Secretary Report – November 2016

Ring NO. 46, OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Seymour Davis Ring

Meets 7:00 pm, 1st Monday of the month at the Contemporary Arts Building, Oklahoma State Fairground.

LEE WOODSIDE, Secretary.  Email:          

            Cassidy Smith provided the following review:  Kozmo presented his street magic lecture for the club in early October. His years of experience showed through in his strong material and great interaction with the audience. Kozmo began with a one-coin routine involving a coin in eye climax. He then involved multiple spectators in his coins to glass routine. His closer was a combination chop cup and bill to lemon. Kozmo had great lines for every imaginable situation, which he shared. He spoke of having bulletproof, no fail methods and, most importantly, having fun. “Funny is money,” in street magic, he said. Kozmo’s lecture was inspirational for those wanting to do street magic. It was one of the best lectures I’ve attended.

            Our featured performer for November was full-time professional magician David Thomas. David was assisted by his lovely wife, Erin. He began by producing a regulation bowling ball from a drawing pad. He then showed how to vanish a troublesome knot, make it reappear on the rope, and then pluck it from the rope. He followed this with an effect known as the “Jumping Knot of Pakistan.”

            David tied Erin securely and invited a gentleman wearing a sport jacket to step in front of her. He raised a curtain for just a few seconds and when he dropped it, Erin was wearing the sport jacket, but was still securely tied up. David then performed the “Instant Magician” routine with a volunteer from the audience. The routine involved ropes, silk scarves and ended with a flag blendo. David closed his show with a beautiful comedy multiplying bottles routine.

            David then shared advice with us based on his many years of performance experience. He recommended that the magician’s name be visible during his show and that music be employed for maximum effect. He invited us to visit his website:

            Officer elections were held and all current officers were re-elected by acclamation for 2017. President – Cassidy Smith, Vice President – Justin Teeman, Secretary – Lee Woodside, and Treasurer – Michael King.

            Lee Woodside showed us his grandpa’s fishing knife and told how his grandpa used to hold it over the side of the boat to check out a potential fishing site. If the knife dipped, it meant there were fish present. Lee had a volunteer draw a fish on the back of a playing card, lose it in the deck, and the turn the cards face up and shuffle the cards.  The cards were spread out on a corkboard and Lee held the knife while the participant held Lee’s wrist. Sure enough, the knife stabbed a card, which turned out to have the fish on it.

            Cassidy Smith showed us his “iDeck” routine, which he credited to Caleb Wiles. The patter involved computerized cards and included an ambitious card and other effects. Joe Coover showed off a set of replica Morgan dollars with a shell that he obtained on the Internet. He then performed a “balls on net” routine.

            Justin Teeman entertained us with a 4-Ace twisting routine. David Teeman showed a “trick or treat” routine involving a drawer box, with the production of a “Rabbid” (a really fierce looking bunny.) Gary Trosper caused sunglass to appear on George Washington on a borrowed quarter.

            Mike Stelzer demonstrated a Tenyo trick where a die penetrates a metal plate. Jay Relkin had a card selected, shuffled it into the deck, and then spelled to the selected card. Michael King demonstrated his uncanny skill with the classic force. After the meeting, several members repaired to the local sports bar for a late-night magic session.

            Lee Woodside

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