Secretary Report – August 2019

Ring NO. 46, OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Seymour Davis Ring

Meets 7:00 pm, 1st Monday of the month at the New Beginning Fellowship Church, 15601 S Pennsylvania in OKC

LEE WOODSIDE, Secretary. Email:

President Cassidy Smith began the August magic meeting by showing off a couple of Moonlight Magic Wands that he had recently acquired. He said that they were well balanced and worked great for palm spins and the Vernon wand spin. He then performed a coin in silk scarf routine with an appearance, a penetration and a vanish.

Our featured performer was Daniel Buster. He had Cassidy select a card and then divined the card. He credited the routine as “Chaos and Order.”

Our theme for the month was “Silks and Eggs.” Cassidy led a discussion on the standard tricks that can be done with these props. Suggestions were: egg cup (or vase), egg bag, multiplying eggs, silk to egg, egg on fan, and grapefruit, orange, egg and bird. He mentioned the production of a miniature frying pan as a final load from an egg bag.

We were informed that longtime club member Al Frejo had recently passed away. In addition to his interest in magic, Al enjoyed hosting singles’ dance parties and acting as the DJ. He was a really nice guy and will be missed.

Mike Clark reported on his visit to the Magic Castle in Hollywood, California. He was there with a group of Invisible Lodge members, who are Masons that are magicians. He recommended staying at the Magic Castle Hotel, which is right next to the Magic Castle.

Ezekial Jump reviewed the new “Any Card” trick by Richard Sanders. He said that it is very strong and requires only about an hour’s work to make up the deck.

Lee Woodside shared a bit of history that he had recently learned from Dayna Davis Savage. In 1930, Will Rogers visited Oklahoma State University to help raise money for families who had been hard hit by the drought during the Great Depression. The student who spent the day showing him around the University and the town of Stillwater, Oklahoma was none other than Seymour Davis, the namesake of IBM Ring 46. Dayna is his daughter and a member of Ring 46.

David Teeman kicked off the member performances for the evening. He began with a mesh-front bag containing an egg. He removed the egg from the bag and tossed it to a nearby “child.” Of course, at this point the egg was invisible. When the child tossed it back, David caught it in the bag and it again became visible. He said that he uses this as a warm-up before his shows. He then showed a cloth bag, which he turned inside out several times. Each time it would change color. He ended this by producing three large silk streamers from the bag. For his final effect, he invited a little boy in the audience to assist him. He showed a change bag to be empty and placed a black silk scarf and a white silk scarf into the bag. After he spoke the magic words, he removed a silk with a black and white caterpillar. He placed this scarf into the bag along with a white silk scarf for wings and concluded by producing a beautiful multi-colored butterfly scarf.

Darryl Brooks stuffed a red silk handkerchief into his fist and as he pulled it out the bottom, it changed to white. He reversed the process to dye the scarf red again and showed his hands to be “clean.”

Brian Tabor produced a jumbo coin from a large handkerchief to the words of a poem he had written especially for the occasion. He then caused the coin to vanish.

Jay Relkin showed an egg bag that he had obtained from Scott Alexander. After clearly showing the bag empty, he produced an egg from the bag.

Michael King split a two-colored scarf into two single colored scarves. He then performed a silk fountain effect that he credited to Duane Laflin.

Young Blain Taylor asked Jay Relkin to select a card and return it to the deck. Blain was able to magically locate the card. Derrick Beeson produced four silver dollars. He performed a very nice coins across routine with them.

The names of all the performers were placed into a borrowed baseball cap and a winner was drawn. Derrick Beeson received ten dollars with the stipulation that he must spend it on magic. He said that would not be a problem.

Lee Woodside

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