Secretary Report – July 2023

Ring NO. 46, OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Seymour Davis Ring

Meets 7:00 pm, 1st Monday of the month at the New Beginning Fellowship Church, 15601 S. Pennsylvania in OKC

LEE WOODSIDE, Secretary. Email:

Our annual “Pandemonium of Magic” public show was very successful this year. We have performed our show on the day before Father’s Day for many years. We had a great audience, an impressive lineup of magicians, and actually made some money for the Ring.

David Teeman welcomed everyone to the venue. He used a pair of large dice ala “victory cubes” to produce his assistant, Brynna. He then turned the show over to President Cassidy Smith, who emceed.

Lee Woodside, AKA Captain Lee, hypnotized the entire audience and left a post-hypnotic suggestion with them to always applaud loudly (Professor’s Nightmare). Lee performed his “magic card” (What’s Next) and finished with a true classic of magic, the venerable die box.

Rick Johnson performed danger magic. He placed an object into his mouth and had four strings dangling from his mouth. He invited an audience member to select one string and yank on it. Nothing was tied to the string. After two more strings were yanked and proved to not be tied to anything, he removed a treble fish hook from his mouth, which was tied to the fourth string.

Rick displayed a folded up paper bag. He opened it up, reached into the bag and brought forth a bottle of beer.

Rick showed five wooden disks, one of which had a large spike sticking up from it. He covered each disk with a paper bag. The bags were thoroughly mixed by both Rick and an audience member so no one knew which was which. As an audience member made a selection, Rick would quickly smash that bag with the palm of his hand. When only one bag remained, he lifted the bag to show that the deadly spike was beneath it. He smashed an apple onto the spike to show that it was indeed dangerous.

David Teeman, with the help of his beautiful young assistance Brynna, performed an acrobatic knot routine. He vanished a silk scarf and it instantly reappeared in a small glass coffin being held by Brynna.

Grant Vinson showed three Chinese coins, which he threaded onto a cord. One at a time, the coins melted through the cord.

Daniel Buster performed as the Western Gambler/Western Roper. After cutting to the four Aces in a deck of playing cards, he demonstrated his skills with a lasso, ala Will Rogers.

Darryl Brooks performed his act to music. He showed a silk to rope manipulation, the Metamorphis Spots, and a ring and rope routine.

Brian Tabor hypnotized the entire audience with a spinning disk. When they all looked at his head, it seemed to grow in size. He then performed a comedy silk to egg routine.

Shaun Clark invited the audience to enter his coffee shop. He performed a broken and restored coffee stirrer routine and then caused two coffee rings on a napkin to link together.

Cassidy Smith performed Jim Steinmeyer’s “Hospitality” routine. He poured different drinks out of one milk carton. As he tore up the now empty milk carton, Michelle Tabor passed out the different drinks to audience members to prove that they were genuine drinks and not just colored water.

Kevin Brasier closed the show with his stage illusions with his assistant, Hannah. He placed her in a box and pulled the middle out to the side (Zig Zag Lady.) He ended by shackling Hanna, tying her in a bag, and locking her in a trunk. He got on top of the trunk with a curtain and raised the curtain over his head. When the curtain was lowered, Hannah was holding it. The trunk was unlocked and opened, the bag was opened, and there was Kevin in shackles.

Strong storms raged through south Oklahoma City a couple of nights before our July meeting. Although our venue was undamaged, downed power lines blocked the roads leading to it. An “alternate plan bravo” was quickly arrived at and twelve magicians convened at the Buffalo Wild Wings in Moore, OK.

Among those in attendance was James Schoonover, who drove all the way from Ardmore and brought along his niece, Berkeley. Berkeley penetrated a dollar bill with a ballpoint pen and then showed that the bill was undamaged. Michael King suggested to her and her uncle the names of some accomplished female magicians that they might want to check out on YouTube. James Schoonover performed an ace assembly and a couple of other tricks

Michael King caused a quantity of salt to vanish and then reappear. Michael then grabbed a straw and removed the wrapper, stating that the straw was now his magic wand. As he passed his “wand” over grains of salt, they began jumping onto the straw. He balanced the straw on top of a pepper shaker and caused the straw to move by using hand motions.

David Teeman performed the trick where a number of colored blocks are held in a box, and at his command, the named blocks fall from the box.

Lee Woodside

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