Secretary Report – June 2024

Ring NO. 46, OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Seymour Davis Ring

Meets 7:00 pm, 1st Monday of the month at the New Beginning Fellowship Church, 15601 S. Pennsylvania in OKC

LEE WOODSIDE, Secretary. Email:

Our annual close-up contest was held at our June meeting. We had five contestants vying and cash prizes and bragging rights.

Lee Woodside invited sisters Molly and Kallie to assist him in a psychometry experiment. He handed Kallie a Master padlock and began handing her keys, one at a time, to try in the lock. After trying each key, she would place it in a small drawstring bag. The eighth key finally opened the lock and Lee asked that she hold this key tightly in her hand for a while before placing it a bag. The lock was again locked. Lee asked that Molly place four bags in each hand and try to determine which hand held the correct key. The other four bags were eliminated and two bags were held in each hand. She again sensed which hand held the correct key and the other two bags were eliminated. Finally she chose between the final two bags. The key was removed from the bag and did, indeed, open the lock.

Shaun Clark began by taking a photo of the audience with his cell phone. When the flash occurred, the cell phone immediately vanished. Shaun then had Brian Tabor turn a watch to a random time, which proved to exactly match Shaun’s prediction.

David Teeman told of sneaking a box of chocolates into a movie. When confronted by the manager, he showed the box to be empty. When he opened it again, it was filled with chocolates. David read off a list of movies and then had Cassidy Smith tell him where on the list to cut the list in two. The movie just below the cut proved to be “The Ugly Little Mermaid,” Cassidy having cut “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” in half. Sure enough, David’s prediction was a photo of a very ugly mermaid.

Rick Johnson asked Molly and Kallie to join him at the close-up table. Rick performed a very nice ACAAN (any card at any number) routine.

Brian Tabor asked that Rick Johnson assist him. Brian laid out a circle of playing cards and asked that Rick roll a pair of dice to arrive at a number. When Brian counted around the circle of cards to that number, the card chosen was the three of spades. Brian removed a three of spades from the card box and showed that Rick’s name was written on the card. Brian then demonstrated his skill at “pack whacking.” He asked Rick to name a card. Brian began showing each card in the pack face up and then dealing it to the table face down. He invited Rick to “whack the pack” when his card was dealt. Rick did so, but Brian showed that the selected card was actually under his own hand.

The votes were tallied by Michael King. A check for ten dollars was awarded to Lee Woodside for third place. Rick Johnson received a check for twenty dollars for second place. Brian Tabor claimed first place and a check for thirty dollars plus bragging rights for the next year.

Vice President Justin Teeman gave a rundown on the Kyle Purnell lecture that Ring 46 hosted just two days before the meeting. He said that Kyle devoted the first half of his lecture to truly impromptu magic. He penetrated a borrowed bill with a borrowed Sharpie. He teleported a signature on a borrowed bill to the other end of the bill. He tore up a business card and restored it. The second half of Kyle’s lecture was a workshop on the muscle pass and a demonstration of Kyle’s marketed items, the most impressive of which was the vanishing cell phone.

President Cassidy Smith reminded everyone of our upcoming Pandemonium of Magic public show, which will be held the day before Father’s Day. Lee Woodside signed out tickets for members to sell.

Lee Woodside

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