Secretary Report – April 2024

Ring NO. 46, OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Seymour Davis Ring

Meets 7:00 pm, 1st Monday of the month at the New Beginning Fellowship Church, 15601 S. Pennsylvania in OKC

LEE WOODSIDE, Secretary. Email:

David Teeman kicked off our April meeting as our featured performer. He began by showing us his gag solar eclipse glasses, a very timely gag since the eclipse had occurred that afternoon. After showing is hands empty, David produced a purple sponge ball.

David invited Grant Vinson to attempt to keep track of which of three miniature wands would rattle. Even after David made it as fair and easy as possible, Grant was still unable to identify the correct wand.

David saved the best for last. He presented his gospel routine where man is separated from God by sin, using three wooden blocks to represent man, god and sin. The “sin” block was threaded onto cords and securely tied in place. “Man” was placed on the cords on one side of “sin” and “God” was placed on the other side. When a red silk scarf representing the blood of Christ was placed over the “sin” block, it fell to the floor, leaving God and man together once again. David had shown the two cords obviously separated before threading them onto the blocks. He called his setup move the “hiTch,” the capital “T” representing Teeman.

Our theme for April member performances was animal magic with or without live animals. President Cassidy Smith led a discussion on why both kids and adults are captivated by animals. The discussion also delved into the work involved with caring for the doves, rabbits, and other animals used by magicians.

Cassidy performed the “Dream Rose” routine and then told why he likes it so much. The routine involved color-changing roses (white to red) and the production of a rose. It is a beautiful routine and a real fooler.

Brian Tabor showed us the “Secret Gaff and Packet Carrier Pro” which also includes an “out-to-lunch” feature and “The Leather Chop Cup with Balls” by TCC. He recommended both products, which he said are available from Penguin Magic. Brian then showed off the “bunny box” he had made. Of course, he will be using it to produce snakes instead of bunnies. He then showed how to use a coonskin cap as makeshift raccoon puppet.

Lee Woodside showed three cards with animal pictures on them: a cat, a dog and a parrot. He handed a wooden heart to Kallie and asked her to place it on any of the three animals. When Kallie chose the cat, Lee invited her to turn over the cat card and on the back of the card it said she would pick the cat. The dog card and the parrot card both said that she would not pick them. Lee said that this was his “Predict-A-Pet” effect, which he came up with back in 1997 to use in a mini-lecture on mentalism. Lee then showed a Robbie Raccoon, a rabbit in a hat puppet, and a skunk hand puppet that can be used in a magic show.

Kevin Brasier presented “Conopoly.” Four deed cards were chosen by Grace and Kallie. A “Community Chest” card correctly predicted the total of the rents of the chosen properties and a prediction envelope contained the exact amount of Monopoly money equal to the total of the mortgage values.

Jay Relkin reached into a bowl formed by Brian Tabor’s two hands and brought forth a “bird.” The only venue appropriate for this gag might be an adult comedy club.

The names of the evening’s performers were placed into a hat and two names were drawn. Lee Woodside became the proud owner of Doc Dixon’s “Psychic Cents” and Kevin Brasier won the “Die of Destiny.”

Lee Woodside

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