Secretary Report – March 2023

Ring NO. 46, OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Seymour Davis Ring

Meets 7:00 pm, 1st Monday of the month at the New Beginning Fellowship Church, 15601 S. Pennsylvania in OKC

LEE WOODSIDE, Secretary. Email:

Our themes for March were Hi-Tech Magic and Steampunk Magic. Our featured performer covered both of these admirably. Professor Ludicrous (AKA Rick Martin) of the Steampunk Skunkworks Laboratories demonstrated an artifact that had been discovered in the lab’s archives. The switchboard had four switches and four light bulb sockets. Each socket contained a bulb of a different color. Each switch had a cover with a color associated with one of the bulbs. No matter how the bulbs or switch covers were moved around, the corresponding bulb lit up when a switch was thrown.

Jim Green demonstrated his remote-controlled “Tipper the Monkey.” The monkey would bang his cymbals together in response to questions or math problems. He would also “chatter.”

Michael King discussed Hickman’s Famous Psychedelic Card Engine. This was a website that would appear to read peoples’ minds. It would name the cards they were thinking of. Michael then very generously offered each of us the magic DVDs from a project he had worked on a few years ago.

Cassidy Smith talked about the “iDeck” by Noel Qualter. He said that it gave the appearance of a high-tech gadget.

Lee Woodside announced that the second-greatest card mechanic in the Northern hemisphere was in our midst. (Richard Turner the being the greatest, of course.) He invited “Deadwood” Derrick Beeson to join him at the table and demonstrate his ability to deal bottoms, seconds, and even from the center of the deck. When he asked Derrick to turn over the top card of each stack on the table after the dealing, Derrick turned over the four aces. Lee then brought out two paper clips and told the story of how they fell in love, The paper clips ended up linked, and when he dropped them into Derrick’s hand, there were “baby” paper clips. Lee said this was his “21st Century Paper Clips,” and was inspired by a routine in Ibidem.

Cassidy Smith showed us his new Brett Sherwood wand and passed it around so we could marvel at the quality. He then passed out sponge balls and showed us several moves that could be performed with this underappreciated classic of magic.

David Teeman showed a wooden bar with three scarves hanging from it. Two of the scarves were black and one was yellow. After much comedy byplay, he caused the outside yellow scarf to change places with the black scarf in the middle.

Brian Tabor demonstrated his lie detector, which had a green light for “truth” and a red light for “lie.” After having Derrick Beeson select a card and look at it, Brian asked Derrick several questions and each time the lie detector correctly deemed the answer true or false.

Mark Cristiano showed a list of 100 Taylor Swift songs on his phone. He asked that a number from 1-100 be chosen and 55 was named. The song at that number turned out to be “You Belong to Me.” When a page of “hieroglyphics” was folded at the creases, the name of the chosen song appeared.

Cassidy Smith placed the names of all the performers into a hat. Mark Cristiano’s name was drawn and he became the proud owner of a book on rubber band magic.

Lee Woodside

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