Secretary Report – December 2013

NO. 46, OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Seymour Davis Ring
Meets 7:00 pm, 1st Monday of the month at City Arts Center, Oklahoma State Fairground.
LEE WOODSIDE, Secretary. Email:

Our annual public show, “Pandemonium of Magic”, was held on November 16, 2013. William Rader began by performing a comedy mentalism routine involving a participant’s cell phone, wallet, and ring. Later he involved the entire audience in a rock/paper/scissors contest. The winner then competed with William, who showed that he had correctly predicted the outcome of the match
Lee Woodside, with assistance from his wife, Myra, performed his Professor’s Nightmare routine, the Hippity Hop Rabbits, and B’Wave.
William Cotterral billed himself as the world’s youngest mind reader. He performed a three-part prediction.
Cassidy Smith produced a bouquet of flowers and then performed a jigsaw puzzle prediction. He then killed the audience with his cups and balls routine.
Robert Gulledge showed that a straight jacket designed for the criminally insane was no match for his skills as an escape artist. Magical Michael Stephanic performed his signature multi-phase rope routine.
Jeff Gray performed a mentalism routine where he predicted the colors that a participant would choose to color in a picture.
Our December meeting was our Holiday Party and Parlor/Stage Magic Contest. After enjoying pizza, chips, and desserts, we held a very brief business meeting. President William Rader alerted us to upcoming lectures by Dal Sanders and Marc Salem. Then it was on to the contest.
Junior member William Contterral showed ten jumbo cards with the digits 0 through 9 printed on them. He invited a participant to tell him when to deal or switch as he dealt cards to the table. He then opened the prediction envelope to show that he had correctly predicted the outcome. As a kicker, he turned around to show that the arrived at sequence of numbers was printed on the back of his t-shirt.
Phillip Mosness performed a very nice stage card manipulation act. He performed diminishing cards, multiple productions, and an eye-pleasing array of fans and flourishes.
Cassidy Smith performed the act that he performed at our Pandemonium of Magic. It is obvious that he has put in lots of practice on his cups and balls routine. He ended with final loads of an orange, a lemon, and a lime.
Michael Stephanic had each of three participants select from a number of one-dollar bills. He then combined the serial numbers from the three bills to create a unique serial number. When the prediction envelope was opened, the serial number inside matched exactly.
Lee Woodside performed a routine he called “Back in Time.” He removed a silk scarf from a drinking glass being held by Michael King and draped it over the barrel of a revolver. When he pulled the trigger, the silk scarf instantly reappeared back in the glass tumbler where it had been a minute before.
Those who tallied the votes said that it was very close. Cassidy Smith took first place, Michael Stephanic second place, and Phillip Mosness third place. Congratulations to the winners!
Lee Woodside

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