table top.

Our July meeting, held at our new venue, was devoted to our annual magical swap meet and appraisal auction. Lee Woodside was once again the auctioneer and kept things moving along at a brisk pace. Lots of magical props, books and DVDs changed hands and the participants happily went home with money and/or new items of magic to enjoy.

Lee Woodside

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