Secretary Report – May 2024

Ring NO. 46, OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Seymour Davis Ring

Meets 7:00 pm, 1st Monday of the month at the New Beginning Fellowship Church, 15601 S. Pennsylvania in OKC

LEE WOODSIDE, Secretary. Email:

We were very pleased to host a lecture by Dan Fleshman. Dan is the penultimate restaurant magician, having earned his chops at the Chop House in Beaver Creek, Colorado over the past sixteen years.

Dan began his lecture by talking us through the loading of his pockets for an evening of magic. He stressed that it is important to know where everything is and to always be reset when props are returned to the pockets. He said that his pocket management includes pockets within pockets.

Dan performed and explained his “Jiggernaut” routine, which uses a non-chopped double-jigger, fake olives, and wine corks, a lime and a “Cutie” orange as final loads. He showed us his “Kineti-Key” routine with his special patter about the Magic Castle.

Dan’s close-up linking ring routine is the best I’ve seen since Shoot Ogawa visited us. His links are a thing of beauty.

Dan shared many of his other pet routines with us, including his routine with the Anverdi Die. We can heartily recommend Dan Harlan as a lecturer for those interested in close-up magic and particularly those with an interest in pursuing restaurant magic.

Thirteen magicians showed up for our May 13th meeting. The meeting was delayed a week because of the threat of severe weather the week before.

Daniel Buster was our featured performer. He began with a large bracelet and a string and caused the bracelet to melt on and off the string in a variety of ways. He tore a rectangle out of the middle of a playing card and then tore a hole in that piece. After having Brian Tabor and Jay Relkin sign the two rectangular pieces, he linked them together and handed out the linked pieces.

Cassidy Smith stated that the linking rings are an effect that is very easy to do – badly. He showed us several sets of linking rings from his personal collection and went over various counts and methods of linking the rings. Lee Woodside demonstrated a very nice un-link that he said he learned from a Terry Lunceford lecture.

Jim Green demonstrated a brass ring that links onto a loop formed by a ceiling fan chain. He showed us the secret to making it work every time.

David Teeman showed a ring off string routine using a Jardine Ellis Ring, a prop that isn’t seen as much these days. He then showed us some large rings that changed between black and rainbows and some juggling rings.

Brian Tabor showed us some monkey fist balls that he had made for doing Max Maven’s classic “Kurotsoke” routine. He then amazed us by linking a linking ring to a “Linking Ring” magazine that had a round hole cut into it.

Lee Woodside performed a finger ring on string routine that he said he learned from a Harry Blackstone, Jr. book. He next showed off a set of 12-inch solid stainless steel rings that he had custom made to Bud Dietrich’s specifications. Mr. Dietrich was a trade show magician who lectured in OKC about 30 years ago.

Gary Trosper demonstrated his “Wandini,” which is a lighted large wand that performs somewhat like a dancing cane. He said he got it on Amazon.

Lee Woodside

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