Secretary Report – September 2013

NO. 46, OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Seymour Davis Ring
Meets 7:00 pm, 1st Monday of the month at City Arts Center, Oklahoma State Fairground.
LEE WOODSIDE, Secretary. Email:

We were pleased to host a lecture by Al Lampkin August 12th. Al brings the wisdom of a seasoned performer to his lectures. He offers solid, practical advice and tips rather than pie-in-the-sky untested ideas. Al has more than a half century of experience as a bar magician and traveling performer.
Al started by showing a torn and restored napkin. He then showed a very practical torn and restored dollar bill that ended clean.
After a very nice ring on stick routine, Al showed us a vanishing ring to card box. He then showed us how to construct a magic square that would add up to a number supplied by the audience without having to use a crib sheet.
After a short discussion on how to book more shows, Al demonstrated a cards-across that was very straightforward. His method requires no envelopes or other props and can be done with a borrowed deck.
Al showed us his practical tips for handling an invisible deck and then showed his routine for the add-a-number trick. He ended with a very commercial rope routine using various gimmicked scissors to spice up his interaction with the volunteer.
Our September meeting was held at the downtown library because our normal meeting place was preempted by the state fair. After a short business meeting where we discussed upcoming lecture opportunities and our annual public show, “Pandemonium”, we got down to the magic. Our theme for the month was to show off something obtained at a convention or lecture.
Zach Heath caused his ring to jump from finger to finger. This was very visual.
Michael King produced a bottle from a silk scarf. He then performed a very visual torn and restored card routine, which he said was “Rewind”, by David Stone. He then performed a multiplying coins routine using Mark Mason’s “Triception”. Michael then started shuffling a deck of cards and had someone name a card. After shuffling some more, he showed that the deck was in new-deck order, but with one card missing. After showing his hands empty, he removed the named card (no force!) from his pocket.
Gary Trosper told the story of the ghost of Pancho Diablo, during which a deck of cards rose. He then performed a diminishing cards routine.
J. David Teeman showed us his improved handling for removing the beads from Dan Harlan’s “Ritual Necklace”.
Lee Woodside told a sailing story as he performed a cups and balls routine. He said that he learned the routine during a Steve Bender (Ickle Pickle Magic) lecture and that the “Rub-a-Dub Dub” routine has been one of his favorites for over twenty years.
William Cotterall performed several fancy cuts and card flourishes and then performed a multiplying sponge balls routine.
William Rader showed a book of magic from Japan (JAPAN INGENIOUS) that he had obtained at a recent convention.
Jim Green showed us a book titled “Dark Magic” that he obtained from China. The book opens and recites a magical spell when someone comes near it. He said that it is now available online through Wal Mart.
Lee Woodside

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