Secretary Report – June 2023

Ring NO. 46, OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Seymour Davis Ring

Meets 7:00 pm, 1st Monday of the month at the New Beginning Fellowship Church, 15601 S. Pennsylvania in OKC

LEE WOODSIDE, Secretary. Email:

June is the month for our annual Close-Up Contest. President Cassidy Smith placed numbers in a hat and invited each contestant to draw the number for his order in the performances.

David Teeman invited Brian Tabor to join him. David showed a box with different colored blocks, which were held in place by a rod that ran from one end of the box to other and through holes in the blocks. David removed the rod, dumped out the blocks, and invited Brian to choose two blocks. Brian chose yellow and blue. David returned the blocks to the box and re-inserted the rod. After a magical incantation, he dumped out the blocks, but the yellow and blue block remained in the box, impaled by the rod.

David opened a small envelope and removed five cards. Each card had a picture on it. There were a caduceus, a horseshoe, a knife, and elephant and a pepper. He asked Brian to choose one card. When Brian chose the elephant, David turned over the card and on the back was the message, “You will choose this Charm.” No applause. However, David then turned over the remaining four cards and placed them in a square to show the picture of an elephant. Now there was applause.

Jay Relkin asked Jerry Bowzer and Michelle Tabor to join him. He showed a small cube with a different color spot on each side. He then asked Jerry to select any color, place the cube in a small box with that color on top and place the lid on the box. Jay and Michelle looked away while Jerry did this. Jay then had Michelle look at Jerry, read his mind, and name the color. Michelle said, “Green” and Jerry confirmed that green was his choice. Jay concluded his performance with a very professional “coins across” routine, with the last coin traveling from Jerry’s hand to Jay’s.

Brian Tabor brought out a deck of playing cards and placed one card into his pocket. He invited Jerry Bowzer to choose one card from the deck. Brian placed a round sticker on the back of the card and then lost it in the deck. Brian removed the card from his pocket. As he shook the card, a sticker suddenly appeared on its back. He turned the card around to reveal that it was the selected Jack of Hearts.

Brian took out a two-dollar bill, showed it front and back, and then folded it in half lengthwise. He showed that there were two small holes in the bill that lined up. He then folded a playing card in half and placed the folded bill inside. He placed a toothpick through the card and the bill. With a magical pass, he was able to move the bill back and forth. He removed the toothpick and unfolded the bill to show that it was intact except for the two small holes.

Bob Caldwell showed a deck of Zener ESP cards and told the history of their development for psychic testing by Dr. J.B. Rhine at Duke University. Abigail volunteered to help him. As he dealt cards to the table, he asked her to tell him whether to switch cards or not. He then showed his prediction of the number 3, 7, 13, and 19. When he counted down to those locations in the deck, each card proved to be a Star.

Kevin Brasier invited three people to each write a 3-digit number on the page in a small notebook. He handed Abigail a book and asked her to announce the number of pages, which was just over 500. The three numbers were added to produce a total of 932. Since this was larger than the number of pages, Kevin divided it in half, yielding 466. He summed these digits to get 16. Abigail found the sixteenth word on page 466 to be “company,” which matched the prediction Kevin had placed in an envelope earlier.

While the scores from the judges (everyone who did not perform) were tallied by our Treasurer Michael King, David Teeman gave a glowing review of the “non-convention” called “Pebblepalooza.” He and his son, Justin Teeman had attended it in Dallas over the Memorial Day weekend.

Cassidy Smith announced the winners of the close-up contest as follows: First Place – Jay Relkin; 2nd Place – Brian Tabor; and Third Place – Bob Caldwell. Jay received a $50 magic gift certificate and a brand new balloon-to-bunny box. Brian Tabor received a $25 certificate and Bob Caldwell received a $15 certificate. Each will also receive a trophy at a later meeting.

Shaun Clark led off the member performances. He dealt cards until Jay Relkin called “stop.” Shaun tore the corner off the card and placed the card and torn corner onto Jay’s palm and asked Jay to cover it with his other hand. When Jay lifted his hand, the torn corner had melted onto the back of the card.

Lee Woodside showed a small box with six dice in it. Each die had a different number showing on its face. Lee placed the lid on the box and handed Michelle Tabor another die and a small dice cup. Lee asked Michelle to shake the cup and place it mouth-down on top of the box containing the dice. Lee lifted the dice cup to reveal that Michelle had rolled a six. When he lifted the top from the box, he showed that each of the six dice now showed the number six on top.

Lee Woodside

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